What Is The Difference Between the Alloy and Sterling Silver Receptors?

The Alloy Receptor’s are made as one piece, so the production time is faster. The Alloy are made using very specific mixed metals consisting of Bronze, Silver, Gold and 0.2 zinc, for accurate function of the Receptor, the metal is very important. Each piece is then plated in 24k Gold.  Remember, the purer the metal, the higher the vibratory level and the more intense the Receptor can be felt. The Sterling Silver are handmade in 3 parts and production time on each piece is longer because of this process. Once the piece is made, the stones are set and it is then shined and polished. We use natural 6-6.5mm gemstones in the Sterling Silver Receptor’s also, about 1 carat. Each mold is patented and copyrighted to prevent theft or reproduction.

What Is The Difference Between The 3 And 4 Leg Wave Receptors?

The 4 Leg Wave is masculine energy, and the 3 Leg Wave is feminine energy. You do not necessarily have to wear a 4 Leg if you are male, or 3 Leg if you are female, these are designed to balance out the energy within you. When muscle testing for your gemstone, you can also do the same test to ask if you need a 4 Leg or a 3 Leg Wave. Sadly we only make the Alloy in the 4 Leg Wave.

Does The Chain On The Nuclear Receptor Need To Be A Certain Length, Can I wear my own?

Yes, Dr. Bell designed the device to be around the sacrum, advising the chain to be between 27″ and 31″. Many people wear ropes if they do not like have metal on their necks.

How Do I Keep My Nuclear Receptor Clean?

It is very important to keep your device clean, as toxins build up very quickly within the Receptor, often times causing black spots in the dish or on the back of the Receptor. This is very normal and even though it is jewelry, it is a working and functioning device which tarnishes faster than your usually jewelry. Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient ways of getting the Receptor looking brand new again. An ultrasonic cleaner will do a great job also.

What Can I Expect With The Detoxification Process?

Each person is different from the next, and have treated their bodies very differently also. So the detox process can vary from person to person, some people experience headaches, mild depression, sluggishness. Most people experiences tiredness within the first few days, but the detox process can last several weeks so be prepared to drink lots of water and stick with it until you start to feel better. You have years and years of toxins within your body, that will not clear out over night. Some people will feel great immediately after they start wearing the Receptor, the longer you wear the device, the better you will feel.

Where Can I hear More From Dr. Fred Bell?

Pyradyne Radio: https://hearthis.at/pyradyne/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/drfredbell

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zwiloe

What About The X1 Healing Machine?

Sadly Dr. Fred Bell passed away before the X1 had begun production. It may be produced in the future, and we will update everyone if and when we do.


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