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BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine

BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine - Pyradyne
BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine - Pyradyne
BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine - Pyradyne
BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine - Pyradyne
BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine - Pyradyne
BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine - Pyradyne
BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine - Pyradyne
BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine - Pyradyne
$ 3,700.00

BioPhoton LS 5.0™ Research Modality Machine

Full-Spectrum Photobiotic Nutritional Technology



The BioPhoton LS 5.0™ and Sound Probe™ is a combination of the brilliant healing technologies of light, sound and frequencies in one compact unit, using extremely low-current, utilizing noble cold gas ionization, tube technology, (cold gas light photons), and a radio-wave sound probe transmitter. 

The Photon glass electrode provides frequencies of light in the Infrared and Ultra-violet light spectrums, providing bio-available micro-amperage output current for a gentle, yet penetrating delivery of full-frequency "photon energy", and Ozone (03) production.

Athletes who would like to maintain consistent peak performance, body workers and health practitioners who wish to complement their existing therapy sessions, or anyone wanting to improve their overall well-being, at any age at any level of health, may find this technology very beneficial. The BioPhoton LS 5.0™ and Sound Probe™ is a universal tool for complete photobiotic nutrition ideally used in conjunction with a balanced natural health program. It may be used for both home and professional use as a research technology. It is safe, effective and easy to use for treating the body, air and drinking water.


The BioPhoton 5.0 comes with the following components (see main photo):

BioPhoton LS - version 5.0 w/Sound Probe and Ground Plate includes two basic Straight Tubes and added INPUT port and an insulated, hard shell carrying case. 

1-year manufacture’s workmanship parts and labor warranty is included. (1-year warranty does not apply to the glass tubes and electrodes, nor the power transformer.)  Power transformer comes with a 90-day factory warranty.

The Main Unit in a compact, durable case measures 3.0"x 6.3"x 9.8".



The RF Sound Probe "flat-pack" measures 3/4"x4”. It is part of the complete circuitry of the BioPhoton LS 5.0, so it must be plugged into the main unit always. It can be used with or without the glass tubes. It is the Radio Frequency component of the BioPhoton that broadcasts frequencies via radio waves at distances up to 65 feet or more. Its deeply penetrating radio wave component contains a full-spectrum sweep of harmonic frequencies and scalar subtle energies containing billions of coherent harmonics and subtle scalar energy, through radionics. The Sound Probe may be placed directly on bare skin, which allows it to act as an additional "receiving" electrode, or placed in a small room. The closer the Sound Probe, the more powerful the signal is to the body. The greatest saturation of energy/information occurs when the probe is on the body. It has been reported to improve a more restful sleep and very effective for deep pain, structural and dental issues, etc.



The Ground Plate is for additional grounding purposes when needed. The copper Ground Plate will not have much sensation when touching the skin unless the tubes are also touching the skin.  If both tubes are being used at the same time, the output energy will be increased. 


The 1 1/2 Amp 250v Fuse is located on the lower left, backside of the unit, in a quick-release fuse holder. This unit draws very little energy from the power source and the fuse may never have to be replaced. High voltage output without tubes plugged in, a faulty transformer, or a defect in the circuit board may cause the fuse to blow.


Two Straight Round Glass Tube Electrodes with easy grip foam handles, measure approximately 6-7” in length. They come in several shapes and gas mixtures for efficient, various applications. They are evacuated of air and filled under vacuum with Inert or Noble Gas(s) including combinations of Argon, Neon, Helium, Krypton, and Xenon gas. Mercury is NOT added to our glass tubes, adding Mercury is for aesthetic purposes only and adds the undesired toxic frequency and element of Mercury. High voltage at low amperage (milliamps) ionizes the gases to a "Plasma State".  The high voltage will overcome the insulation of the glass tubes and impinge upon the skin of the person using the equipment producing a pulsed magnetic energy that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system with each pulse. Ozone (03) is produced when the glass tubes make contact with the skin. The Ozone offers oxygenation at the cellular level, delivering oxygen for detoxification. If the tubes are close together on any area of the body the energy will be at the maximum between the two gas-tubes. Multi-Wave Oscillator effects with the glass electrodes add hundreds of thousands of RF frequencies. This modality can be used in a variety of experimental electrode combinations with "sending" and “receiving" glass tube electrodes and the RF Sound Probe and Ground Plate.



This BioPhoton is mono polar. This means that only one wire is connected to each glass gas-tube electrode.  When the body is absorbing the high voltage energy, the return source to complete the circuit, is via Body Capacitance. The body completes the circuit; it is like an antenna system radiating this energy through the air back to the source, which is the circuit within the enclosure that generates the healing energy. The disadvantage, if any, is if another person is near by the person that is using the equipment, should touch the bare skin of the user, both parties may experience a mild shock.  Keep the glass tube electrodes clean with warm water and a gentle soap and wipe with a small terry cloth towel.  Be very careful while cleaning the glass electrodes, they are delicate and are breakable. 


This product also includes an Added 3.5mm Input Port — which is not shown in all pictures.


NOTE:  The Buyer of the BioPhoton LS 5.0 Machine will be required to sign a Disclaimer before the product is shipped. The Disclaimer requires you to agree you will only be using this product for research. You will be allowed to use it yourself as an individual, or treat others with it, or use it within a group.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Pyradyne products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The use of Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) technology may help: 

  • Alkalize body fluids
  • Promote relaxation and clarity
  • Promote balance and harmony
  • Help reduce toxins
  • Produce a calming sensation
  • Produces negative ions in the air in the room


Individual Usage

You may order this product and its components for individual use for research purposes.

Group Usage 

Circle around, holding hands, etc.  Begin with someone holding the "Sending" electrode at one end, and someone else holding the "Receiving" electrode at the other end. Begin session with the suggested 3-5 minutes of output power/sending.

Massage Therapist

Use of the BioPhotonLS 5.0 is similar to a massage—it stimulates the increase of blood flow and relaxes muscles. Coordinating the BP-LS 5.0 prior to or with your massage therapy session, is an ideal way to augment and intensify positive results. 

After 3-5 minutes output power/sending, start at the soles of the feet and slowly stroke upward, towards your head, then follow with massage therapy. Very rewarding!


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