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What Is The Difference Between the Alloy 24k Gold Plated / Platinum Plated Receptors and Sterling Silver Receptors?

The type of metal used in the Nuclear Receptor is very important. Although our lower vibrational Alloy Receptors work very well and utilize the correct shape design, they use cadmium zinc in their molecular structure and can only absorb a minimal amount of radiation. The sterling silver Nuclear Receptor utilizes a tetrahedral molecular structure of silver and can absorb a lot more radiation than the Alloy metal version, because of this we recommend that you rinse the sterling silver Nuclear Receptor everyday.

Dr. Fred Bell recommended that the sterling silver Receptor was the best metal to utilize, it is slightly more intense than a solid gold Nuclear Receptor which may have more energy because of the gold octahedron molecule, but the gold molecule is softer and more subtle in its vibration. The gold does not have the intensity of the silver, but has more of a healing balance and a deeper power to it. 

"Healing is the balance of the bodies cell structure, organ structure and overall architecture on the mental, physical and spiritual levels. The Nuclear Receptor balances the physical body and a little bit of the astral body. So when you put the body into balance, it heals itself. Nothing can heal you externally you have to heal yourself, one of the reasons why we don't make medical claims"  
-Dr. Fred Bell, PhD. 



-Purer metal, higher vibratory frequency absorbing more radiation

-Sterling silver is a stimulator, utilizing the tetrahedral molecular structure

-Ability to change out gemstones multiple times

-Lifetime investment

-Easy to clean

-Handmade to order

-Add 24k Gold Plating or Platinum plating at no extra cost (please select above when ordering)

The Alloy Receptor’s are made as one piece, so the production time is faster. The Alloy are made using very specific mixed metals consisting of Bronze, Silver, Gold and 0.2 zinc, for accurate function of the Receptor, the metal is very important. Each piece is then plated in 24k Gold.  Remember, the purer the metal, the higher the vibratory level and the more intense the Receptor can be felt. The Sterling Silver are handmade in 3 parts and production time on each piece is longer because of this process. Once the piece is made, the stones are set and it is then shined and polished. Each design is patented and copyrighted to prevent theft or reproduction.


Will My Body Detoxify After Wearing The Nuclear Receptor? What Do Those Detoxification Symptoms Include?

Most likely you will experience some form of detoxification within your body and may feel "different". This experience can vary from person to person due to many varying factors such as; lifestyle, stress, diet, career, relationship and where you live, all of these aspects have an affect on you mentally and physically. 

The most common symptoms that people may experience are headaches, hot flashes, depletion of energy, or excessive energy. If you detox and experience excessive energy this is called an adrenal depletion, this can happen if you get a Receptor or stone which is too intense for your body such as diamond stone or platinum metal vibration. It could burn out your adrenals which is quite common. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, take off your Nuclear Receptor and drink water. Once you start to feel better you can put your Receptor back on. Repeat until the detoxification process has completed and you no longer experience this. 


Does My Chain On The Nuclear Receptor Need To Be A Certain Length, Can I wear my own?

The Receptor needs to always be worn around the neck on a 28" - 30" chain because that is the frequency of the DNA. A small female could wear a 27" chain and a taller male with a larger neck could wear a 30" chain. Many people choose to wear rope chains if they do not like have metal on their necks.


Does The Nuclear Receptor Have The Same Affect If I Have It In My Pocket?

No. The Nuclear Receptor needs to be polarized when it's worn. The Nuclear Receptor is polarized by the way it is worn, hanging around the neck. 



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    What Is The Difference Between The 3 And 4 Leg Wave design Receptors?

    The 4 Leg Wave is masculine energy, and the 3 Leg Wave is feminine energy. You do not necessarily have to wear a 4 Leg if you are male, or 3 Leg if you are female, these are designed to polarize male/female energy imbalances within the body. We also use kinesiology to determine this for you, as well as your gemstone.




    How Do I Keep My Nuclear Receptor Clean?

    It is very important to keep your device clean, as toxins build up very quickly within the Receptor, often times causing black spots in the dish or on the back of the Receptor. This is very normal and even though it is jewelry, it is a working and functioning device which tarnishes faster than your usually jewelry. Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient ways of getting the Receptor looking brand new again. An ultrasonic cleaner will do a great job also.


    Where Can I hear More From Dr. Fred Bell?

    Pyradyne Radio:




    What About The X1 Healing Machine?

    Sadly Dr. Fred Bell passed away before the X1 had begun production. It may be produced in the future, if you wish to receive Pyradyne updates please join our mailing list by filling out the Contact Form.

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