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Pets Love Pyramids

Although Pyradyne's headgear and other pyramids were originally designed for human use, pets have discovered how great they are, too!
They can wander inside and just fall asleep from that centering, balancing pyramid shape energy inside that space . . .




their little bodies re-energizing, as they sleep deeply.



Or they can get a sudden realization of a positive energetic field around them and get pleasantly surprised!  Not willing to take it off!



They can also sleep under the giant Bed Portamid—for those who love sleeping with their pets—and also get the benefit of a whole night's sleep under the calming and energizing pyramid shape.  





So after you've used your FiredomePowerdome or Pyradome pyramid to re-charge your Pyradyne jewelry devices, preserve your Full Spectrum Vitamins and Pyralyte trace minerals, and have worn the headgear pyramid for a while to energize your body and get rid of bad frequencies—don't forget your pets!  They'd love to get inside it, too!


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