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Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell

Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell - Pyradyne
Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell - Pyradyne
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Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light: Information & Guidance for The Golden Age

by Dr. Fred Bell


**Best-selling paperback book**

This brilliant book focuses on the end of old technology and the embracing of new science. Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light includes the entire earlier-produced Limited Edition book with the same content in a different format, The Secret Promise, as well as information on: 

  • The end of old technology and the embracing of new and alternative science
  • Unraveling 40 years of UFO, extraterrestrial and free energy coverups
  • Secrets of longevity, health and successful living
  • The seven subplanes of human reality, chakras and energy absorption, color therapy
  • Energy, color, light, crystals and your body
  • Cellular and Stellar interactivity—galactic consciousness
  • Pleiadian technology - healing, time travel, anti-gravity propulsion systems


“Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light by Dr. Fred Bell is destined to become a major resource book for all people who are truly ready to shed old technologies and philosophies that not only have been destroying the earth, but have been destroying our bodies as well. As Neptune moves firmly into Aquarius in the coming years, our world leaders must come into the light and truth. They must help all of humanity embrace the free energy and healing technologies that have been purposely kept secret for many decades, possibly even centuries. Now is the time for conscious action and responsible change!”

— Jonathon Ray Spinney, Author of The Awakening of Red Feather and The Last Eclipse


"This Dr. Fred Bell warned, is not a book for beginners. It is filled with remarkable concepts that may seem beyond comprehension, almost beyond belief...It is important that our species must always be able to tolerate our avant garde, our visionaries, our truthseekers, for we may all one day be able to benefit from their visions."

—Brad Steiger, Co-author of The Promise, The Chosen, The Fellowship


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Jessica on Oct 15, 2017

The information in this book opened my mind to more than I could ever imagine. It has information that no one else is talking about online today that much but it's all happening around us daily.



Kevin on Nov 14, 2016

great information.



JACOB HURST on Nov 29, 2015




"We love our “Rays of truth – Crystals of Light” book too, it has been so useful for our continued learning in how we can help ourselves both physically, emotionally and mindfully and spiritually – and we take great comfort in being able to listen to the incredible archives available from the radio programs Fred Bell used to create. They have been a true inspiration for changing our behavior towards ourselves and each other, and how we can create a different path with the light/love intelligence that has come to us from being connected to this new information and technology. We also use the full spectrum vitamins and have been since last year, I have noticed a great difference in my health and demeanor. I used to get colds and flu quite badly and now I do not seem to have this problem, and I generally notice a sense of my skin and organs functioning with greater strength. I would recommend the service and products of Pyradne to anyone who has the intention of returning to their true self and full potential. Thank you so much Fred Bell, and all of you who collaborate at Pyradyne!"  - Anna Fornachon, USA 



"Pyradyne changed my life even before I was aware it was happening!!! I listened to George Noory/Art Bell radio interview (2000) while I was living on the hillside of Punchbowl Volcano… Today (2015) it’s a 360• turn right back to Fred Bell… I realized that his products are the only products available on earth that I trust fully 100%… Everyone else is struggling… The four books have reprogrammed me so much that I have retired totally from being a tattooist… The receptors alone caused my entire balance to Fulcrum (center). Now I spend my entire day and nights reading and suffering through Yoga poses that bring much needed tears and realization. Besides the fact that Pyradyne boasts of “healing machines” and “time traveling ” and “REAL levitation”—I can’t even get enough information… Messiah level scientist indeed… Much respect to PYRADYNE!" - Sean, USA



"I was introduced to Pyradyne and their products slightly less than a year ago. I have to say it has changed my life! I began with the pyramid headgear as I worked on a computer and headset all day. The mental fog I typically experienced half way through the day from exposure to technology began to decrease and I was better able to work without eventually feeling run down by the end of the day. I began to read Dr. Bell’s Ray of Truth - Crystals of Light book and was mentally transformed. His scientific backing to all of his research has created an immense sense of peace and awareness of this world and what is truly happening to our bodies and environments on a daily basis. During reading that book I received a nuclear receptor in which I had dull chest pain and headaches after the first few days of wearing it due to the detoxification process that my body apparently needed. Mind you, I am a very health-conscious individual and I do vegetable and fruit cleanses frequently. I drank tons of water and after about 2 weeks my body began to need the receptor and I could feel the mental clarity it began to create, as the pyramid did. These products will forever be in my life and my loved ones' lives. I am so thankful Pyradyne fell into my lap; everything happens for a reason."   Jason, USA



"My twin sister and I live in the Ocala National Forest in central Florida, we observe chemtrails in the sky daily. I have an eight-foot portamid pyramid over my bed, and a five foot one over the table I sit at in my workshop. I purchased them over eight years ago, along with a super receptor, two head gear pyramids and read Dr. Bell’s books, “Death of Ignorance”, and “Rays of Truth”. I can’t imagine my life without these wonderful healing and detoxifying tools. Our friends and family love coming to visit us, they can feel the peaceful relaxing atmosphere created by the pyramids. Wherever I go I am seeing stressed out people, overly irritated drivers, totally unaware of the chem trail additives they are breathing in. This is just not the way the world is supposed to be. Sometimes I get comments about my pyramid sun hat I wear over my head gear pyramid, which gives me an opportunity to explain how it works and talk about Dr. Bell’s books. Dear family of Dr. Fred Bell, I want you to know how very courageous you are to carry on your father’s mission to put the truth out to a world that’s gotta get right. Or we may not be here much longer, at least, not as humans with human emotion."  - Betty Harbison, USA





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