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NEW IN COLOR—The Inside Track - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell

NEW IN COLOR—The Inside Track - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell - Pyradyne
NEW IN COLOR—The Inside Track - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell - Pyradyne
NEW IN COLOR—The Inside Track - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell - Pyradyne
$ 59.00

The Inside Track - paperback book by Dr. Fred Bell


Color Drawings • Updated Nobel Laureates from 2009-2017,
Expanded Index to find topics fast in the book*,
Updated Bibliography, and Additional Updated Information

*A good way to learn fast about 1 topic or find what Fred said about something


A Resource Book about the logarithmic advances in Sciences and Technologies, New Quantum Physics, Quantum Biology—a must-have for all science and biology students, and everyone who wants to improve their health


The complete history of science, how it became deadly on the watch of the One World Order, and how to sidestep their activities 


Stand on the Precipice of new ideas in quantum physics and take a universal look at the space-time continuum, what we are made of and what's happening with the universe


The Inside Track was the last book Dr. Fred Bell released and it’s an amazing  resource book of the human being’s scientific discoveries—starting from the farthest point known in human time—going forward to the new quantum mechanics and quantum physics. He introduces you to the visionaries who discovered how we and the universe work—giving you special insights into each scientist beyond what you’ll learn in school. Dr. Fred Bell knew and personally worked with some of these famous scientists. 


However, the New World Order has taken these advances in the sciences, technologies, medicine, biology and psychiatry and turned them against the physical, emotional and spiritual growth of mankind, weaponizing them for population control and their own financial gain. Private companies, political lobbyists, wealthy elite individuals, and many government departments with hidden agendas are involved. 


They seize on the media to falsely create widespread panic, nonexistent viruses, mandatory dangerous vaccines and unsafe medicines to destroy humanity and make Big Pharma rich. Or they intentionally distribute viruses and allow bad ingredients to be added to our food and water. 


Based on his extensive background work in the government, military, aerospace, physics, and in health and nutrition, Dr. Bell shares ways to counteract these dangerous new technologies and how you can take back control of your own health and life—in accord with the universal “right to life.” Learn about his patented wearable devices that keep your mind and body healthy—and how to protect yourself from poisonous chemicals and heavy metals dumped from the sky or in water and food, from ELF, EMF, cell phone and WiFi frequency waves affecting your brain and cells, and from other imperceivable violations. Learn how frequencies affect your body and mind—and how to avoid the bad ones. Discover how to watch out for new harmful actions and developments like these as technologies advance further—to protect yourself, your family and society. Find out what we are made of, how the human body works, and how to increase your energy and clarity of thought. Delve into the space-time continuum and what’s happening with the holographic universe.


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      Steve Horkshaw on Oct 09, 2017

      Much needed knowledge. Recommend this book to all, looking forward to it becoming available as an ebook.




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