Solid Platinum Andromedan Holographic Projector


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Solid Platinum Holographic Projector

The World's Most Functional Jewelry™

The Projector Pendant (previously known as the Amulet), is a manifestation wave device that removes negative energies before they are created, increasing amplitude that could dramatically impact your personal lifestyle positively. The Projector acts as a “Key” to open the door to an infinite number of dimensions.

The Projector does not act as a scalar vibrating mechanism as the Receptor does. The Holographic Projector utilizes 4 Gemstones and consists of two concentric circles, each containing pyramids that are all split down the middle mounted both vertically and horizontally. Between the two concentric circles lies two three-sided pyramids, and another pyramid split four ways acting as the gateway for the two concentric circles.

As the Projector specifically unwinds the DNA into the fourth dimension, etheric pre-cursing trigger signals emanate at the brain neuron sites, allowing existing hormone structures on-site to oscillate directly on the resonant frequencies that created their arrival in the first place. Since hormones are specifically directed into the bloodstream by vibrational stimuli such as sound, light and color, this causes them to resonate directly on the brain sites; hence, a forced feedback path is created. This path can be traced directly back to the original creator frequencies, which arrive as intelligence narrating their creation. In the world of negative energies, the interpretation of proper creator narration is lost. -Dr. Fred Bell

Platinum is an extremely high-energy noble metal which amplifies communication. Combined with the Holographic Projector technology, this is one of our strongest devices available at Pyradyne—a highly-directed Andromedan energy which opens up a quantum field, for those who are ready to reach the very highest level of vibration.

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“The mind is the slayer of the real.” – Dr. Fred Bell
“Energy follows thought” – Dr. Fred Bell

Manifest Destiny

You are the creator in your free will as we are now in the “free will zone”. Control of others does not and will never exist, so remain open to possibilities which lie ahead. Material is not the objective, it is usually a side affect of the good of creation which is manifested into the physical realm to which our current reality has chosen.

Good luck on your journey—and remember anything is possible.


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Solid Platinum Holographic Projector Pendant with 4 Gemstones (please select) and Sterling Silver Italian Diamond Rope Cut 30" Chain.

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