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Why Your Body Needs Trace Mineral Supplements

Why Your Body Needs Trace Mineral Supplements
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Do you ever feel like something is missing from your diet? It is a dilemma that many individuals face in the pursuit of a healthier and happier life. Many of us understand that vitamins and minerals are essential to our health and wellness, but did you know that no matter how many fruits, vegetables or vitamins you consume, it is almost impossible to give your body the nutrition it truly needs without the help of trace mineral supplements?  Why? Keep reading to find out.

The fruits and vegetables you consume may not be as nutrient-dense as they appear.

For example: When you eat a bowl of strawberries, you expect that your body is receiving high-quality nutrition. While this may be true, a strawberry grown in 2020 contains only a fraction of the nutrition of a strawberry grown several decades ago.

“Modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows. Sadly, each successive generation of fast-growing, pest-resistant carrot is truly less good for you than the one before.” Source: Scientific American

Plants can only contain minerals when they are present in the soil in which they grow. Today’s soil is 85% depleted of the minerals that it once contained. This allows only 16 or fewer minerals to be present in our foods. Our soils have long been stripped of their mineral content and, once removed, it takes centuries to replenish and restore a fine natural mineral balance. (See graphics below)

So we’ve established that the presence of trace minerals is lacking in a modern diet… But what are they? And why do we need them in the first place?

Minerals in the “trace mineral” category include chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, and zinc. These compounds act like keys within the human body, unlocking positive energy, increased health, and elevated feelings of satisfaction. Without the help of trace mineral supplements, hormone receptors in your body cannot fire at the high frequencies desired. Trace mineral supplements activate those receptors, allowing serotonin and nutrition to be distributed in your body at a much higher rate.

This shows the true importance of including trace mineral supplements in your diet. In fact, studies have shown there is a direct link between depression and the deficiency of trace minerals within the body.

As stated by our Founder, Dr. Fred Bell:

"Our society is currently taking mood-elevating drugs due to depression from pollution.  Our trace mineral formula Pyralyte, contains a perfect combination of proper nutrients and trace minerals that ensures enhanced mood and positive emergence." - Dr. Fred Bell

Click here to listen to Dr. Fred Bell explaining more about the importance of trace mineral supplements.

We developed our trace mineral supplement, Pyralyte, in order to help fill the holes in the modern diet, and help establish the foundations of health and wellness for all of our valued customers.

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