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What is the Difference Between Gold, Silver, and Platinum Pyradyne Receptors?

What is the Difference Between Gold, Silver, and Platinum Pyradyne Receptors?
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One of the questions we get asked the most when individuals are deciding on which Receptor to order is:

“Which metal should I choose?”

Over time, we have discovered a range of different customer approaches to metal choice. Certain individuals feel drawn to a certain metal, others prefer Pyradyne recommend the best match for them, and others simply would like to hear more information about each metal option before making a choice.

If that is you, read on for a quick overview about the differences in Gold, Silver, and Platinum Receptors!

Meet the Metals:


First off we have Gold.

The gold molecule is softer and has a subtle vibration. Those who wear a gold Receptor often say they experienced a warm, calming, and relaxing energy.

When you wear our plated receptors, you will still definitely feel the effect of the metal it is plated with (in this case, gold) but the solid gold receptor would have an even more noticeable calming and relaxing effect.

The second metal choice is Sterling Silver.

Fun Fact: This was actually Dr. Fred Bell’s most recommended metal!

That is because Silver has the ability to absorb the most radiation! Aside from being a protective metal, it has a higher vibration so you can expect more of an energy increase compared to the more calming energy of gold.

That brings us to our final metal option, Platinum.

Platinum has the highest, most intense energetic vibration. When you wear a Platinum Receptor, you are going to experience a very stimulating and amplifying energy. 

Platinum Receptors offer the highest energy boost out of the 3 metal options.



Metal-Plated or Solid Metal?

When it comes to Pyradyne Receptors, they can be made of a solid metal or plated in either platinum or gold. The option that is best for you will depend on your budget.

Although both solid and plated Receptors will produce effects from their designated metal, a solid piece will produce a magnified effect.

Want more information on this topic? Check out our more in-depth metal focused blogs here:


Need help deciding? Ask us for help!

We hope this blog was helpful in your understanding in the differences between the metal options for Pyradynes Receptors!

If you have any specific questions, send them to us through social media or reach out to our support team through email.

Want to discover the gemstone that is right for you? Our team can conduct a remote test with only a photo and your full name!


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