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Which Gemstone Do I Need? The Method Behind Pyradyne’s Amazing Remote Gemstone Testing

Which Gemstone Do I Need? The Method Behind Pyradyne’s Amazing Remote Gemstone Testing
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Before you make a decision on the Pyradyne Receptor for you, it is important to consider the gemstone that will compliment or match your energy. 

Receptors harness the energies stored within every gemtone and transmit them via scalar waves, allowing these vital, pure and perfect increments of the life force to be transformed into the cells of health and consciousness.



Some individuals feel heavily drawn to particular gemstones. If you need help choosing, we recommend requesting one of our FREE remote gemtone tests. 

 Megan Bell, daughter of our founder Dr. Fred Bell,  has been conducting in-person and remote gemstone tests for years. If you had the chance to ask Megan how she does it, she would say: 


“I always had the ability to do this, but before I would use dowsing rods. I wanted to stop using dowsing rods, and trust my intuition. I always felt like I had the ability to do this but second-guessed myself sometimes until it was prophesied over me that I had a gift to be able to see colors around people, so I trust that this gift is from God.”



When Megan receives your photo and name, she conducts a remote test by praying for you, trusting her intuition and God-given abilities, and waiting for the response from God. 

The result of your test is then shared with you along with other information and videos about the benefits of your stone.



We take pride in knowing and trusting the results, as more often than not they are 80 to 90% accurate from testing in person and matching when somebody does a self test. 

Keep reading for amazing, life-changing stories from the Pyradyne Family. 



Testimonials and Stories

Below are REAL stories from customers who wanted to share their experiences with Pyradyne.  Countless individuals have been amazed by the accuracy and relevancy of our gemstone recommendations. Here are just a few examples: 


Danielle AKA Spiritual Esq

After conducting a muscle test, Danielle discovered she was testing for the beautiful stone of Amethyst. After reaching out to Megan and the Pyradyne Team for a secondary test, it was confirmed that amethyst was in perfect alignment for her.

Click to watch her full video explaining her experience with the Ank Receptor:


Kent Reviews the Nuclear Receptor 

Kent began wearing his Receptor in August of 2019. In this video review, Kent explains that he did a muscle test and then reached out to our team at Pyradyne to confirm the gemstone.  

Without knowing his prior results, his remote test came back with the same results! 

His story is amazing! Click to watch the full video.



More amazing examples:




At Pyradyne, we’re family! Our team loves to hear how Pyradyne’s technology is making an impact in lives around the world.


If you have a testimonial, story or review you’d like to share with us, send us an email at or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook


Are you ready to discover your gemstone? Here’s how we can help:


Send us a direct message on Instagram/Facebook OR Send us an email at


Include your full name and a color photo of yourself with your eyes clearly visible.


On the other end of your message will be Megan Bell! We can’t wait to hear from you!


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