Nuclear Receptor & Holographic Projector Informational Book


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The Nuclear Receptor & Holographic Projector Manual Book

This Information manual book discusses in depth the cellular science behind the Nuclear Receptor & Holographic Projector, how they were created and how to best use them. Read about the amazing technology used in the devices and how they function with the body. 

Learn about kinesiology with NEW full page testing charts! The Receptor & Projector Manual will enable you to do kinesiology & muscle testing using the various color charts, you can also learn more about the vibrations of various metals and their affect on the body.  

Understand how to take care of your Receptor or Projector and enjoy ideas on how to use them to gain the most benefits. Lastly, this book touches on other Pyradyne products and their benefits as well as an introduction to Dr. Fred Bell and his work. 

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