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The Promise - eBook by Dr. Fred Bell

The Promise - eBook by Dr. Fred Bell - Pyradyne
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The Promise eBook by Dr. Fred Bell

by Dr. Fred Bell as Told to Brad Steiger

Dr. Fred Bell’s journey began here

This is the newly 2018 published eBook version of the print book, The Promise

Dr. Fred Bell, engineer and former NASA rocket scientist, describes in exciting detail his wondrous meetings with the people from the faraway Pleiadean star system and how they have been coming to earth for eons to help assist in our planetary growth and to bring us into the stellar community of advanced worlds.

"These beings are giving us technology that can take us deep into the stars in a matter of minutes - or permit us to know not only whether a pregnant human female is carrying a boy or girl, but who the soul is and from where it originates. Such is what they have to teach us!"

You are guaranteed to be enlightened as well as entertained.

This book provides the exciting, in-depth story of how Dr. Fred Bell obtained the amazing Nuclear Receptor, and how he discovered Semjase and the Pleiadian technologies that exist today.



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