The Vitamid


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The Vitamid™

The Vitamid is a 12 inch steel household pyramid that is 24 karat gold plated.

You make a wise and intelligent investment anytime you spend the extra dollars it takes to get fresh organic fruits and vegetables. But, sometimes, we just don't eat them as fast as we'd hoped, or we're not sure how to properly and safely preserve our produce.

Pyradyne's Pyramids, not only can you preserve your nutrient-dense and precious fruits and veggies, but you can put virtually any organic material under the pyramid to increase its pH level (alkalinity), like water and fruit juices. The fruit juices are also sweeter and more full of flavor too! 

The Vitamid is used to treat and energize water, foods & other beverages and also promotes healthy plant growth. Place the Vitamid over fruits or vegetables to preserve them from going bad.

 Watch out experiment using one of Pyradyne's pyramids to preserve fresh fruits!

Animals love it too!

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