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What are UFOs? Dr. Fred Bell’s Sightings, Photography and More

What are UFOs? Dr. Fred Bell’s Sightings, Photography and More
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Please open your mind to the information that you are about to receive.
The following is presented in order to educate you further about Pyradyne® founder, Dr. Fred Bell, the consciousness of this planet, and pose the question: What are UFOs?

This information is adapted from an interview with Dr. Fred Bell in 1996


Dr. Fred Bell was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on August 10, 1943. Fred’s lineage was science-based and his father, Allan Bell, was a scientist who worked with the late Henry Ford, Senior. Allan Bell assisted in bringing the London Bridge from England to the middle of the Arizona desert and built a city around it, today called Havasu City. Surrounded by great minds from an early age, it was only a matter of time before Fred too became captivated by science.

At age 14-15 Fred studied at the University of Michigan in the Randolph Laboratory (now demolished), where he was mentored by Dr. Donald L. Katz, a physicist brought to the United States of America from Germany after World War II as part of Operation Paperclip, who later won 24 national and international awards. While working for Dr. Katz in the Randolph Laboratory, Fred Bell worked on projects such as a magnetic disintegration project (later known as the Philadelphia Experiment), a high temperature fusion experiment, bubble project (later known as Cold Fusion), and shockwave experimentation that led to the classification of high altitude nuclear blasts, nuclear explosions over water, underground nuclear blasts, and nuclear explosions at ground level. 

Dr. Bell’s education and experience grew exponentially as he worked with Universities, the U.S. Air Force, private defense sector (North American Aviation, Autonetic, and Rocketdyne) and on projects such as Star Wars (military version), laser development, Saturn Rocket second stage development, the Eyelass Project (a subdivision of Star Wars where a laser beam is fired to Earth from satellites), submarine/missile guidance systems, and finally, the lunar lander project known as the Apollo missions.

Dr. Fred Bell: Contactee

Eventually, Dr. Fred Bell was contacted by visitors from outside of our own planet.  According to Dr. Bell’s personal testimony, he believed that he was contacted because of his lengthy educational background and deep knowledge of science. Dr. Bell states that “The proof (of UAPs) is everywhere. It’s everywhere. Anybody with any common sense can just take 5 minutes, get on the internet, do some research there, attend a few meetings, and contact a few credible scientists. It’s everywhere.”

Original Film Photography of UAPs by Dr. Fred Bell:


1996 Dr. Fred Bell’s Testimonial:

“The Pleiadians came in 71 and spent from 71-89 giving us scientific information about the condition of the world and what was going on behind the scenes a lot of the time with our own government that people didn’t know about. In 1989 I became an andromedan contactee.”
-Dr. Fred Bell

View The Clip Here:

“The Pleidians are from the Pleiades which is about 500 light years from here. A lady by the name of Semjasei is the one I've been in contact with all these years. They're human-like, they live about 1000-1500 of our years… We have the potential to raise our lifespans to that level once we stop spreading viruses and germs, and get into some serious nutritional habits.”

-Dr. Fred Bell

View The Clip Here:

Over the years, Dr. Bell Shared his experiences and insights about UFOs in his writings, seminars, radio shows and more. Now, in 2022, The Pentagon reports over 400 official UFO encounters.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) have been reported around the world, as early as 1440 BC, where fiery disks were seen in the sky.

Now, in modern times, the US Government has publicly claimed that they have seen flying objects that seem to lack any means of propulsion and defy aerodynamics and physics as we know it.

So, we ask the question, What do you think these UFO/UAPs are? Comment below and stay tuned for more blogs on this topic coming soon.

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This brilliant book focuses on the end of old technology and the embracing of New Science. This guide covers:

• The end of old technology and the embracing of new and alternative science
• Unraveling 40 years of UFO, extraterrestrial and free energy coverups
• Secrets of longevity, health and successful living
• The seven subplanes of human reality, chakras and energy absorption, color therapy
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• Cellular and Stellar interactivity—galactic consciousness
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