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Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light - eBook by Dr. Fred Bell

Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light - eBook by Dr. Fred Bell
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Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light: Information & Guidance for The Golden Age

 eBook by Dr. Fred Bell


This brilliant book focuses on the end of old technology and the embracing of New Science. Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light includes the entire earlier-produced Limited Edition book with the same content in a different format, The Secret Promise, as well as information on: 

  • The end of old technology and the embracing of new and alternative science
  • Unraveling 40 years of UFO, extraterrestrial and free energy coverups
  • Secrets of longevity, health and successful living
  • The seven subplanes of human reality, chakras and energy absorption, color therapy
  • Energy, color, light, crystals and your body
  • Cellular and Stellar interactivity—galactic consciousness
  • Pleiadian technology - healing, time travel, anti-gravity propulsion systems


“Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light by Dr. Fred Bell is destined to become a major resource book for all people who are truly ready to shed old technologies and philosophies that not only have been destroying the earth, but have been destroying our bodies as well. As Neptune moves firmly into Aquarius in the coming years, our world leaders must come into the light and truth. They must help all of humanity embrace the free energy and healing technologies that have been purposely kept secret for many decades, possibly even centuries. Now is the time for conscious action and responsible change!”
— Jonathon Ray Spinney, Author of The Awakening of Red Feather and The Last Eclipse
"This Dr. Fred Bell warned, is not a book for beginners. It is filled with remarkable concepts that may seem beyond comprehension, almost beyond belief...It is important that our species must always be able to tolerate our avant garde, our visionaries, our truthseekers, for we may all one day be able to benefit from their visions."
—Brad Steiger, Co-author of The Promise, The Chosen, The Fellowship



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