Pyradyne Systems

The Ion-Shower

Due to various kinds of stress and environmental pollution, the electromagnetic field of man is mostly not in balance. Harmony is the main reason for well-being on a physical, mental and spiritual level. A nice energy revitalisation under the Ion-Shower, enhances and restores the balance on multi-levels.

The Ion-Shower consists of the Solar Orb combined with Crystal Energy (Quartz), Nuclear Discs, and a very powerful Ionizer, especially designed for it. Thus a special piezo-electric field is generated which is directed downwards towards the person below. The intensity of the Ion-Shower is often amazing for sceptics, as only a few seconds are enough to sense the refreshing and energizing effect.

People using the Ion-Shower reported that only after a few minutes of standing underneath, they got a strong feeling of relaxation, and energy, which started from the head and went gradually down the whole body.

The Ion-Shower can – like the Solar Orb – be used in the office, meditation room or for supporting a therapy effectively.

The FireStar Orb

The amazing FireStar Orb was first demonstrated in 1980 in Aspen, Colorado, and the results made headlines of the local Aspen newspaper due to the fact that half the town saw the UFO’s that came into the beam of the FireStar over Pyramid Peak, in the Blue Mountains. Dr. Bell then presented a sellout seminar at the famous Pepke Auditorium, and was also a guest on KSPN Radio several times.

The FireStar Orb works on a principle of subtle vibration that occurs in Spring and causes bees to be attracted to pollinate flowers. This principle is called etheric transmission and is constant in space and not seasonal as it is here on earth. When used terrestrially, it sends a beacon-like signal deep into space where is can be received by and homed in by space travellers and guides. It is not recommended for city use, the more remote an area, this unit is untilized in the better the results.

NASA has developed very sophisticated radio telescopes that cost thousands of dollars more, and these have demonstrated a tenth of one percent of the results of the FireStar Orb. For maximum results, we recommend the use of 4 gemstones and a 7 milliwatt red laser with this system.

The Micro Star Orb

This is a smaller version of the Fire Star, easier for transportation and traveling with.

The Star Orb & DevaStar Orb

Unlike the other Orbs, the Star Orb and the DevaStar Orb cannot be modulated. This is because we use stainless steel circuitry in their core network. The properties of stainless steel is of such a nature that is tends to dampen stray energy vibrations. This means that sound such as noisy mufflers, street noise, and other acoustical annoyances can be neutralized when combined with Pyramidical forms such as the ones in the design of the Star Orb and DevaStar Orb. Random and negative psychic energy also can be neutralized. This type of equipment is in use by different government agencies worldwide.

The Star Orb offsets effects of ELF, extremely low frequency, and other forms of 60-cycle radiation. It is an excellent device to install in your home to neutralize harmful frequencies from micro-waves, electrical appliances, computers and outside power lines.

The Star Orb is a series of six pyramids forming  a star structure. Stainless steel ground wires focus energies coming into the Starr Orb to one point, and that one point feeds a wire that you can affix to a water pipe or run outside your window and down into a metal steak in the ground. Place the steak firmly into the ground. Any time you work with Scaler energies, you’re going to attract some apposing energy forces. This opposite force has to be directed back into the earth to be rendered harmless and make it harmonious for us. You can hear more from Dr. Bell talking about the Star orb by CLICKING HERE.

The DevaStar Orb is used in large buildings such as high rises, department stores, or auditoriums where hundreds and even thousands of people are subtly affected by the DevaStar Orb to help them achieve a more harmonious state of being. The DevaStarr is used for large or multiple room application.

The Irradiator

  • Control consciousness in dream state and astral projection
  • Balance the subtle energy fields at your sleeping place
  • Learning with your conscious mind
  • Programming of the energy pattern with pictures, affirmation or wishes

The Irradiator works much like a laser in which the energy is raised to a high velocity and projected out of the base in one direction. In the Irradiator, we feed processed energy from one of the Orb bases, step it up, focus it into a vertical beam and project it outward in a very tight pattern. One of the secrets about the projection of fohatic force over a vast distance via pyramidical structure, lies in grounding the apex of the pyramid with the feed wire coming up from the Mega Orb column which is placed at the base of the Irradiator column.

In the case of a complete Irradiator system, we place a gemstone or series of stones into the Mega Orb transmission cavity. Then the cavity is excited by the raising o the electron rings in the gemstone by the addition of negative ions (electrons). The rate of transmission is determined by the frequency of the stone used. The human instrument responds to seven different octaves of sound, light and color.



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