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Preserve Fruit, Vegetables & More in a Pyramid

Get a Vitamid pyramid to help keep your fruits and vegetables lasting longer!


Never throw away over-ripened fruit again!




Watch our experiments!

This is our PYRAMID EXPERIMENT in which we used the PYRADOME pyramid to help preserve fruits (you can do the same thing with the Vitamid)





The Powerdome pyramid by Pyradyne helped preserve Avocados for 1.5 weeks
in the hot California summer in a 2018 test!  
Usually avocados get ripe after just a few days in the
kitchen in hot California summers. See the review. 




You can also help preserve, purify and alkalize water and fruit juices inside these pyramids.


You can also preserve your Pyralyte trace minerals inside your pyramid!




If you do a test with one of your Pyradyne pyramids,

let us know how it went and if you'd like to share it with us.  

We may add it to this page so others can learn what you did—or add it to the Customer Experiences page.


We'd love to hear from you!





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