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This FREE Test Uncovers the Perfect Customized Nuclear Receptor for You

This FREE Test Uncovers the Perfect Customized Nuclear Receptor for You
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You may have heard of Pyradyne and our Nuclear Receptor technology. The Nuclear Receptor has been around since 1975 - designed and patented by quantum physicist, Dr. Fred Bell, PhD. Since then, we have experienced the true power of our technology as how it continues to help countless individuals around the globe.

Next up? We want to help you!

Every single individual is different. We all have different experiences, struggles, skills, and stresses. This means that we will all experience the Nuclear Receptor differently. (Check out an example of the first week wearing the receptor here). It also means that each individual will be able to fully experience the benefits of the receptor when they wear the metal and gemstone combination that is right for them. This shows that the receptor is not a one-size-fit all solution, but rather a hand-made piece of functional jewelry that is customized to fit your exact needs.


But, what do you need? We’re here to help. We are proud to offer free remote tests to all individuals. 

How does it work?

All that we need from you in order to conduct a remote test is a color photo of you (be sure that your face is clearly visible) and your full name.

This can be sent as a direct message to any of our social media platforms, or emailed to us at - From there, will conduct a remote test that uses a variety of techniques to find the perfect gemstone for you.

Here’s an example of one of our countless successful remote tests:

Our Receptor manual details each of our gemstones and their benefits. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about your receptor, its functions, etc. 


Some of you may find that the gemstone you are testing for is exactly the one that was calling to you. For others, the results of your test may surprise and intrigue you. But one thing is for certain, the gemstone that you test for is exactly what you need to restore balance and take control of your own life. 

Reach out today! We cannot wait to help you make a positive change!

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  • Klaus Jürgen Becker: December 30, 2019

    I am interested in your receptors, specially your holografic projectors. For me it seems as if a new matrix wants to come through me. Therefore I am interested in a new receptor/projector. My full name is Klaus Jürgen Becker, I am born 21st of March 1956. Since nearly 30 yars I wear a nuclear receptor in 925 sterling silver with a pure diamond. I know Dr. Bell personally from his teachings/seminars.
    Lots of Love


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