Customer Experiences

Below are real stories from customers who wanted to share their experiences with Pyradyne products. These stories are written by each individual customer and sent in to us either via email or social media. They have not been edited or changed in any way. 

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I have been wearing a Quantum Heart Receptor with Aquamarine daily now since I received it in August (💙), and have felt a tremendous (and unexpected) improvement in many areas of my life. Prior to this receptor, I wore a bronze alloy Nuclear Receptor with Pink Tourmaline. The difference between the two receptors has been incredible: I experienced almost immediate benefits from both, but in remarkably different ways. Since I began regular use of Pyradyne technology at the beginning of the year, I feel I have evolved at a faster rate spiritually than ever before, and I know that your products have played a critical role in that advancement. I began this year with the primary goal of healing my body, and I now sense that I have reached a place of balance in that area. As a result, I find myself being drawn toward Quantum creation and the mechanics of quantum entanglement, manifestation, and non-physical perception and sight. I have always had finely tuned extrasensory abilities, but they have become further developed with my Quantum Heart Receptor. Things like perceiving events before they happen, hearing thoughts before they are uttered, and sensing others' feelings and maladies are daily phenomena for me. I have always been drawn to the Ank Receptor, and I now wonder if it is time to move in that direction to help develop and strengthen these gifts even further. -Amanda Dollinger, California, USA.


"Had to share this. I received my Nuclear Reactor about three weeks ago and had a hesitation putting it on at first but now I can't imagine being without it. I went to my doctor today for a follow up of an earlier appt in August. In Aug, my blood pressure was 157/60. Today the nurse took my blood pressure and said   "your blood pressure has really improved". It's now 130/60. I then took off my NR and asked her to retest. This time my blood pressure was 149/60. WOW!!! Also, I find myself smiling and feeling happy often. Thanks... Mary" -Mary Naylor, Florida, USA


"I wear the three-leg wave bridge, feminine version of this receptor. I was anorexic. The Nuclear Receptor IMMEDIATELY changed my world! I love you, Pyradyne, and your beautifully effective technologies!" -Goethe Sainte, USA


"I've been wearing my receptor for 6 months and from personal experience and spiritual journey I've been in , I can tell you IT WORKS!!! IT IS MORE THAN JEWELRY! It is a healing device. I'm not going to talk about me though. Because I would like to share that my uncle that has stage 4 lung cancer had also a brain tumor. He started wearing his receptor August 12, 2016. It is August 25 (2 weeks later) and the MRI shows no more brain tumor. Blessings!"  -Christina Maria Blanco, Florida, USA


"In my 35 plus years in health care delivery I have never seen or felt such a remarkable personal tool as the Nuclear Receptor. I recommend it for all, and it is an absolute must for anyone in the healing field. The results I have seen on those I treat in the 3 months of wearing it are near miraculous almost every treatment." -Paul C. Black DC, MD. USA


"I'm a pretty intuitive person and a pretty good judge of people.  I knew when I first heard about the Receptor I should be wearing one.  I live in the country by the sea but have a large mast with various dishes on it just across the field behind my house.  I have been continually feeling anxious, drained, tired and wake up through out the night and have been unable to get back to sleep for many years now.
Since wearing the Receptor, as I purchased this first, I found my mind clearer, more focused, not anxious, my energy levels went up and just felt a sense of calm and better in my self.   I wear it every day and feel instinctively I should be wearing it.  If I do take it off it's only at night and I don't even like taking it off in the day...for a bath...I soon put it back feels so right for me.   I now also sleep in a Portamid, bed pyramid.  Instead of finding it very difficult to stay asleep and not being able to get back to sleep at night, I find I'm getting over 8 hours straight sleep most nights and often up to 10 hours now, which is fantastic and if I do wake up to use to toilet I'm able to get back to sleep again pretty quickly.   My sleep is rested and peaceful once again.  Something I've not been able to do for many years now.  I wake up feeling fully rested.  My sleep pattern has vastly improved since I've been sleeping in the Portamid. I know both the Portamid and the Receptor have helped me a great deal.  I'm very sensitive to how I feel and I know I have benefited greatly from using both these devices. I strongly recommend both the Receptor and the Portamid to anyone and to read Dr. Fred Bells work to get to understand more about his brilliant work.  I've been listening to his radio shows and youtube at a friends house as I don't have the internet and find him fascinating and feel instinctively Dr.Fred Bell in completely on the right track." -Mick French, United Kingdom


"I was a nightclub hostess/ entertainer in Brisbane for three years with five nights a week in six inch heels, piled under toxic makeups and drinking more then i ate. Needless to say i have had horrible hip and knee pain since. however after starting your multivitamin/ minerals, shou wu chih and wearing a receptor and pyramids i have been completely pain free and sleeping better the ever. I truly couldn't be more grateful/thankful for this as im only 23 and my quality of life is back where it should be. This is another reason why i want to upgrade my receptor." -Alex Ellix, Australia 


"Wow! What can I say? It’s really a strange feeling wearing the Nuclear Receptor. I can feel it right in my heart. It’s like a flower opening up. It’s hard to explain. It is a calming effect. I have this attraction to it and want to wear it every day." -Robert Cashman, USA


"Hi Megan, Just to let you know that while doing some electric field tests on computers and printers etc I decided to put the receptor on the end of the meter (ELF) electric field meter facing outwards. I brought the meter slowly in from the side and you could hear the meter readings drop as it reached the top centre of meter. You face the meter towards the source about 1 foot away. This meter tests for V/M volts per metre square. I was amazed as it dropped down from the hundreds of volts per metre to nearly zero. I watched this on the digital readout display. Testing your Portamid I found that with a reading of 30 V/M at 1 foot from the ceiling and light that the readings dropped to 1 V/M under the capstone and down on the foam mattress on the concrete ground floor hence I get a good nights sleep every night.I bought the ELF meter model number Emfields ELF PF4 from a company in the UK called EMFIELDS Solutions Ltd" -Ross Stark, United Kingom


"I just wanted to tell you what happened when using the Holographic Projector and this is with Zircons. Saturday we are scheduled to install 1 carat worth of diamonds in the zircon’s place. Anyway, I placed on the Nuclear Receptor that we purchased from your father almost 6-7 years ago on me I then placed on the projector. Then we headed to the diamond exchanged to replace the zircons, by the time I arrived at the first stop light in the direction of the exchange everything was going dizzy and I am trying to shake it off. My wife asked me if I was OK and she asked are you having those chest pains like with the receptor since you replaced that other diamond, I told her know it’s not like that at all. What was happening to me was my brainwaves were dropping into “Alpha” state. I was becoming extremely relaxed and the more I let it take me over the deeper I was going down. This was truly unexpected! But not such a mystery as it is presented here, if you think about it, when one goes into deep Alpha-Theta mind state you then have arrived to a state of mind that can now “Manifest” anything you think, like the “Secret”! The Holographic projector not only manipulates those energies that our state of minds create but also the projector creates what our minds tend to follow. Another thing I discovered that while wearing the device, my wife asked me if she could wear the receptor with the diamond, I gave it to her last night. During the evening my projector kept dropping me down to deep Alpha mind state to such a point I couldn’t hear my wife when she was calling me. I was having a difficult time without my Nuclear Receptor during that time. I noticed during this small segment of time last night, I had no control what the projector was doing and that was bringing down my brainwaves, yet when I wear both, I feel extremely grounded, while experiencing those deep Alpha states of being. I have some control while wearing the Receptor. This may be just a side effect, I am not sure what else to expect when I get the real diamonds installed in the projector on Saturday. I will have a total of 1-1/4 ct. in total diamonds on the projector. One other thing happened to my wife when she was lying down for the night, she told me, “When I was on the phone with my friend she was waiting patiently to tell me this statement until she finally fell asleep waiting to talk with me.” When both of us awakened this morning she right away told me, “Oh my Gosh!”  “You wouldn’t believe what happened to me last night while waiting for you!” “I was still listening to you talk with your friend then what seemed like a moment, something was coming into my crown chakra area and I felt it open up and it was beginning to fill me with some kind of liquid. My body was getting slower and slower, I could feel where the diamond was on the receptor and it began to pulsate at the heart chakra area!” -Name Private Via Email


"My nuclear receptor pendant broke away from the chain. I have alloy with amethyst stone. I got home from work on Friday and realized that the pendant was not on my neck. I lost it on the mail route. Saturday morning I prayed for God to give me a message for the day. I drew a card from my angel tarot deck. I pulled the “You found it” card. I was shocked. I went to work and God gave me a message on the route that a certain customer had it. I knocked on her door. She said yes I had it but gave it to the 80 yr old lady next door I thought it may belong to her son. I knocked on the neighbors door. Her son answered and said his mother was very Ill and bed ridden but was on the mend in the last 24 he’s. That’s how long the necklace had been lost. He handed it to me. God is amazing! Putting This healing receptor in the hands of a person who needed healing. Amen!" -Linda Tigner, USA


"I have been wanting to write to let you know about my experience with My Receptor. I must tell you I did not know what to expect. I am so glad I saw your videos on how a detox might happen. But first I must share what happened to my wrist. Last December of 2014 on the 23 in the afternoon I had an accident where my wrist got dislocated , Chipped the bone as well as damaged the tendon….The pain from this injury has been non STOP from then on. I Eat Organic, Used Homeopathy, I’ve practiced Homeopathy for 16 years as well as had acupuncture and Rolfing done, Nothing really helped. The pain has been crippling to say the least. The moment I put the Receptor on I felt an interesting Peace…Got the sense that it is a Consciousness device, whatever that means. smile emoticon I also suffer from Addison’s Disease and Severe Bowel issues. I have been very ill for a loooong Time. The first night I started feeling worse if that’s possible and by the 3rd day Just Awful on every level, but my instincts said stay with it, keep the receptor on which I slept with as well. By the 4th day something Amazing began to happened I could use my Right hand with comfort and by the 5th Day 90% of my wrist Healed!!!!! Unbelievable! I noticed that once I committed to purchasing the Receptor things in My life also took a turn for the Better….. Now I am experiencing More issues in my Bowels, low back, but these go back to my Childhood….Something is going to happen for the Good, I just know It! So within 5days of wearing this Device My wrist is Almost Healed! This is Wild! I have only had it for 12 days!!!! I have ordered my Package of Vitamins, Minerals and the Product that works with the Receptor….I can’t wait to see what Happens Next!" -Letica Delgadillo, USA


"I had the pleasure of talking with Ms. Megan Bell today, the best customer service I ever experienced. The reason I am writing this is because my wife and I are owners of the Nuclear Receptors for 4 years I think going on. Now I can’t take it off! It has become part of my attire plus when I take it off before showering I feel empty inside and once I place it on that feeling disappears. I admit as I exclaimed earlier on, that we had a string of unusual events while wearing them and it spooked us. But it was still fascinating what happened even though my accident was painful. The receptor didn’t cause the accident the other people did. In fact I should have been killed in that T-Bone accident I had in my small car verses a minivan. I hit her at 55mph. At first I didn’t suffer a scratch and pretty much walked away, it wasn’t until later it was discovered I torn my rotator cuff almost all the way through. I know that Nuclear Receptor protected me going to work that day I survived! All those close calls we have been experiencing was because they just weren’t seeing us. This was my only my theory, that the nuclear receptor phases in and out of this reality for wearer. I survived the accident and prevented two others because they just didn’t see me but in all those situations I was wearing the Nuclear Receptor. My friend has a Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector, he told me that he never experience what I did and I never experienced what did. So we are all different with potential of experiencing different things. Today I just ordered the Holographic Projector Necklace and now I am anxiously waiting my gift from my wife for our anniversary. Yes! I bought her something as well! She loves gold and diamonds if that tells you something, can’t fool her she looks for the clarity and grade, she knows her diamonds. I talked with Dr. Bell several times at Rays of Truth along with Steven Barish his co-host. Anyone who has his Fire Star Orb and your not using it and its collecting dust please send me an offer I can’t refuse! I need this equipment to further develop communications where Dr. Bell left off. I can’t replace his work nor him but I just want to keep it alive in my lifetime. Contact me at correction123 at aol dot com. I am also looking for his Irradiators willing to purchase them at a fair price! I hope I was allowed to put this here if not my apologies Megan." -Dennis Buffy, USA

"I received my Ank receptor about 2 weeks ago, sterling silver with zircon for the small stones, and moldavite for the center stone.  Here is my perceptions of the benefits I have received from it thus far.  I have felt it on multiple occasions feeding energy to my chest.  In my opinion the energy is not specifically being fed to serve my organic body.  It is automatically boosting the energy available for use for spiritual work.  My current experiences have shown me that the more Chi/Prana that you cultivate on a daily basis can be used to help with the healing of the body but it can also be used to help fuel your spiritual experiences.  Basically the more of the energy you have available to you on a daily basis the more probable it is that you will have a passive spiritual experience.  When you do have an experience the more energy you have access to the more likely you will be able to have a more intense experience and be able to recall more of that experience.  The lower you are in energy the more likely you are to not remember much if any of the experience and also you may have a much shorter experience.  I’m not saying you can’t have intense/full recall experiences without doing energy cultivation, I’m saying that it dramatically increases your chances of an event occurring, and the event being much more meaningful.  I have first experiences that prove this to myself.  I cultivate energy on a daily basis specifically for this reason.  So going back to the Ank, in my opinion I can feel it helping my body to collect the energy automatically that will increase the chances of a spiritual experience.  In addition it appears to be targeting the area of the body that is more associated with the multidimensional consciousness.  This means, in my opinion, the types of experiences that might be more likely to spontaneously occur would be communications with other beings, past lives, parallel realities, out of body, things of that nature.  Now having said all of that two things have occurred.  It has been affecting my dreaming (I wear it while I sleep).  My dreams are more detailed, more of them in a single night, easier to recall, etc.  Lastly and I had contact with a benevolent, non-human being during the time that I started wearing the Ank.  I believe as I stated above, that the Ank likely contributed to this situation by automatically provided additional fuel.  That event may or may not have occurred regardless of the Ank, but I believe for certain the Ank contributed as one of the variables that increased the probability of the contact taking place." -David, Arizona, USA


"I just wanted to say that your products are life changing. I got a ray dome and alloy receptor back in February and it has been amazing. I ordered and have been taking the Pyralyte, Multispectrum Vitamins, and Shou wu chih since march 1st and I have experienced black smoke leaving my body (radiation from previous x-rays and exposure). I’ve taken the Radome to work and my whole office is being affected. I have a line of people waiting to try my backup on a daily basis. I have also given the product to my grandmother without explaining it (receptor with herkimer diamond) and she wore it for over an hour. Afterwards she explained that she hadn’t felt that energized in years, and she felt the flow of her system jumpstarting (all this without understanding any of the technology. Dr. Bell knew/knows what he’s talking about, all of the products and technology truly speak for themselves but I hope other tentative users see this and know they can reach out. I personally would buy anything pyradyne sells if you don’t feel it works for you, I strongly believe this technology is changing/has changed the world and will continue to do so. Please reach out if you need any specifics it would be my pleasure to share my experiences." -Jonathan McDaniel, USA


"Yes the quantum heart receptor is a professional device. Precision design and excellent metallurgy and execution of that design are immediately apparent. Very nice high-quality yellow Diamond, Tanzanite and Emerald. This thing definitely kicks out a lot of energy right away it is perhaps the most powerful receptor receptor I have worn. (And I have worn several) The shift was very noticeable. And the one that I was taking off was a platinum bridge white gold diamond Pave and Emerald which also puts out a huge amount of energy, but this one was definitely stronger noticeably right away. Words like calibration, amperage, integrity, acceleration, nowness, bliss, mental clarity, and rapid detox, bulletproof, invincibility, all seem to surface in my field of impressions.
This quantum heart receptor in this configuration is like listening to an orchestra compared to a five piece band with the old design. It is strikingly powerful almost like a free energy device for the human aura mind and body. The quantum heart features a lovely design on the bridge which is in a motif with Neo Ancient Egyptian / sacred geometry . It resembles a papyrus or lotus flower or Palm tree and is also reminiscent of the symbol of the double feather of truth. The geometry and design of the bridge creates a multi: ( tri or quad ) scalar wave. This is in addition to the already scalar  potentiating design of the Fibonacci pyramids in the original receptor dish. It seems to generate a lot of additional energy for the wearer. Very very empowering to the self and very healing to the spirit parts of us & affirming of destiny and totality on a soul level, a Magickal machine for the 21st century: the quantum heart receptor by Pyradyne  & Dr. Fred Bell. Thanks so much. " -Name Private Via Email 

“At first I experienced the releasing of black colors and x rays in the center of the limbic system, then lead and penicillin came out which took around 3 days. I started to feel younger and physically much better. The energy started in the brain, like 2 fine lines and traveled down my spine and towards my gut, it worked on clearing my pancreas and liver, which took around 6 hours. I could feel the energy opening up inside of me, and rising up about 4 feet above me.
In my opinion, the Ank is the continuation of the Nuclear Receptor, clearing out both sides of the chakras, having worn the regular Nuclear Receptor for many years I would say the 4 leg wave Receptor clears your body around a 7-8 but the Ank is a 10. It clears energy in the brain and cleans and opens every endocrine gland.” -Steve Barish, USA


"The receptor its integrating fantastically.. Thanks.   A thing I am noticing is how so much of the techniques and states as well as types of perception from medicine work are correlative to how I interact with the receptor.  So it is helping to clarify or bolster chosen mental vibrations very quickly…  For example last night I was feeling kinda supercharged in a way I haven’t felt in years…  And I didn’t know what to do with all the energy that welled up from using NR and the stuff from Holidium labs  I wear.  So I was just walking in circles in the dark in under the tree canopy..  And I finally snapped,  like , “wo I need to play some music”   Anycase  my voice after not singing at all in weeks,   so spot on, every little nuance  like my control and full power was without any delay or searching,  just right where I intend  and also felt like my range was almost boundless I was vibrating the house audibly." -Brandon Edwards, USA


"My projector arrived today and all I can say is WOW! I am utterly speechless at how incredible the energy is. Never felt anything like it. It really does feel like I’ve entered into a completely new reality. Hopefully I’ll soon have a chance to experience the standalone projector as well! Thanks so much for making these, as mine is helping me on so many levels and I’m sure other peoples’ are as well. Blessings, Alfredo" -Alfredo, USA

"Just a little updates after wearing the nuclear receptor. Below is the experience.
1. The first experience happens after waking up from a sleep, the mind is crystal clear feeling. Never experience before.
2. 2 weeks later becomes very focus and works becomes better.
3. Spiritually I have been able to chant the lotus sutra mantra without much resistance. The distraction seems to dissolve.
    After 20 years this challenges to chant the mantra has beeb easy without much obstruction from deep inside ourselves.

Overrall I am very happy with the results and some of my friends have been asking question about the nuclear receptor that were quite skeptical about the results the receptor can help." -Derek Koh, Singapore


"Pyradyne changed my life even before I was aware it was happening!!! I listened to George Noory/Art Bell radio interview(2000) while I was living on the hillside of Punchbowl Volcano… Today (2015) it’s a 360• turn right back to Fred Bell… I realized that his products are the only products available on earth that I trust fully 100%… Everyone else is struggling… The four books have reprogrammed me so much that I have retired totally from being a tattooist… The receptors alone caused my entire balance to Fulcrum (center). Now I spend my entire day and nights reading and suffering through Yoga poses that bring much needed tears and realization. Besides the fact that Pyradyne boasts of “healing machines” and “time traveling ” and “REAL levitation ” I can’t even get enough information… Messiah level scientist indeed… Much respect to PYRADYNE!" -Sean, USA


"I own both series pyradyne necklaces.. Of course my wife wears the female of 3 prongs and I wear the 4 prongs. Does it work! Too well in fact! If you read what Dr. Fred Bell stated that the necklace the Nuclear Receptors make you “invisible” to disease and other illnesses. I took that by faith! I couldn’t prove it one way or another at the time of wearing such a device. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago and I owned this about 8 years, my wife and I were on our way to the MOA out of St. Paul MN a gentleman driver was coming onto the freeway from his exit. My wife looked at him and she said, “Honey” it looks as though the man doesn’t see us! He has to I exclaimed I am side by side with him! No sooner I made mention the car immediately cut me off and I almost smashed into he back end bumper." -Den Rad, USA


"I gave my receptor to my step-dad who was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer a little while after I received the receptor. I finally got him to accept it from me! And the cancer that had spread to his liver, bone marrow, and brain are GONE!!!! He just has a small tumor in his left lung to address and the doctors say he has years now instead of months!!!!! Which, of course, I have faith he can live even longer than that if he wants and God-willing!!! I DO feel a tremendous energy shift and also feel the need to mention that I feel as though the Receptor fused with my being and energy field, and I have become this kind of energy field engine. I definitely want to get another one, and I want to promote Pyradyne technology." -Annette, USA

"The most noticeable effect has been my wife, she is under Benzodiazepine treatment for addiction on it and my first intention was for her thinking on cleaning his physical and astral body, just almost immediately she used the Pyramid on his head begun to reject meet, she used to eat a lot, and his food went to vegetables  at all, but most interesting was that having been she very disorderly about his personal things like clothing and so on, suddenly she begun to put order in all this, cleaning and throwing unnecessary things. For me it was very interesting because it means that his person for getting clean inside and outside need to put order in both. One of my daughters was going through a difficult moment in his ordinary life issues and I lended she my Pyramid during my Holidays, it was about 15 days and suddenly she begun to change his stamina and disposition and countenance, as I think by consequence his vibrations went to a better good quality and recited two opportunities for change his work place and getting a going on a change in his situation. The rest of my family seeing this notorious effects went on disposition for using his owns pyramids. I should like too much that my friends see this and get interested on it, but it takes it time not too much people know about this tools and this knowledge. My personal experience and effects is more internal and not so outside noticeable, but for me it is and will be an habitual user of this instrument. Since I was very young I got interested in deeper aspect of life, meaning etc, and read about pyramids effects many years ago. Now I’m 72 years old." -Eduardo Agrela C, Central America


"I got my receptor a couple of days ago.  Already I am feeling its benefits.  For the last 6 months+ I had felt like I had a mild-grade flu.  Now I feel no traces of flu.I appreciate your personal attention to this matter. Cheers .. John" -John Alison, USA

"It works! There just aren’t any other words to describe what the pyradyne balance bracelet does! I felt my energy shifting the moment I put it on! After wearing for just two days, something unusual happened. On the evening of day 2 of wearing the bracelet, my left foot, after getting into bed to retire, felt as though it was outstretched in front of a fireplace, warm and toasty. Now that night was particularly cold where I live and the temperature outside was below freezing. The odd thing was that while my left foot felt warm and toasty, my right foot was icy cold! I’ve never felt this polar opposite sensation in my feet before! I thought what in the world is causing this polar opposite sensation in my feet. Then I thought, the only things that are different were my nuclear reactor, projector, which I’ve been wearing now for about 1-1/2 to 2 months, and my balance bracelet that I’ve been wearing for the last 2 days. While the reactor and the projector are wonderful, I know I didn’t have these sensations in my feet before wearing the balance bracelet. So I muscle tested myself. I tested to see whether the bracelet would be most beneficial on my left wrist or my right wrist. It tested that wearing the bracelet on my right wrist would be MOST beneficial for me. So I took the bracelet off of my left wrist and put it on my right wrist. And an amazing thing happened. My right foot got warm and toasty immediately, just like my left foot! Now both feet were warm and toasty! Needless to say I was amazed! The nuclear receptor and the projector are fabulous as well! I cannot thank Dr. Bell enough for giving me the opportunity to experience these wonderful products.
I came upon Pyradyne after searching for 5-1/2 years for something to improve my health situation. I was so sensitive to the effect of EMF, ELF, and negative energies of every kind that it rendered me unable to function outside of the protective environment of my home. I became afraid to step out of my home. And would not leave it unless I absolutely had to. When I did leave it was a battle to get back home. My legs would literally get locked up, feeling as though my legs were full of pressure and then it would get cramps. Once I was grocery shopping and the episode started. I would push and hang onto the shopping cart to the nearest exit and shuffle my legs back to my car where I would literally have to pull out all the negative energies out of my body before I could function enough to return home. I practiced energy medicine and Qi-Gong for many years so I was able to do this when I needed to. Needless to say, my life was very limiting with theses things happening to me. But when I started wearing the receptor, projector, and headgears, it stopped. Now I can go shopping without my legs locking up or picking up other people’s negative energies! These wonderful products have literally saved my life!  So again, the bottom line is that it works! All of the Pyradyne products that I have, all work amazingly! I cannot thank God enough that He led me to Dr. Bell’s products." -Dr. Shigeko H Loredo, Arizona, USA


"I was introduced to Pyradyne and their products slightly less than a year ago. I have to say it has changed my life! I began with the pyramid headgear as I worked on a computer and headset all day. The mental fog I typically experienced half way through the day from exposure to technology began to decrease and I was better able to work without eventually feeling run down by the end of the day. I began to read Dr. Bell’s Ray of Truth Crystals of Light book and was mentally transformed. His scientific backing to all of his research has created an immense sense of peace and awareness of this world and what is truly happening to our bodies and environments on a daily basis. During reading that book I received a nuclear receptor in which I had dull chest pain and headaches after the first few days of wearing it due to the detoxification process that my body apparently needed. Mind you, I am a very health conscious individual and I do vegetable and fruit cleanses frequently. I drank tons of water and after about 2 weeks my body began to need the receptor and I could feel the mental clarity it began to create, as the pyramid did. These products will forever be in my life and my loved ones lives. I am so thankful Pyradyne fell into my lap; everything happens for a reason." -Jason, USA

"I’m a great believer in all of Dr. Bells (Pyradyne) products having had first hand experience of most of them.   I’ve worn the Receptor for over 27 years using different gem stones as they were needed at various stages in my life.   I’m always aware when I don’t have one on…as though a little voice inside reminds me on getting up.   I’m now in my fifties and am a very active healthy person, always on the go.   I used to constantly get pains, along with pressure in my chest around my heart after wearing the Receptor but with the correct gem stone, I found a few hours later my pain and pressure in my chest had gone and only returned if I took that particular gem stone off…it was the Blue Sapphire.  I wore this one for about 4 years…I no longer have the pains in my chest.  I also wore the Pink Tourmalinefor about 8 years as I had discomfort in my spleen area…this has now gone. Both my daughters were conceived and born in a large Bed Pyramid with the first child taking 1 and a half hours and the second about 10 to 15 minutes from first contraction to birth.  I had very little pain and no medication or complications.   I wore a Receptor through both pregnancies and the births and slept in the pyramid throughout the pregnancies. I took Dr. Bells vitamins throughout both pregnancies…including before and after and have continued to take them to this day.   I weight trained throughout both pregnancies, walked a great deal and played a large part in running a business.  I had no cravings throughout either pregnancies and didn’t have morning sickness.  I put on 12 pounds with my first child and 15 with my second with no medication or complications at the either birth and no stretch marks.   I regained my figure within a couple of weeks after giving birth. I’ve worn all the various Pyramid Head Gear as I have needed them over the years and still do to this day.  The Pyradome I find helps with relieving head aches instead of taking pain killers as well as relaxing me if a bit stressed.   The Raydome is great for mental stimulation and concentration but I find even better than that and the most powerful one is the Powerdome, made of Titanium.  I was amazed at the quick response I got when I first wore one of those..I found I became focused on what was most important, rather than my thoughts jumping all over the place and was able to concentrate for much longer periods of time than I would normally with out my thoughts drifting to something else.   I’m a great fan of the Powerdome." -Rose Holmes, United Kingdom

"My twin sister and I live in the Ocala National Forest in central Florida, we observe chemtrails in the sky daily. I have an eight foot portamid pyramid over my bed, and a five foot one over the table I sit at in my workshop. I purchased them over eight years ago, along with a super receptor, two head gear pyramids and read Dr. Bell’s books, “Death of Ignorance”, and “Rays of Truth”. I can’t imagine my life without these wonderful healing and detoxifying tools. Our friends and family love coming to visit us, they can feel the peaceful relaxing atmosphere created by the pyramids. Where ever I go I am seeing stressed out people, overly irritated drivers, totally unaware of the chem trail additives they are breathing in. This is just not the way the world is suppose to be. Sometimes I get comments about my pyramid sun hat I wear over my head gear pyramid, which gives me an opportunity to explain how it works and talk about Dr. Bell’s books. Dear family of Dr. Fred Bell, I want you to know how very courageous you are to carry on your father’s mission to put the truth out to a world that’s gotta get right. Or we may not be here much longer, at least, not as humans with human emotion." - Betty Harbison, USA


"I first heard about Dr. Bell and his products from a friend online, Rob Potter, through the portal 2012 comment blog. Potter wrote some fascinating posts, one of which was about Dr. Bell. So, first, I ordered the book, The Promise, and became even more fascinated! Next, I ordered the firedome head pyramid. I feel an immediate difference when I put it on. I can’t describe it; I just feel better, and more intuned. I wore it recently on a solo road trip of 500 miles, and the trip went so much smoother than usual; I was more calm and alert. Then I bought the nuclear receptor, the sterling silver three wave, which is  well worth the money. It gives me a huge feeling of calm, and with it, I can face my problems more directly. When I first started wearing it, I felt an immediate difference, that is, I felt much more loving out in public, and felt connected to everyone. Now, since I wear it all the time, I don’t feel much of a difference, however, with it, I have become a much more peaceful person.  Recently, I took it off for a day, and forgot I wasn’t wearing it, and I became pretty agitated about everything. Then, I realized I wasn’t wearing it, and put it back on! This is a beautiful piece, all silver, including the long thick chain, which places the medallion over my heart.  I do not understand the Pleaidian technology behind it, but you don’t have to understand it, for it to work!
I am also reading the book Rays of Light, Crystals of Truth. Unlike The Promise, which is an exciting account of Dr. Bell’s life as a high level scientist, and as a contactee, Rays of Light is a highly technical manual,  frankly a bit over my head, but still so very interesting.  I recommend it to all the scientific minds out there." - Marie Wasilik, USA


“I have worn a nuclear receptor (solid silver with gold bridge) for the past 4 years with great success.Having tried other EMF reducing pendants,I feel this is by far the best,and the only one that gives me a feeling of total protection from any negative input from the environment.Peace of mind has no price…,so it was worth many times!! I also feel healthier since starting wearing it, it might be because it helps to detoxify toxins.Thank you Pyradyne for making such great products available, and for contributing to the evolution of people’s lives.” - Luke Arzez, USA


"What I love about the Pyradyne Full Spectrum vitamins is that I can take them on an empty stomach. All other multi-vitamins and even other supplements will make me very nauseous within about 10 minutes. Not with yours. The other thing is that they feel “transparent” to my body – they just go in and do the job without a lot of stress on my system to metabolize them." - Kita Rael, USA


"The results are nothing less than incredible. my life has transformed. the technology has dovetailed nicely with the other modalities of personal growth i employ and i have found enhances them. there is no way to explain just how different your ability to live life is when put in touch with these tools for the now. thank u for carrying on this important work. look forward to the next developments. I feel so blessed to be in connection with the information and technology that has come through Fred Bell, and give great thanks to his family especially Megan Bell (whom I have found to be exceptionally warm and helpful), for continuing with his work and allowing us to purchase the products and inventions that have changed our lives.My husband and I have been working with a Firedome headgear pyramid, wearing it, placing it over crystals, and also creams and ointments that my husband makes – what a difference energetically it makes to our lives, I am looking forward to expanding our Fred Bell tool kit to enhance other areas of our lives and vibrations." - Randy Willey, USA

"We love our “Rays of truth – crystals of light” book too, it has been so useful for our continued learning in how we can help ourselves both physically, emotionally and mindfully and spiritually – and we take great comfort in being able to listen to the incredible archives available from the radio programs Fred Bell used to create. They have been a true inspiration for changing our behavior towards ourselves and each other, and how we can create a different path with the light/love intelligence that has come to us from being connected to this new information and technology.We also use the full spectrum vitamins and have been since last year, I have noticed a great difference in my health and demeanor. I used to get colds and flu quite badly and now I do not seem to have this problem, and I generally notice a sense of my skin and organs functioning with greater strength.I would recommend the service and products of Pyradne to anyone who has the intention of returning to their true self and full potential. Thank you so much Fred Bell, and all of you who collaborate at Pyradyne!" - Anna Fornachon, USA