Death of Ignorance Book


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Print Book By Dr. Fred Bell


The first incredible book written by Dr. Fred Bell in 1980 then re-published in 2009.


Quantum Science and an introduction to metaphysics; how it affects our daily lives and ones we interact with;

  • Cosmo Genesis; how man's mind and body interact with the living spirit within us all
  • Electricity; how direct and alternating currents are created; how they perform body functions
  • Pyramid and shape energy; how it affects our bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually 
  • Pollution; the effect on you and your family; how to protect yourself and make a difference



For those searching for identity, Death of Ignorance, a new book by Fred Bell, Ph.D., unfolds man's spatial relationship from primal energy, to the stars and planets, to his personal pathway, through immortality.

Death of Ignorance is the most fascinating, illuminating reading I've discovered in 20 years! In language which is scientifically invulnerable, vividly descriptive (with lots of illustrations) Dr. Bell has succeeded in synthesizing knowledge of the ancients in all of the disciplines with space-age technology, with common sense and unmatched brillance of understanding.

For professionals and laymen alike, Death of Ignorance brings into focus science, physics and metaphysics in a gripping style and lucidity. It's a book which appeals to youth—and to minds of all ages which have retained the curiosity and daring of youth. It's an adventure into T—I—M—E, past, present and future; it's the type of unique insight which has shaped man's destiny.

Betty Lee Morales, Ph.D.
Knighted by the Queen Mother of England
Former President of Cancer Control Society
- Los Angeles, CA 1979