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The Ultimate Quantum Entanglement Device - Pyradyne’s Holographic Standalone Projector

The Ultimate Quantum Entanglement Device - Pyradyne’s Holographic Standalone Projector
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“The Projector creates a situation where the veil of reality becomes thinner, the rules become more malleable. This creates a situation that makes it easier for someone who is already skilled with higher states of consciousness to achieve even higher states, to develop their skill sets with greater ease, or to move through the layers of reality with greater ease.”

  • David, B (full testimony below)

The Pyradyne Standalone Holographic Projector was developed by the extraordinarily brilliant Quantum Physicist and NASA Rocket Scientist Dr. Fred Bell. The Standalone Holographic Projector is a Quantum Entanglement device. Similar in appearance to the Holographic Projector pendant, the Standalone Projector was designed to be used in areas where you frequent, as this is when the effects will be most noticeable.

Dr. Bell summarized using the Standalone Holographic Projector this way: 

“The process of beginning and ending something is the foundation upon which life is based. These comings and goings of ourselves progressing into different places, begin to form a pattern which then weaves itself into a garment that, in the future, we will clothe our spirits with. With the uncloaking of spirit, we begin to see the dimensionality, wherein spirit is practicing its lessons in life. ... Each of us, as we understand it, will contribute to its greater depth and greater vastness of expression. Eventually we begin to see the true holographic nature and structure of life itself.” 

  • Dr. Fred Bell




We recommend placing a Standalone Holographic Projector in an area such as your desk, bedside, kitchen work surface, or wherever you spend the most time. From time to time, reposition your Projector and you may notice a significant difference in its operation.



Pyradyne’s Standalone Holographic Projector was developed and patented by Quantum Physicist and NASA Rocket Scientist, Dr. Fred Bell. This quantum entanglement device was designed to operate at the maximum wave potential that a hologram-producing device can manifest. 

The Standalone Projector consists of two concentric circles, each containing pyramids that are all split down the middle, mounted both vertically and horizontally. Between the two concentric circles are two three-sided pyramids, and another pyramid split four ways acting as the gateway for the two concentric circles. 

The two three-sided pyramids move the energy, starting with the mental plane, following energies through the other six levels simultaneously.

According to Dr. Fred Bell’s research and knowledge, this creates a merger of consciousness with the holographic nature of space and time. Because the human body has an electro magic wave function, or aura, and due to the high sensitivity of the measurement world, it is now known that thought energy can have a wave or particle effect, on any experiment regarding electron or photon transition.


In a quantum universe, phenomena, space and time are all affected by the Observer.  All possibilities exist in the quantum field; and the act of “observation” collapses them into probability—manifests them into the physical realm!

When a scientist makes an observation, that act affects the flow of electrons, simultaneously in the object and the mind of the observer.  Therefore what he sees, the objective phenomena, is only a partial reality in a sea of infinite potential realities.



The quantum conscious OBSERVATION is sufficient to alter the “possibility wave” which in itself can be the result of a focused “energy follows thought directive.” This is called the “Observer effect.”

Rather than increasing the wave of energies on the Standalone Projector, we instead increase the number of units used—one at a time.

Most people start with one standalone unit. When you start getting a feeling from the Standalone Projector, usually it’s a visual observation of the Standalone Projector, coupled with a warm feeling coming from the stomach or solar plexus. 

When this body connection is made, usually some type of results are observed in your environment.

Then the confidence will rise to increase the wave action, and to put some real momentum behind it, and a second Standalone Projector can be utilized. Often individuals will increase, using up to four units.

When this happens, a few other factors become very important. Room positioning, wall versus table top mounting, direction, angle placement—all of these things become huge factors for successful operation.


The Standalone Projector is available with Gold Plating or Platinum Plating over the Bronze base metal.  Choose the best vibration for YOU. Here is some information that might help making your decision easier:


GOLD: The gold octahedron molecule is softer and more subtle in its vibration than silver is.  Gold adds a calming and balancing affect, increasing energy and relaxing you.  


Platinum: Measurably the highest-energy metal. Solid Platinum has the most intensely felt frequency, and is the most highly stimulating of all metals. Highly directed energy opens up a quantum field for those who are ready to reach the very highest level of vibration.

The Standalone Holographic Projector comes standard with 2 White Zircon gemstones. However, you may create a Custom Order for 2 Diamonds or another color of gemstone (CONTACT US FOR INFO ON CUSTOM ORDER GEMSTONES). 

The Standalone Holographic Projector generates wave packets, and the speed and power with which it can work is determined by the number of "harmonic layers" in the color of gemstones. 

Since White gemstones like Zircon or Diamond have the highest number of harmonic layers - because white contains all the other color waveforms at once — they are the most powerful gemstones to use in the Standalone Holographic Projector.

Personal Experience:

It is difficult to understand how a Standalone Projector may benefit your life without experiencing it first-hand. 

While everyone’s experience with this Quantum Entanglement device is different, we found David’s to be extraordinary. Read it for yourself: 

"I have had the opportunity in different capacities to work with Dr. Bell’s Standalone Projector shortly after he made it available to the public.  My first experience was with four of the projectors that had been set up in a room.  
During the course of the 30 minutes I spent in that room I experienced a very high level of energy. The energy was very tangible in terms of the sensations I experienced.  Having worked with Chi Gong and Reiki for many years prior, I would describe the energy as both intense, but also as shifting one's consciousness into higher states.
At that point in my life I had not seen very many things visually.
For some folks this is a very easy thing to do but for me at the time it was not.  When I was laying there on a massage table staring at the ceiling I began to notice what appeared to be a very subtle amount of grey-ish smoke in the room.  The smoke was located around the focal point where the four projectors were pointing to in the center of the room above me.  I looked around thinking that there might be candles, incense or something that would account for the smoke but there was nothing.  As I gazed upon it, the smoke became more tangible, easier to notice and I realized it was rotating forming a vortex, like you might see when water swirls around a drain.  I watched the smoke do this for about 10 minutes right up to when the session ended.  
When I turned on the lights in the room, which had been previously only lit by the laser light emanating from the crystals in the projectors, I realized there was no smoke.  Later I realized what I was seeing was the actual energy in the room —the prana— and that the projectors were making it easier for me to perceive this but they were also concentrating the energy into the center between them and affecting its momentum. 
Not long after, I purchased my first projector that I’ve had for many years now.  
I do meditations, energy work, all sorts of spiritual things in the room where my projector resides.  Over the years what I have noticed personally are certain patterns while being in the presence of the projector and others who I have invited in have also experienced many similar things.  It is interesting to me because some of the folks who I would say have not had any spiritual experiences whatsoever, still can experience some of the anomalies described below.  These anomalies include: 
  • Visual perception of the energy in the room as a haze or a smoke that has movement to it, at other times when you perceive deeper into the layers of reality it will appear almost like a fluid in the air.
  • Visual perception of things in the room that should not be there.  For example, if the room is dark and only lit by the red and green laser lights coming from the crystals in the projector, folks might see an area of the room that changes colors and has gold, purple, white, or other types of hues that shouldn’t be there.  Other times folks might see distortions within the room that appear to be form etheric forms, orbs, etc.
  • It is common to see what flashes of light, almost like a photographer's flash go off in areas of the room from time to time.
  • On one occasion I saw what appeared to be a beam of white light move from the floor to the ceiling. I would almost describe it like a shooting star, except that it moved in a perfectly straight line and it was visible for approximately 1-2 seconds as it moved through the room.
  • Portions of the room can appear to disappear or otherwise fade out. Yes I know this sounds incredible but it has been experienced by more than one person.  From my perspective this is likely more about the individual achieving higher states of consciousness than normal that is allowing them to experience reality in a way that is different than normal, rather than so much that the room itself is physically transmuting into a different state, although this too might also be possible in some cases.
  • On one occasion I saw the wall move side to side in a rhythmic fashion, which I believe was the result of hitting a higher state of consciousness.
  • A crop circle formed approximately 5 miles from my home in a straight line in the direction that the projector had been pointing, this might have been coincidence but you have to realize this is the only crop circle I’ve ever heard of in my area, which is a large city and not in a region known for crop circles.
  • I took it out to a park at night once and noticed an orange orb that was following a plane. They were in the direction that the projector was pointing.
I’ve had the projector for many years.  During that time I’ve developed a lot spiritually and have a much better skillset, knowledge, etc. than I did when I first started working with the projector.  From my perspective, reality has many layers that are stacked all on top of one another.  
The projector creates a situation where the veil of reality becomes thinner, the rules become more malleable.  This creates a situation that makes it easier for someone who is already skilled with higher states of consciousness to achieve even higher states, to develop their skillsets with greater ease, or to move through the layers of reality with greater ease.  It’s going to increase the probability of your success with something of a spiritual nature because it is setting up an easy point of access into the many layers of reality that exist.  
For someone who is not skilled or who is just trying to explore, they too will still gain some value when working with the projector. It will in my opinion help speed up your spiritual development both through increased potential for direct experiences of anomalies and by creating an energetic boost along with making reality more bendable.
Recently, I decided to add a second projector.  The two face each other with the energy concentrated in the center, where I sit in meditation.  
The energy level went up many fold with the addition of the second unit.  Also during a meditative state, I was able to perceive very noticeably that the energy from the two projectors were gently rocking me back and forth.  It was very comforting and enjoyable.  
So in conclusion, the projectors have been very useful to me.  I and others have experienced a lot of interesting anomalies and felt a high level of energy around them."
- David B, USA 

Interested in learning more about Pyradyne’s Standalone Holographic Projector and other functional devices? Click here to check out audio clips from Pyradyne Founder, Dr. Fred Bell!

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  • Oliver Michael Wright : September 07, 2022

    Dear Pyradyne team,

    Over the years I have been very pleased with your Nuclear Receptor and supplements. 😊
    Having purchased the negotiator nuclear receptor last year, I have enjoyed the many benifits.

    So far I am very interested in both directions. Regarding the Holographic projector or the stand alone projectors..
    Im really researching which Quatum devise path would be best suited.
    Please may I ask for an extention of time on the special offer 25 %?
    Im very keen to order soon.

    Just have a few questions to ask before ordering if thats ok?

    Look forward to hearing from you
    In regards to the above.

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