Minerals vs Drugs


"Our society is currently taking mood elevating drugs due to depression from pollution. Our Trace Mineral formula PyraLyte, contains a perfect combination of proper nutrients and trace minerals that ensures enhanced mood and positive emergence."

- Dr. Fred Bell, PhD.




Dr. Bell says: Just remember this if you wish to appreciate the importance of minerals: When you finally pass on to the higher existence, your body returns to the earth. The mineral kingdom acts as a neurotransmitter, not only to the DNA helix in man, but also to the DNA helix equivalent in all things composed of matter on the material plane.


The akashic records, the history of all actions of man, nature and the true functioning of all things that have been in the past, are registered in the mineral kingdom. Through practices of exercise and meditation, coupled with proper nutrition, it is possible to know all things spontaneously as you live a life of self-respect. Minerals are also responsible for the proper switching speeds of synaptic vessels located in the receptor/effector sites in the brain of any animal, including humans, that have any sort of brain. This is true even in the basic cell, in the center of all cells is a portion called the nuclear membrane which specifically guides all actions of growth and reproduction within the cell itself. Our soils have long been stripped of there mineral content and, once removed, it literally takes centuries to replenish and restore a fine natural mineral balance.  Vegetables and plants can only contain minerals when they are present in the soil. This is natures way of chelating minerals.

Essential Health Supplements


We harvest our minerals and grow plants in our specially enriched soils and we harvest those plants, then put those plants into vitamins themselves. The proper amount of mineral supplementation is very necessary. Those of you who are going into any kind of life extension or consciousness raising will need to accentuate heavily on trace minerals as they have a reversing affect on the de-spiraling of the DNA.


Pyralyte - formally known as Pyraloe 


Pyradyne Pyralyte Trace Minerals

Trace mineral usage in America began in 1920, when Paiute Indians in central Utah introduced an ailing rancher, suffering with arthritis and malnutrition to a spring containing over 90 Trace Minerals. The surrounding soil, called leonardite, enriched the precious waters with minerals from a 2000 year old rain forest. In a very short time he was healthier than he had ever been before.


Colloidal minerals are created by plant root systems converting metallic organic minerals, into colloidal minerals, this process renders the mineral 100% digestible. Today’s soil is 85% depleted of these life-giving elements, allowing only 16 or fewer minerals to be present in our foods. Without trace and normal minerals, the body can’t absorb any life-giving nutrition. Pyralyte’s minerals are 100% assimilable with no toxic lead or aluminum.


Pyradyne has recently transformed Pyralyte, previously know as Pyraloe, from a liquid into a powdered formula, containing no preservatives or stabilizers and is completely GMO free, as well as Vegan and Vegetarian.


All of the Minerals included in our Pyralyte Formula



Benefits of PyraLyte include increased energy, antioxidant support for oxidative stress using vitamin E and milk thistle, supports bone health from several sources including bamboo, vitamin D3 and calcium, increased absorption, cell integrity, kidney health, brain health, and better circulation.

Pyralyte also contains Chromium, to help support blood sugar, and over 78 rare earth minerals from ancient plant life, including horsetail equisidium and Excelorite plant minerals. We also have Ginseng and Fo Ti (Ho Shu Wu) that increase brain activity and reduce free radical damage from radiation, food preservatives and pesticides.


CLICK HERE to listen to Dr. Bell explaining the importance of Trace Minerals!


Full Spectrum Multivitamin “3rd Generation”

Over 20 years ago Dr. Fred Bell collaborated with Master Formulator John Anderson to produce The Full Spectrum vitamins. As science and technology have progressed, the Bell family have collaborated once more with this master formulator to produce one of the most powerful supplements on the market today. Dr. Bells Full Spectrum vitamin formula is designed to strengthen the immune system. Its an all natural organic formula with a vegetarian capsule that can be taken on an empty stomach. Containing no sucrose, dextrose, artificial flavors, starch, preservatives, yeast, wheat corn or milk products.


The newly enhanced 3rd generation Full Spectrum formula has over 90 plant and herb ingredients, and promotes; enhanced absorption, balanced synergy, oxidative stress support, anti-inflammatory support, world renowned botanicals sourced from the best growers, enhanced DNA and RNA support and Immune system support. For optimal results, take with the Pyralyte mineral drink.

Shou Wu Chih

Shou Wu Chih is one of the most popular liquid tonic preparations for both men and women. It warms and invigorates the blood, nourishes the liver, and kidneys and benefits the eyes. The prepared Shou Wu strengthens the bones and tendons. The Chinese consider it to be a longevity and sexual tonic herb that replenishes Qi, and the vital essence that is lost in sexual indulgence. It is a crucial herb to the blood, and research has shown that it decreases cholesterol levels and also improves energy levels. It enhances the psychic network of the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to actually feel the inside workings of all the Pyradyne Systems and Nuclear Receptors.

Shou Wu Chih contains large amounts of Fo-ti, a root which has a tremendous effect of removing radiation from the body in conjunction with the Nuclear Receptor. Recommended to use with the PyraLyte formula.

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