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Movement Artist Andrew Sealy Experiences Benefits of the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor 

Movement Artist Andrew Sealy Experiences Benefits of the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor 
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When Andrew Sealy - movement artist, connection catalyst, and movement creator - first received his Nuclear Receptor, he was eager to begin his journey with Pyradyne. Already known for his positive energy, Andrew uses yoga to find balance both physically and mentally. He feels extremely comfortable in nature and finds inspiration from his surroundings. Andrew greeted us with an open mind and enthusiasm. Our paths aligned, and before we knew it... Andrew began incorporating the receptor into his movement-filled, positive lifestyle. 


“Imagine wearing jewelry YOU CAN FEEL. Wearable Technology that encourages us to heal! Golden Ratio Geometry mixed with gemstone brilliance you can see. Brings out the vibrant happiness inside you and me! We ALL have the opportunity to SHINE! It’s all dependent on how you align” 

- Andrew Sealy 


Although Andrew is an experienced artist, even beginners can experience a profound sense of balance and harmony when practicing. In fact, daily exercise can provide physical and mental benefits such as improved respiration, increased energy, and mental clarity... and that’s just the beginning. Those who add exercise and movement practice to their regular routine continue to see improvements in mental health and well-being. 


So, what happens when you combine daily movement practice with Pyradyne’s Nuclear Receptor? Alone, the Nuclear Receptor is high-tech jewelry designed to increase energy, rebalance your body, shield from unwanted frequencies, and promote overall well-being. Using an intricate combination of ancient and modern technologies, the Receptor helps you to truly see and embrace the world around you. A few of the amazing sensations that can be experienced when wearing a Nuclear Receptor include reduced stress, increased balance and rejuvenation of the mind and body. Paired with movement or meditation, the benefits are elevated even further. 


The receptor acts as a shield to negative energy and interfering man-made frequencies, allowing your true energy to shine through. The moment Andrew put on Pyradyne’s Nuclear Receptor, he became an even brighter beacon of positivity to those around him. 


In his words: 

“In today’s world we must be mindful of the energy we are attracting and how we can best utilize it to promote sustainable good! We must learn to create with intention. To move forward with a more mindful approach to wellness. Not just to look good, but to FEEL GREAT! And to have these values resonate through ALL that we do! This is why I wear Pyradyne. A brilliant company that has created wearable technology. Brilliance inside shines throughout!” 

-Andrew Sealy 



You too can experience these benefits in your everyday life. Click here to learn more about the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor. 


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