Where is the love...

Where is the love...

It saddens me looking around at the world today. For myself I believe in the beauty of life, I believe life is magical and can be magical for anyone who chooses to believe in its beauty. What I see most days around me is a lot of pain, anger and frustration coming from people. Most of which comes from fear, and fear is the absence of love. I wear a heavy heart knowing the decisions people choose and how misguided they are, the suffering that is endured because of it. Life doesn’t have to be that way. There is another way. 

When I look back at my life and the experiences I have had, I often wonder how I got through them. The pain and things I thought were some-what normal at the time, were actually horrific. The events I subjected myself to and allowed happen to myself. I am ashamed that I did allow it all to happen because I had a very low level of self-worth and self-love. But to blame elegantly that’s also part of growing, and the journey that has made me who I am today. Some day I will tell my story, hopefully I will have the courage to do so. 


Today though, my message is very clear…

Regardless of what you look like, where you live, how much money you have, what your hobbies are, if your white/black/Asian (even to use this terminology is offensive) and regardless of what you call yourself gay/straight/bisexual…  we are all the same. We are all human

Wherever you look, social media, television, news, print media… There are problems, created by us humans. Fighting, wars, terrorism (the dumbest) for what? Power. Power will save you? Hmm… 

In comments on videos that are shared online, photos, news articles, people trolling the internet for their own amusement, what is the point of it all… To stir up hate and divide. That is the result of it anyway. 

All this fighting is pointless. You crossed a border, an invisible line, “YOU! You go stand over there…” “YOU! You need to go back to your country x miles away… yes, yes then things will get better in our country”… Um what planet am I living on? Things are all very simple, we are all what you call HUMAN. We were all born and we will all die. Riches and wealth won’t save you, nothing will, except a little faith. A belief in something much greater than you, a higher power, a purpose for it all. It’s called love. Jesus said it. There is no guarantee of tomorrow, only the gift of the present. He said this/she said that. Who cares! All these labels are what’s harming and dividing us all, the separation that has become among people. Because the way evil operates is very simple. Evil is intelligent. Evil says, why waste all my energy trying to take down the world when I can just use the world to take down the world. Turn the people against each other with all this hate, labels, religion, fighting, war… BS! Evil sits back and smiles, puts it’s feet up. Evil believes it is winning, do you believe evil is winning?

What are you doing to stop evil. Or rather what I should be asking you is, how much love do you have present in your life. Do you have any at all? See, things can be measured very easily when you look at life upon a scale. One end is love, the other is evil. The absence of light does not hold light, it is simply without, and without, it cannot see. It cannot see the pathway it is walking along. It is lost. 

You can think to yourself, no that’s not me. But we’re smart creatures, we can convince ourselves of anything we want and choose to believe it. That is free-will. Just one of the gifts that God has given us. 

I got in my car the other day and a song came on the radio by The Black Eye Peas, “Where is the love”. This song was released 15 years ago in 2003… But if you listen to the lyrics, the words they are singing are as relevant as ever. 

It is going to take every single one of us to make a difference. To make a change. But all that really needs to happen is love, and love everyone. Not hate. We are creating the ripple affect that will impact generations to come, us, right now. So I am asking everyone that reads this to try their best to not only be nice, but to show some love to anyone and everyone they come across. It doesn’t matter what they did/said/whatever. More people than you know have suffered emotional or physical abuse, or are a victim of some great tragedy. But it is by free-will they do not let that experience define them. 

If you were on your death bed, what would be the most important thing to you? It wouldn’t be an argument you had with your husband/wife, it wouldn’t be the late bills, or if the house is clean, it wouldn’t be about designer this or that. It would be about love. Because love is all we have, and love is all that matters. So, why are we waiting until we die to have these regrets and to understand that it was all so simple? 

We really don’t have to, it is by choice, by free-will that we do so. No one forces you to do or say the things you say or act and react the way you choose, which inevitably lead to the consequences that follow, that then leads to blame and fighting - which then comes full circle back again… If it’s not working, change something. Don’t change something on the exterior, change something on the interior. Change yourself, be better. Add more value and more love to peoples lives, and in turn it will come back to you and things will change. Things change when you change. 

To simplify it all, just love one another. Treat each other how you would want to be treated. And watch the world change. If your going to comment online, add comments of love or don’t comment at all. It comes back to the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. This doesn’t change, no matter what age you are. In my opinion we go backwards as we age, children learn so much faster and are much quicker to act than to react. Don’t grow in age, grow in spirituality - be child-like in your creational attitude toward life. And Love, with a capital L. Love with all your soul.

Vulnerability is the essence that captures the heart, open yourself up to possibilities that are waiting just ahead of you. Don’t be scared… We’re all in this together.

MB xo

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