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Design Your Own Receptor

You can have just one color gemstone—or you can Mix & Match!

Create one just for the few colors you need to get stronger in.

It's about Beauty — AND How It Functions!


The color of a gemstone is important:  It reflects a frequency.  
You need to figure out what frequencies you need the most right now (See Tests page).

Different COLOR gemstones have unique effects on the body.

Below are the main effects of the 7 colors on the human body.

These 7 colors are also in the rainbow and the color light spectrum that our human eyes can see.


Below is the Pyradyne Color Receptor Chart to see all colors, with their effects on the body.
Start by considering what you intuitively know you need most for your body and mind right now.  
Also think about what color or colors you are automatically drawn to like best.

THEN DO SOME OF THE TESTS on the Tests page to see if that matches what you think.


Then think about the FUNCTION

of the type of pendant Receptor you are choosing.  

Are you wanting to focus right now on reaching your goals?  
A Negotiator Receptor may be most appropriate.
On this piece there are 19 gemstone positions, with the largest in the center.
Be really creative in laying out a design for the gemstones on this pendant!  
You may want to raise your consciousness to a higher level
with more successful prayers or meditations.  
A Christos Cross quantum Receptor may be best for that.  
(Negotiator Receptor is also wonderful to use for meditating and spiritual clarity.)
Choose different colors of gemstones and decide how you'd like them to appear
in the 12 smaller gemstones and the 1 center gemstone on the
Christos Cross jewelry pendant.
Maybe Violet, White and Garnet are
good color choices.  Or White, Gold and Blue. 
Would you like to improve relationships, balance emotions,
integrate better with others one-on-one or in a group at home, work or play?
 A Quantum Heart Receptor is great for that.
Put the color gemstone you're weakest in in the center,
and 2 other gemstones in the 2 bottom positions,
or a 2nd and a 3rd color in the bottom positions.  
Now by just wearing the jewelry you can work on getting stronger
in all these colors (frequencies) at once! 



The Ank Receptor is good for resolving issues in the back of your mind,

from a past life, or trauma, or emotional experience.

Arrange a variety of colors in the 23 gemstone locations on this piece

and work on different frequencies at the same time!

CLICK HERE to see all color gemstones available for the Ank Receptor




Do you want to wear the Receptor all day long, wherever you go, whatever you do to get more energetic?  
Do you want one to wear just when you are meditating?  
Do you need one that focuses most on interacting your best with other people?
Perhaps you have one for regular daily use when making business deals,
and wear another to assist in spiritual awakening during private prayers or meditations.


Once you know the FUNCTION and the COLORS you need most,
design the layout of the different color gemstones on the parabolic pendant.
 Sketch it out on paper!  Which color do you need the most?  
Maybe place that in the center.  
Place other colors in the other positions in your design.
Create a good pattern that WORKS!
One customer described a piece they designed
as working "like an orchestra" of harmony!
(very similar to the 2nd Quantum Heart above on this page)



The Sterling Silver Super Receptor comes with these 7 colors of gemstones: 

Zircon, Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Aquamarine, Tanzanite


Corinthian Bronze with 24k Gold Plating Super Receptor comes with these 7 colors of gemstones:

  Zircon, Ruby, Pink Tourmaline, Emerald, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Amethyst







  When you've come up with your masterpiece design,

sketch it, take a photo and


Drag your photo into the text message box

and we'll send you a quote for your Custom Order, with a timeline for delivery. 



Yes, you may send a special request email to: requesting a  Custom Order for a 3-leg-wave Nuclear Receptor necklace.  Please specify if you’d prefer  a Sterling Silver Receptor or an 18k Solid Gold Receptor.  Also, what type of metal plating  you’d like on the Receptor—no plating for the Sterling Silver Receptor, no plating for an 18K  Solid Gold Receptor, OR add Platnum Plating to a Sterling Silver 3-leg-wave Receptor.   Please also specify which color of Gemstone you’d like. For reference, take a look at the  gemstones available for the Sterling Silver Receptor. We’ll respond with a Custom Quote and help you process your Custom Order.



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