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Viewing the Human Aura: The Amazing Practice of Aura Imaging

Viewing the Human Aura: The Amazing Practice of Aura Imaging
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The human body is electrical. Similar to the Earth itself, each and every one of us gives off electric signals and frequencies into our surroundings. This electromagnetic field is commonly referred to as your ‘aura’.

Although for most individuals the aura is unseen to the naked eye, human auras can become visible through various techniques! 

Here is an example image of Megan Bell wearing her Pyradyne Receptor during an Aura imaging:


Megan Bell Aura Photography


If you are knowledgeable of Aura imaging, the names Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian or Bob Coggins may sound familiar. While Semyon Kirlian led the charge in the late 1930’s, both men are credited with different forms of capturing the human aura.

Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian (for whom Kirlian Photography is named), discovered this mysterious photographic procedure without the use of an actual camera. Rather, the object to be photographed was placed on top of film and then hit with high voltage. The developed film then shows the electrical silhouette around the object, displaying its aura.

Although Kirilian and his wife discovered Kirlian Photography in 1939, it was only after 30 years that the general public became aware of this amazing invention.

Around the same time that Kirlian Photography became well-known, Bob Coggins developed a special camera, the Auracam 6000, that could capture the auras around a human. This device detects a human’s electrical output through the use of silver-plated sensors that are touched as the portrait is taken. The result captures the beauty of the essence given off of any individual.


Experts study these images, looking for patterns and a deeper understanding of the human electromagnetic field.

Pyradyne’s Founder, Dr. Fred Bell, was one of the great minds who saw the potential for this technology, and his understanding is apparent when you look at how Pyradyne’s functional jewelry acts with the unseen human aura.

Pyradyne has conducted tests with their own products and aura imaging technology to demonstrate how effective this functional jewelry really is.

These images show how Pyradyne’s Headgear Pyramid made an enormous difference in this volunteer’s aura! The Pyramid actually changes his aura color to green - the color of healing!



In this following series of images, Megan Bell puts on her Nuclear Receptor, demonstrating the immediate shift in her aura to green.



This full video is a  MUST SEE! Click here to watch this 2 minute clip.

Aura imaging has become increasingly popular, and now, anyone can experience and see a visual representation of their personal electromagnetic field. With a bit of research, you’ll most likely find a studio in a city near you!

If you decide to get your Aura photographed, remember to bring your Nuclear Receptor or Headgear Pyramid to see how it affects your reading. We would love to see your photos!

Check out this video to see what it’s like to experience Aura Imaging for yourself.


Image source: @carriemoss.word on instagram


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