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The Truth About Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)

The Truth About Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)
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Color Therapy - also know as chromotherapy or light therapy - is an interesting subject which dates back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India. It is very well known and respected in the holistic healing world and is a non-invasive therapy using the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person mood and physical health.

Color is light and energy is visible because it reflects, bends, and refracts through all kinds of particles, molecules and objects. There are a variety of wavelengths that light can be categorized, producing different types of light. Visible wavelengths fall approximately in the 390 to 750 nanometre range and is known as the visible spectrum. Other wavelengths and frequencies are associated with non-visible light such as x-rays & ultraviolet rays. Most people are aware of the effects of non-visible light, so it makes sense that visible light would also affect us.

Imagine the human body with a set of seven cogs or wheels, like the inside of a clock or an engine; each cog or wheel needs to move smoothly for the clock or engine to work properly. These are called our Chakras which basically means "energy wheels". Good health and well-being is achieved by a perfect balance of all seven clogs or wheels. Color therapy can help to re-balance or stimulate these Chakras by applying the appropriate color to the body and therefore re-balancing the energies/areas that have become stuck or weakened. Color therapy can be shown to help on a physical level, which is perhaps easier to quantify, however there are deeper issues around the colors on the psychological and spiritual levels. Our well-being is not purely a physical issue. Each color falls into a specific frequency and vibration, which we believe contribute to specific properties that can be used to affect the energy and frequencies within our bodies.

Take a prism or crystal and place it in the sunlight, what happens when you catch the light perfectly? The color is split into the seven energy colors which exist, forming a beautiful rainbow. Our bodies are much the same, white light which breaks down to seven equal colors.


Color Spectrum


Color is absorbed by the eyes, skin and our ‘magnetic energy field’ or 'auric energy field' and the energy of color affects us on all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional. Every cell in the body needs light energy and color energy has widespread effects on the whole body. Think about how good the sun feels? The sun operates upon 'white light' of course being the purest and highest vibration is existence, without it most living things cannot survive.

At Pyradyne we use color therapy in our Nuclear Receptor device which is determined using a Kinesiology Technique which uncovers which areas of the body have weakened colors and Chakras. By applying the correct color and mineral we can re-align the affected area.

Pyradyne Color Chart


Nothing on this earth is here by chance - color is everywhere all around us - you see it all the time, but how often do you think about its origins and effects? As babies we first experience color in the womb where we are enveloped in a nurturing and comforting pink. Then as a child we associate with color as part of our first learning processes. These first associations contribute to our consciousness. As we get older we attach many different feelings, memories and meanings to certain colors and this can then become a feature in our subconscious. We can build up prejudices to colors which have happy, sad, or frightening connotations for us.

Applying the famous Luscher's Color Test can be quite revealing. Scientists who have studied color and light extensively recognize that colors bring about emotional reactions to individuals. Our reactions and attitudes to colors differ from person to person, which makes an interesting study in itself. Our attraction to certain colors may very well signal areas where we are imbalanced. Understanding why certain colors affect us favorably while others bring about negative feelings helps us along our healing journeys. Have you taken inventory of your closet lately? You may be in a fashion rut and need to introduce some new articles of clothing into your wardrobe with different colors that will best reflect your mood swings. Wearing the wrong color can make you feel out of sorts with yourself, often times we find ourselves wearing black which is a "color blocking" color.

We invite you to take a look inside yourself for a moment to find which colors you identify with and why, and perhaps help you to active and strengthen your "blocked" colors and Chakras. Our founder, Dr. Fred Bell, PhD, created many incredible patented devices which aid the body in just this. Read more on The Nuclear Receptor.

For further in-depth reading on Color Therapy and DNA Frequency Healing check out Dr. Fred Bell's best-selling book Rays of Truth, Crystals Of Light.

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