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The Power Of Pyramids, Decoding The Triangle - paperback by Megan Bell

The Power Of Pyramids, Decoding The Triangle - paperback by Megan Bell
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The Power Of Pyramids: Decoding The Triangle 

By Megan Bell 

"It would seem that pyramids were in my blood (they actually are). I was born at home in Laguna Beach, California, inside a 9-foot pyramid with a gold capstone on top. My mother’s labor and delivery was 10 minutes. Fascinated as a child yet slightly embarrassed, I was always drawn toward pyramids. After my father's sudden passing in 2011, I was thrust into the world of pyramids as I moved across the globe to revive my father's company, Pyradyne.

Over the years, I have faced many critics and lovers of pyramids, conducted many experiments myself, and even been accused by trolls on social media of spreading misinformation. This only further fueled me to get to the truth of the matter. Where did the pyramids come from, and why? What was their real purpose, and what scientific evidence was there of their functioning in today's world? Come with me as we embark on the journey of learning what's true about the pyramids and what is not.

The pyramids have fascinated us for hundreds of years. To most, little is known about the Great Pyramids and their application in today's world. How do we go from woo-woo to science and fact? This book explores the geometric world of pyramids, their complete history, scientific studies, and even how they have the power to preserve. I hope you enjoy this book as we go deep into the past in an attempt to decode this mystical triangle.

I had a very different upbringing than most, more on that in my new book, "Daughter of A Genius," which is being released very soon. I grew up in 2 countries with one English parent and one American, and my dad, Dr. Fred Bell, was an outside-the-box scientist who made and sold pyramids."

- Megan 



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