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"Don't ask how, just allow..."

-Megan Bell


Megan Bell Pyradyne

Pyradyne Living is not only about making great physical choices for your body, but shifting your mental mindset to create long lasting and sustaining change in your life.
My father, Dr. Fred Bell inspired me to not only continue on his legacy and life changing products, but to also make a difference emotionally and consciously to anyone and everyone that is willing. After all, EMOTION creates MOTION.
I am here to help you condition yourself to break old habits and lifestyle choices that do not serve you and bring forth these habits to a conscious level, and that is where the magic starts. Habits form the chain of who you become, taking simple steps every day can help dissolve these habits which may be holding you back. 
What excites you? Lets help you open up your own gifts and awaken them to inspire and motivate you to follow your true path - the path you were born to be on. This will not only change your life, but if done properly, can not only set you free financially but also help impact other peoples lives to do the same. Because after all, isn't that why we are all here?! To help each other...


And remember...

Energy Follows Thought   -Dr. Fred Bell


How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy! (And People)


I wanted to start 2018 with a video that is relatable and hopefully very beneficial! How to get rid of negative energy (and people) in your life and get 2018 off on the right foot! And stay on the right foot.

I invite you to take a look into your life for a moment of reflection and ask yourself the following questions:

-What am I watching? What am I listening to?

-What do my thoughts look like?

-What am I eating? Drinking?

-What do my relationships (family and friends too) look like?

-Am I anxious?

Maybe write them down. Journalling is a great way for reflection to open up for much needed change (and growth). By following the few simple steps in this video you may just spark something inside of you that you have been looking for.

Lastly, don't forget to ASK for what it is you want. And be specific down to the last detail. There is so much power in prayer.

I wish you all a blessed and abundant 2018! Don't forget to subscribe, more giveaways are coming soon! :) 


A Little On Frequencies + Who Won The Holographic Projector


Frequencies are all around us but you can't see them. How real are they? Can they be measured? And most importantly, are they harmful?



How To Master Manifestation

October 2nd 2017

Everyone wants to know one thing. How to create what they want in life. Well the question is are we doing the right things to achieve what we really want, and, is it in alignment with our core belief systems?! I am going to share with you in this video my real life manifestation experiences, both good and bad. Lets uncover a few mistakes made when trying to achieve what we really want from life and look at the fundamental foundation needed in order to not just dream, but reach our true goals. In life I believe we are here to serve others and in doing so I am here to serve you.

I am giving away a patented device called The Holographic Projector, worth almost $2,000. It was created by my late father Quantum Physicist and NASA Rocket Scientist, Dr. Fred Bell, PhD. He tragically passed away after filming a tv show with Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories, where he shared government experiences and his time with NASA.

(Giveaway ends October 20th 2017)


What Really Happened To Dr. Fred Bell?

 In 2011 I received news which changed my life forever... My father, Dr. Fred Bell, had suddenly passed away while filming a tv show for Jesse Ventura, Conspiracy Theories.

Despite so many theories about his death, the truth still remains a mystery. It's now been 6 years.

In this video I am sharing events with you which are factual only. You can make your own mind up about what really happened...

Sadly my sisters son Cameron passed away just 1 month after our father, aged 5 months old. It was a very hard time for everybody.

Thank you for watching, and thank you all for your love and support.




7 Day Challenge: The Mental Diet

Life can be challenging, but how much we challenge ourselves is a different story...

Habits form the chain of who you become, so lets make them conscious so we can kick them out of our lives for good!
But where do we start? Well its very simple... Lets start with a 7 DAY MENTAL DIET! For 7 days you cannot hold one single negative thought, emotion or feeling. DAY OR NIGHT!

Can you do it?

Before you get started, we want you to write down all of your habits; drinking, smoking, swearing, crying, being sad, shouting, getting angry, eating poorly. Whatever you do on a daily basis that you believe does not serve you, and bring those habits forward into your conscious state.

Then every day for 7 days you will start your day by taking out 10 minutes for yourself, at the BEGINNING of the day and follow these simple steps:

* Take ten minutes to breathe and do the following:

1) Say out loud 10 things that you are grateful for in your life (family, home, pets, relationships, work, whatever it is...) and give thanks, appreciate and acknowledgement to them.
2) Spend 3 Minutes saying a prayer for your friends/family/loved ones.
3) Then spend 3 minutes praying/asking for the things you wish to receive and achieve to accomplish in life (goals, dreams aspirations, no matter what they are or how impossible they may seem to you).

Now at some point during your day we want you to get PHYSICAL! Thats right, spend 30 minutes a day doing something active like exercising, walking, running, anything that gets the blood PUMPING around your body. Because guess what, EMOTION COMES FROM MOTION and studies have shown that by getting the blood flowing around your body it changes the bio-chemistry within you and alters the way you feel.

FEAR IS PHYSICAL! So lets get moving and start to eliminate it by working your mind and body together...



What Are Your Dreams?

How do you vision your life to be? What does your IDEAL day look like, do you know?

Our imagination is such a powerful tool that we should utilize to its fullest extent. As our founder, Dr. Fred Bell said "Energy Follows Thought" right? Every action you take in life, usually you thought about it first, and those that of you who didn't you probably wished you had.

At Pyradyne we believe that every single one of your dreams is possible, but first you must start with realizing your dreams, no matter how big! In fact, make them as amazing and outrageous as possible. Always strive to reach the top and set your bar high!

Once you have your dreams/goals set you know what your are working toward, and so you can start to believe in yourself that anything and everything is possible. This journey starts with you. Clear out your mind and body and fill it with goodness, this will make your journey a little easier. Remember the waves of life will always come but once you learn to surf, nothing feels impossible...

Create your daily habits and make them good ones, not bad ones, because habits form the chain of the person you are to become.

Then FOCUS...


Blind yourself to distractions and any negativity that exists in your life and maintain acute focus. Do what works for you!

Fail forwards, keep failing until it starts to happen less and less. Do not allow fear or anyone else - no matter who they are - to tell you your wrong or it won't work, or laugh at you when you fail and say I told you so... Just keep going, belief in oneself is something we all posses and no one can take that away from us. If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will...

Now are you ready? GO! 

The Mental Diet Results! - How did you do?

Today we are sharing the incredible results of Alfredo Rios! This man is very inspiring and in case your wondering which of the Pyradyne tools he is utilizing in his life, here they are click on them for more information:

The Receptor

The Pyradome

The Holographic Projector


Take Action Toward Success - What story do you tell yourself?

Whether or not you believe this, you actually tell yourself a story every day about yourself and your life... That includes your purpose, level of success and the things that work or don't work for you.

Let me explain... Our life experiences have led us to the space we currently live in today, and most of us have done this unconsciously through habits and repetitive cycles of behavior patterns learned at a very early age, or through negative and traumatizing experiences. But guess what?! You can change this... The world only teaches us what is bad, and not what is beautiful. I want to change that for you and I know that is possible! Lets focus on the beautiful and bring it into our conscious reality! 

"When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen..."

For the longest time in my life I supplemented pain for pain, unconsciously. So when I experienced pain in my life I would then go out and inflict pain to myself - usually spiritual pain - which is the worst kind of pain that a person can endure. These patterns and cycles have now been broken and I have brought them to my conscious reality so that they do not pass down to the next generation... Now I feel FREE! Free to conquer the world, to love and be loved, to achieve the highest form of success and my self-belief is INDESTRUCTIBLE!

It was my duty to ensure I do this for the sake of the future of humanity. You might think that sounds a little extreme, but let me tell you... Habits form the chain of who you become, and when we reproduce and bring life into this world - that child LOVES and ADORES you and looks to you for EVERYTHING. They will adopt those same habits and form their own cycle of pain which will limit them in their lifetime. 

But that is not the only reason... Your neighbor/friend/spouse may be crying out for help in ways that you cannot recognize right now, yet your own experiences may be just what they need to heal them and know that they are not alone. Our life experiences do not happen TO US they happen FOR US because we are strong enough to endure them, live through them and continue on with life. So you see it is our duty to form healthy habits...

Part of the reason I started Pyradyne Living: Secrets To Success, was so that I can personally help develop those people who have the ability to help heal others because I cannot stand to see humans suffering, especially knowing there is another way for them and it exists on the other side of fear. 



Depression - The Demon That Abducts Your Soul 

Truth is the most valuable thing on this planet and we CRAVE it as human beings, mainly because the truth will set you free and that's a price we would all be willing to pay...

Who here has ever suffered from depression? If so, then this video is for you! I am sharing with you some intimate details of my experiences with depression and how I have defeated it.

Get ready to go deep because I am not surface level kind of person...




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