The Yogi-Mid Technique

The Yogi-Mid Technique

Moving ahead with the holistic health movement and true body function, electricity and pyramid energy, we at Pyradyne know that as we purify our bodies with good health habits and daily discipline, our minds become more clear and ready for spiritual development. 

Spiritual development is as necessary for proper growth as is conscientious physical and mental development. When the three, physical, mental and spiritual are combined in proper balance, then man can recognize his true course, and advance accordingly. 

Pyradyne is not a religious organization per say, but a conscientious foundation with spiritual values well in mind, composed of many people, some who are religious, each with his own separate belief system which works best for him or her. 

Spirituality may be for a simple definition expressed as "recognizing a true course of action, pursuing a definitive goal with 100% dedication and an open mind, overcoming the short comings of the chosen way with an open heart, through unselfish service to mankind as a whole." Those who are able to hold this view in mind, whether it may be husband, wife, son or daughter, friend or relative, will come in time to be loved and understood by all.

Many great men and women have passed by the way of worldly life unrecognized by the masses until they have left their earthly forms and transcended to higher realms. Pyradyne has come to recognize one of the many great masters, and Dr. Fred Bell one of the Pyradyne scientists had some very close personal experiences with the teachings of Babaji and in his honor dedicated the Yogi-Mid. 

Americans are a hardworking race of people, having paid a tremendous price for their freedom, like all nations, they have developed a sense of pride. Pride can be a good thing if balanced with honor and integrity. Babaji many years ago, recognized the tremendous effect America would have on the spiritual values of the world and sent one of his close disciples, Paramahansa Yogananda to the west to help synthesize the inner teachings of the East with the outer (material teachings), of the west. 

Dr. Fred Bell, a hardworking American and direct descendant of Ethan Allen, one of our founding fathers, was a very skeptical human being in 1970. Looking for an outward sign of true spiritual path, Fred was at that time like many scientists, was too critical and had to be shown about higher things in ways that related to the five senses, or he just couldn't understand.

When the teachings of Babaji crossed his path, a millions doorways sprang open and his life began to have real meaning. Babaji, called by many as Mahavatar or "Deathless Guru", first appeared to mankind in 1891 to 33 year old Lahiri Mahasaya outside of the Himalayan village of Ranikhet, in the Almora district of India situated at the foot of Nanda Devi, one of the highest Himalayan peaks (25,661 feet). At that time and during the ensuing week they were together, Babaji instructed Lahiri into the lost art of Kri-Yoga. Kri-Yoga is highly effective in raising consciousness to self realization, and liberating the soul from material bondage. It is taught today in Self Realization Centers all across the world. The popular best seller "Autobiography of a Yogi' is available in almost every book store and will lead those readers onward if they so desire. 

Continuing, Lahiri Mahasaya then returned to his wife and children and his job, carefully integrating this new form of yoga into his life. In order to be a Yogi you do not have to withdraw from normal life. Yoga is the science of balanced action in whatever you do. Lahiri had been on his job 10 years as an accountant in the Military Engineering dept. of the Indian Government, and after his experience with Babaji, continued for 25 years on that same job until his retirement. During this time he was a model husband, father and citizen and earned the title "Yogavatar" or incarnation of Yogi. Many of his friends called him the householder Yogi.

Titles are handed down from teacher to student in various Eastern Western orders. They indicate a degree of honor, earned usually by maintaining self respect of the passage of time. Examples are in the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope is the Bishop of Rome or the head of the Church, in the Jewish faith a Rabbi is a great teacher, or a Doctor of the law. In Hindu a Swami is formally a monk by virtue of connection with a venerable order, is not always a Yogi. He may be either married or unmarried, either a man of worldly responsibilities or one of formal religious ties. 

A Swami may conceivably follow only the path of dry reasoning, of cold renunciation; but a Yogi engages himself in a definite, step by step procedure by which the body and mind are disciplined and the soul gradually liberated. Taking nothing for granted on emotional grounds or by faith, a Yogi practices a thoroughly tested series of exercises that were first mapped out by the ancient Rishis. In every age of India, Yoga has produced men who became truly free Yoga-Christs. Like any of science Yoga is applicable by people of every climate and time. The theory advanced by certain ignorant writers that Yoga is "dangerous" or "unsuitable" for Westerners is wholly false as we are seeing now today, and had lamentably deterred many science students from seeking its manifold blessings.

Yoga is a method for restraining the natural turbulence of thoughts, which otherwise impartially prevents all men, of all lands, from glimpsing their true nature of spirit. Like the healing light of the sun, Yoga is beneficially equal to men of the East and to men of the West. The thoughts of most persons are restless and capricious; a manifest need for Yoga; the science of mind control. 

Too often Swamis or other religious leaders are unjustly criticized because of the behavior of their disciples by outsiders looking casually at the actions of religious orders for the first time. Remember that disciples are people with faults, seeking perfection, and in their quest, their faults are opening displayed. When Christ was in Jerusalem, then Sanhedrin (the supreme council and tribunal of the Jews consisting of 71 members having religious, civil and criminal jurisdiction), were constantly looking for a situation to present itself where He would be tripped up or exposed as a false prophet. One situation, which was a true test, was when a woman had been witnessed committing adultery. To the Sanhedrin, this was an open and shut case and the penalty according to the law of Moses was death by stoning. Hoping to trap Jesus between the limited laws of man and the unlimited laws of God, the Sanhedrin presented the woman to Him for sentencing. Christ's thoughts were she has probably committed the act but his reply was "He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone".

Swami Sri Yukteswar Guru of Yagananda was a student of Lahiri Mahasaya, also met Babaji in January of 1894 at Kumbha Mela, a religious fair in India. He then told Sri Yukteswar that his forthcoming student Yoganandya would be the one that would bring his message and teachings to the West and that prophecy came true in August of 1920, as Yogananda left India for America on the City of Sparta, the first passenger boat sailing to American after the close of World War 1.

Yoganandya was the first Indian delegate to the Boston Congress. Yogananda lectured and toured in America appearing to tens of thousands and in January 25th, 1927 as reported by the Washington Herald, "Swami Yogananda was greeted with evident pleasure by President Coolidge. Who told him he had been reading a great deal about him."  "This was the first time in the history of India that a Swami has been received by a President."

Parmahansa Yogananda was the first Master from India to live in the West for over thirty years. A graduate of Calcutta University, he demonstrated and lived the life of a great master. His final mission as decreed by Babaji, was to demonstrate conscious exist of the body. 

On March 7th, 1952, after concluding his speech at the banquet held in honor to the Ambassador to the U.S from India, Binary R. Sen, of which 800 people were present including the honorable Goodwin J. Knight, then Lt. Governor of California, Yogananda entered an open casket and transcended his mortal form thus clearly bringing to an end the great prophecy of Mahavatar Babaji. 

Mr Henry T. Row, Los Angeles mortuary director, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, commented in a notarized statement that "after 21 days, there were no visible signs of decay, no dehydration, and to his astonishment the body looked as fresh as it did when his gave his speech". Then after the twenty first day the body was sealed and moved to Glendale Park and placed in crypt No. 13857 (Sanctuary of Golden Slumber) where it remains today. Yogananda's soul and consciousness had entered Mahasamadhi. 

Pyradyne in tribute, coined the Yogi-Mid for the world to know of these great men, who in an unbroken lineage taught and demonstrated life after death to Western man. 

Article published by Pyradyne in 1976. 

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