The Inside Track, By Dr. Fred Bell


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The Inside Track

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The complete history of science, how it became deadly on the watch of the One World Order, and how to sidestep their activities. 

The Inside Track, was the last book that Dr. Bell released. This book focus’s on the history of science and the minds behind the technology and how it has evolved due to international politics. The turns that science, technology, medicine and psychiatry continue to take when influenced by lobbyists, private companies, government departments with hidden agenda’s and wealthy elite individuals.

  • Dr. Bell takes you back to the furthest known point in human time and introduces you to the visionaries who discovered how we, and the universe work. The New World Order has taken these advances in science and turned them against the physical and spiritual growth of mankind, and weaponized them for population control. Seizing upon the media to falsely create widespread panic over nonexistent viruses and mandatory dangerous vaccines, to destroy humanity and make Big Pharma rich.
  • Based on his extensive background work in the government, military, aerospace, physics, and health and nutrition, Dr. Bell shares ways to counteract dangerous new technologies and take back control of your own life-in accord with the universal “right to life”



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