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In 1975 PYRADYNE® was founded by Dr. Fred Bell, the inventor of the famed original patented Nuclear Receptor—the world's First Wearable Technology for Everyone™. He worked with NASA as an engineer and contributor, he was a quantum physicist, instrumentation expert, author, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, musician, and an internationally renowned speaker. 

PYRADYNE's products are based on ancient pyramid technology, modern quantum physics, quantum biology, and homeopathic and allopathic medicine. Its products appear in the jewelry market, the nutrition and supplements industry, and the book and music industries. PYRADYNE is especially noted for its completely unique, high-energy jewelry and other related devices, which were created to enhance human health and well-being. These exactingly calibrated and masterfully handcrafted pieces are based on the life-sustaining pattern of the Fibonacci Curve, designed to use the resonating power of pyramids to positively impact you. The Nuclear Receptor was designed to protect the human body from negative frequencies, radiation and toxins coming from a variety of sources, and to recharge the body's energy and clear the mind. The Receptor® has been a great asset to—and has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide—men, women, children, famous athletes, celebrities, scientists and many others.



PYRADYNE is an innovative company promoting enhanced health, energy and consciousness. We believe that paying more attention to the body creates a happier individual. Only a body fueled with the best materials can deliver ultimate performance. Our individual knowledge is directly linked to the degree of well-being the body and mind can achieve.


"We at Pyradyne strive to change global consciousness

and create a peaceful and harmonious place here on Earth."

—Dr. Fred Bell, Founder


About Dr. Fred Bell


Dr. Fred Bell was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on August 10, 1943.  Fred’s lineage was science-based and Fred’s father, Allan Bell, was a scientist who worked with the late Henry Ford, Senior. Allan Bell assisted in bringing the London Bridge from England to the middle of the Arizona desert and built a city around it, today called Havasu City.



Fred Bell in 9th grade


At age 14-15 Fred studied at the University of Michigan in the Randolph Laboratory (now demolished), where he was mentored by Dr. Donald L. Katz, a physicist brought to the United States of America from Germany after World War II as part of Operation Paperclip, who later won 24 national and international awards. While working for Dr. Katz in the Randolph Laboratory, Fred Bell worked on a magnetic disintegration project (later known as the Philadelphia Experiment), a high temperature fusion experiment, bubble project (later known as Cold Fusion), and shockwave experimentation that led to the classification of high altitude nuclear blasts, nuclear explosions over water, underground nuclear blasts, and nuclear explosions at ground level. One included the latter part of the Manhattan Project (in the late 1950s).

In addition, Fred Bell worked with the University of Michigan's Cyclotron, doing experiments with the bombardment of nuclear particles and their collisions involving reverse time—as observed in a Wilson Cloud Chamber.  As a result of this, Dr. Bell built the world’s first time machine, called the T-1 Time Travel Transposer, that allows time travel into the future, in increments of microseconds.  

At age 16 and younger, Fred went by the name "Bill", short for his middle name, William.

In 1960 Fred enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, where he worked on highly classified projects including early warning radar defense systems. The sister SAGE site to Dr. Bell’s was later known as “Montauk”. 

Dr Fred Bell Air Force Discharge
Air Force Dischage Papers 

Fred was one of the first to bring public awareness of the famed DDS Form 332, which was used by the U.S. military to report to higher command about any unidentified aircraft activities (unidentified flying objects). Once such a report was processed in a strategic air command center (SAC), a computerized profile was run on the sighting and a determination was made whether to scramble fighter aircraft for international defense.

Ship Dr Fred Bell
One of many from Dr Bells Library of UFO Photos
UFO Dr Fred Bell
Taken from Freds Corvette While Driving 

Fred Bell at age 18 when he worked in the private defense sector
Image captured next to Dr. Fred Bells corvette at Crystal Cover in Laguna Beach
Image captured next to Dr. Fred Bells corvette at Crystal Cover in Laguna Beach 
At 18 Fred worked in the private defense sector with companies such as North American Aviation, Autonetic, and Rocketdyne, on projects such as Star Wars (military version), laser development, Saturn Rocket second stage development, the Eyelass Project (a subdivision of Star Wars where a laser beam is fired to Earth from satellites), submarine and missile guidance systems, and finally, the lunar lander project known as the Apollo missions.
Fred Bell 887

Scott Crossfield - November 23, 1953
Scott Crossfield at launch of Space Ship One (photo by D Ramey Logan)




Fred Bell with his early spaceship engine concept design


This was later illustrated in more detail in his book, Rays of Truth—Crystals of Light, page 476.


In 1967 Fred left his NASA-related position and worked in the private sector for 7-8 years, consulting companies, government agencies, defense contractors, chemical companies, hospitals, schools, colleges and mental institutions, on topics such as: computer science, biological science, medical science, environmental testing, quality control, weaponry, aircraft research, advanced propulsion technologies, and a variety of other technical issues. 

Dr Fred Bell Air Force
Government Employment Record

Next he left the defense sector, studied Eastern philosophy, and trained with Himalayan teachers. He became a practicing chiropractor and naturopath after receiving his Ph.D in Homeopathic Medicine. He began lecturing with the National Health Federation worldwide. He continued working as a scientist, studying quantum mechanics, quantum physics and quantum biology. Knowing about technologies and corporate and government actions that are detrimental to the human body, Dr. Bell began looking at ways to protect human beings. 


For this reason in 1975 Dr. Fred Bell founded his company, Pyradyne.  He invented and patented the famed first wearable original Nuclear Receptor seen below—a miniature satellite dish worn as a pendant on a necklace. The Nuclear Receptor utilizes technologies derived from shape energy research, crystal, gem and filter technology, MASER (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) technology, LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) technology, homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences, Tibetan acupuncture and Pleiadian science—and in the Receptor package itself, NASA Cassegrain technology, complete with orgone plating on the Receptor surface.





The Nuclear Receptor is a scalar wave-generating device designed to protect the human body from negative frequencies, radiation and toxins coming from a variety of outside and inside sources, and to recharge the body’s energy. Over decades Pyradyne evolved its products.



The Super Receptor (a later slight evolution of the Nuclear Receptor design) allows the wearer to interchange the gemstone worn, so color frequency by color frequency, the energy level of the body is balanced and increased to higher frequencies. These Receptors re-wind the DNA, helping to fight the aging process.  The Receptor has been a great asset to and has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide—including famous athletes, celebrities and scientists. The Super Receptor is shown here:






Plasma Energy Appearing in Dr. Bell's Pyradyne Systems at 
Dr. Bell's Laguna Beach home.  A Laser light show!



Pyradyne Systems in Dr. Bell’s home




Dr. Bell's inventions are used worldwide.  Some of his clients include the Dalai Lama, T.M. of America, Andrew Young, Ray Bradbury, Mohammed Ali, Ken Norton, James Brown, George Winston and many holistic institutions worldwide.

Pictured: James Brown 

As Dr. Bell discovered even more damage was being done to Earth and to human beings through newer technologies being developed, he became an environmentalist and a political activist.  He worked worldwide with programs that addressed properly conducting school systems, autistic children, and problems that affect the growth and development of the young people in society. 

Dr. Bell spent 20 years with the National Health Federation in the United States, an organization that promotes an individual’s freedom to choose the type of healthcare, vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements that work best for him or her.  In addition, he brought attention to various forms of world attrition, and promoted the formation of many oceanic and rainforest protection projects.

Fred became a prolific author, writing several books on how to protect human beings and how to stop kids from doing shootings at schools. He includes details about how the body works and is affected by food, vitamins, toxins, poisons and all types of frequencies, which devices can be used to protect against these detrimental forces, how consciousness works, where it comes from, and how it gets elevated.


See his entire collection of books and ebooks and Operation Manual HERE!


He also warned about the bad influences of new technologies and about a variety of different corporate and governmental actions being taken against humans and the planet itself.  He spoke weekly on Coast to Coast A.M. radio, on BBS Radio and VeritasRadio, as well as frequenting many TV shows.  

Dr. Fred Bell wrote several books and has been the subject in several others.



The Promise (authored with Brad Steiger) - now also an ebook. (2018)

Death of Ignorance - now also an ebook, too (2018)

Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light (now also an ebook coming out soon)

The Inside Track - published in 2009; new updated edition in 2018 (color drawings and additional info) -  now also an ebook, too (2018)

The Inside Track ebook - published in 2018 and based on The Inside Track 2018 new paperback  book—with color drawings and additional updates and info.

The Receptor & Holographic Projector Manual & Care Guide - new updated edition in 2018. Also available in Digital and Text-Readable formats (2018).


Dr. Fred Bell was loved by many and an internationally renowned speaker, discussing a range of topics from the secret space program, weather warfare, bio warfare, martial law, virus manufacturing, and how to rejuvenate the human body through proper vitamins and trace and base minerals supplementation while using Pyradyne’s advanced bio devices to live a balanced life. In his spare time Dr. Bell very much enjoyed his beloved exotic birds, which, at one time, he owned eight!  





In 2011 Dr. Fred Bell appeared on Jesse Ventura's TRU TV show, Conspiracy Theories. 


Dr. Fred Bell with Jesse Ventura after appearing on TRU TV's Conspiracy Theories in 2011



In September, 2011, at age 68, Dr. Fred Bell took a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota where he appeared in an interview with Jesse Ventura on TRU TV. Dr. Bell died at the hotel where he was staying at that time. It was a great shock to all in Dr. Bell's life, and also somewhat of a mystery to some people. Speculation quickly grew on online forums as to whether it was a conspiracy, or in fact that it was actually true that he had died. Dr. Bell's daughter, Megan Bell, brought him back to his home State of California for a closed, personal funeral service. This was held at an old favorite place of Dr. Bell's, Aliso Creek Inn, in Laguna Beach, California, a venue where Dr. Bell had held many seminars. Set back on the beach and on beautiful grounds, it was a peaceful and beautiful service where Dr. Bell's energy was very much felt.  Dr. Fred Bell is greatly missed.


Dr. Fred Bell, Ph.D.
Born:  August 10, 1943 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Died:  September, 2011, age 68




PYRADYNE continues to honor Dr. Bells legacy by expanding the awareness and adoption of the patented Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector, developing new related products with the purpose of improving people's quality of life and raising their vibrational state, and promoting advanced health supplementation products such as Pyradyne's Full Spectrum Vitamins and Pyralyte trace and base minerals. is the only place you can purchase authorized and original products created by Dr. Fred Bell. 

PYRADYNE's products focus on harmonizing the body through proper supplementation, while using PYRADYNE's advanced bio devices to live a balanced life. 


You may also hear Radio Shows and Videos of Dr. Fred Bell speaking on many topics, by CLICKING THIS LINK. 


Listen to hundreds of free archives of Dr. Fred Bell's radio shows—everything from lectures and seminars about health, cellular science and quantum physics, to BBS and Coast to Coast Radio interviews on his work with NASA, government coverups, Pyradyne technologies and much more!


Watch The History of Dr. Fred Bell 1996 below

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