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What God Revealed to Whitfield Harrington through The Inside Track by Dr. Fred Bell

What God Revealed to Whitfield Harrington through The Inside Track by Dr. Fred Bell
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God Moves in Mysterious Ways

We recently came across a Youtube video published by Whitfield Harrington, a minister, teacher, and author, amongst other things.

After opening the video with a prayer, Whitfield talks about going to God in prayer, seeking for knowledge regarding the vaccine, pandemic, and modern day difficulties.

According to Whitfield he aims to “take a look at things that are going on in our natural world and try to see things through a set of spiritual lenses.”

As he prayed, a presence came over him. He describes it as an angel with a message. 

During his time in prayer, he had a vision. His vision was of a “particular television show. That came on years ago… called Conspiracy Theories, of all things.

"I was sitting there and this thought came over my head… And then I remember one particular episode, because I didn't watch a lot of it.”

The spirit said to me: “There was a doctor that was on this particular show.. research it.”


“There was a doctor that was on this particular show.. research it.”


Acting on Prayer

After Whitfield had this vision, he began to do research and discovered Dr. Fred Bell. After doing some digging, he quickly learned of Dr. Bell’s extensive and impressive career in science.

Feeling nudged by God, Whitfield began to look for books written by this doctor. This led him to one book in particular:

The Inside Track: The Complete History of Science, how it became deadly on the watch of the One World Order, and how to sidestep their activities.

Click the link above to download the e-book version!

“I want you to understand that this is just me, just coming out of prayer, going to get a book that the spirit is leading me to get." Whitfield states.



Reading “The Inside Track”

Whitfield followed God’s guidance and immediately downloaded The Inside Track on his kindle.

After seeing there were over 500 pages and being temporarily overwhelmed by the amount of information within the book, he suddenly felt a push from God to read Chapter 7.

To Whitfields surprise, Chapter 7 is titled: The Emergence of Evil: Combined Intelligence in Today’s World. The Flu, The Prison, The Plan.

Out of all 500 pages and chapters, the lord pushed Harrington to read this specific chapter!


Chapter 7: The Emergence of Evil: Combined Intelligence in Today’s World. The Flu, The Prison, The Plan

In this chapter, Dr. Bell goes into the history of epidemics, pandemics, and plagues - From Old Testament to modern times.

Dr. Bell discusses past pandemics, and epidemics, such as the Spanish Flu from September 18-April 1919. He also mentions Dr. Jeffery Toppenburger, and his team as they set out to recreate the Spanish flu virus, vaccines, and more.

What was shown was that Toppenburger and his team had actually  increased its capacity to be deadly.

The Inside Track argues that rather than preventing the spread of the disease, anyone receiving this vaccine will become the vector and source for contagion.


Application to Modern Day

With this perspective, Whitfield begins to consider Israel. This highly vaccinated country has recently seen COVID cases rising at an alarming rate.

So, Whitfield, as are many, are asking, could the vaccine be actually causing the spread?

It is no secret… Money has been made throughout this pandemic. In fact, Pfizer reported The vaccine brought in $3.5 billion in revenue in the first three months of this year, nearly a quarter of its total revenue. 

Whitfield goes on to discuss TV, and the commercials we are most commonly exposed to. He brings up an example. When you turn on TV on the evening news, one of the most common commercials you see will be a pharmaceutical product.

Go Back To God

During difficult or uncertain times, it is necessary to always go back to God. To listen to his words, and to trust his message.

In the following weeks after reading The Inside Track, Whitfield prayed to God for weeks, asking if he should share this knowledge. Essentially asking God for the greenlight to say something publicly.

Through prayer, Whitfield felt called to speak, and so he did.


Hear From Whitfield Himself

Whitfield is grateful to God that he is allowing him to share this information, his story, and his connection to God through prayer.

Prior to his time of prayer and conversation with God, Whitfield was unaware of The Inside Track or even who Dr. Fred Bell was, but God purposefully led him directly to the answers he was looking for.

We recommend watching the video for yourself. Click below 👇






  • The Pyradyne Team : April 06, 2023

    Yvonne, please don’t buy for $900!!! We sell it at Pyradyne for $49 and we also sell on Amazon; Kindle, print, hardback and Audible versions!

  • Yvonne Cummings: April 06, 2023

    I felt lead to look for this book after the recommendation from Whitfield Harrington. I saw it on Amazon for over 900 dollars. If they wanted to discourage you from buying it with that price they succeeded!

  • MJC: October 02, 2021

    Yes, Pastor Whitfield is the way I was introduced to “The Inside Track” by Dr. Fred.

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