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Clinical testing has revealed that undesirable positive ions are becoming more abundant in our air, a detriment to all forms of life. Positive ions cause feelings of depression and eventually sickness. Negative ions cause a feeling or sense of well being because of the beneficial effect on the body. Positive ions are plentiful in polluted air and smog, whereas negative ions are abundant after heavy rainfall or near a waterfall. The air we breathe has been found to contain approximately 2000 positive ions per cubic centimeters and 1000 negative ions respectively. 
We at Pyradyne are aware of the problems of pollution in our air supply and have developed The Firedome. We use a layer of pure 24K gold and copper, which when energized by Pyramid energy, yields the negative ion effect, greatly offsetting the poor feelings caused by bad air. According to your energy output, The Firedome will change color directly relating to the color of your aura. 
Using muscle reflex testing developed by Dr. John Thie of Pasadena and administered by Dr. Gary Couture of Newport Beach, CA, we have proven that The Firedome supplies energy to the body. 
* Orgone Layer - The effect of amplifying energy through combined layers of dissimilar materials, in this case nickel, steel, gold and copper, to produce high energy output. This was documented through experiments conducted from 1934 to 1936 at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Oslo but Wilhelm Reich. Similar processes are used in modern technology today in the production of transistors, integrated circuits and other multilayered devices. 







It got its first real push into modern society in the 1920s, when Karl Derbal of Czechoslovakia, received a patent for the pyramids used as a razor blade sharpener.

Then another development occurred in the 1940s to 1950s, when Wilhelm Reich discovered the Orgone effect which, when applied to pyramid technologies, greatly enhanced the multipurpose healing and detoxification effect of pyramids.

We all understand that pyramids are something special. We see pyramids many times as a shape that is integrated in architectural designs, yet what purpose do they have? 


How can we use them?

We can wear them on our heads and to improve a lot of different things in the home.  We can even sleep in them.





 When Pyradyne makes pyramids for applications for the human body, we use alternate layers of gold, copper and silver, which are “active” metals, within layers of nickel, which are “passive” in nature.

The semiconductor industry uses a similar technology in its applications of “substrate layering” of transistors and integrated circuits, the devices that provide the “pulse” of our modern screens, radios, computers and other electronic devices.


This speeds up the Bio-Plasmic life force (Qi or "chi "energy) which is the essence of pyramid power. 


Extracts taken from the book Rays of Truth—Crystals of Light by Dr. Fred Bell


A form of aura photography exists today that shows us directly how our life forces are progressing. In the mid-1970s Dr. Bell discovered when exposing the human body to a pyramid that it would increase our energy and vitality. How?


Pyramids help counteract negative energies and radio frequencies.


All great pyramids (from Egypt or elsewhere) amplify energy by being aligned to magnetic north.

All pyramid systems developed by Dr. Bell are Orgone plated. This plating process has alternating layers of active and passive metals. The utilization of precious metals, such as gold, has octahedral molecular shapes (like the drawing below); therefore, these pyramids do not have to be physically aligned to magnetic North.


When a pyramid is placed over something alive,

the pyramid keeps it vibrating at its normal rate.


When Pyradyne started using pyramids in 1974, a science kit was sold.  People could buy two solutions of brine shrimp in the kit that came with a wooden pyramid, a compass and a little solution bin.  They’d grow the shrimp eggs at home—putting one group of eggs under the pyramid, which had been aligned to magnetic true North, and the other control group of shrimp eggs 10 feet or more away from the first group.  After about 6-8 weeks, the control group placed away from the pyramid died.  Brine shrimp are very similar to the human single cell.  The brine shrimp kept under the pyramid would live for one or two years!



Because Pyramids help harmonize the effect of negative energies of radio and other frequencies.


When WLW station first went on the air in Cincinnati, Ohio, they had 500,000 watts of power! That destroyed all the vegetation around the transmitter and everybody there got sick. In 1929 the FCC stepped in and made its first ruling against American broadcasters by determining that the maximum transmitter power would be 50,000 watts. That should give you an idea of how potentially dangerous radio and other frequency emissions can be.


Pyramids are very useful.

Here are just a few things they do:


1. If you put a glass of grapefruit or orange juice under the pyramid, it will change the taste from bitter to sweet.


2. You can defrost vegetables under a pyramid to bring the taste back.


3. You can tenderize meat under a pyramid by defrosting it while it’s inside the pyramid.  Or, if already defrosted, put the meat under it for 20 minutes before you serve it to tenderize it.


4. If you put milk under a pyramid—after 1 or 2 weeks it turns to yogurt or cheese without getting rotten or smelling bad.  This is because the pyramid allows the friendly bacteria to work with the milk while eliminating unfriendly bacteria!  Pyramids also crystalize honey.


5. Keep a pyramid over your vitamins or your trace minerals or other natural herb products to maintain their full potency longer.  You can also extend the life of your Pyralyte trace minerals by keeping them under it.


6. A lot of people water their plants with “pyramid water”.  Put four 1-quart bottles of water under Pyradyne’s 12-inch Vitamid overnight. In the morning you can water your plants with it.  It keeps the mealy bugs off the plant. You can also use a pyramid over a water container or dispenser to help alkalize the water.


7. Preserve a bouquet of flowers by hanging it upside-down inside the pyramid for 2 weeks.  All sap and resins will go down into the flower, preserving its original luster. The pyramid lets the flower dry out without interference of bacteria, which would normally decay it and shrink it. Then put the flowers right side up, spray them with some lacquer, and enjoy them for a very long time!


8. Any liquid you place under the Pyradyne pyramids will be alkalized—become less acidic, which is better for your health. Too much acidity in the body is what leads to sickness.


9. Pets love sleeping inside the small pyramids—because it rebalances their energy.



10. You can re-charge your Pyradyne Receptor necklace and your Pyradyne Holographic Projector necklace inside of one of the orgone-plated pyramids each night, overnight. The pyramids themselves never need to be plugged in or re-charged, since they use universal energy!


11. Preserve your Fruits and Vegetables longer in Pyradyne's pyramids, too! Never throw away overripe fruit again.  Watch the video at the bottom of this web page on the Experiment we did.




12. Wearing a Pyradyne headgear pyramid can help your body assimilate your vitamins better—sometimes up to 500% better—which Dr. Fred Bell actually tested earlier!  This means that if you took, say, Vitamin C, it would let your body assimilate 5 X that amount—even if you did not take 5 X the Vitamin C !


There are hundreds of other uses for Pyradyne's orgone-plated pyramids and  the Vitamid pyramid.


Some of Pyradyne's pyramids have stronger benefits for certain reasons.






So What Is the Pyramid Doing When I Wear it On My Head?


Remember, Pyradyne uses alternate layers of gold, copper and silver, which are “active” metals, within layers of nickel, which is “passive” in nature.  This speeds up the Bio-Plasmic life force that is the essence of pyramid power.

The electron or the energy field moves from a negative to a positive to a negative field because the active and passive metals increase or amplify the orgone-pyramid effect.  This is a BIO PLASMIC FORCE (or you can call it Qi or “chi” energy)—that basically is an “etheric energy”, which when it’s perceived by living cells, tells the cells what to do.  It is also a source of EPCs (Electrical Precursing Energies).  


EPCs control the consciousness of all individual cells.  


That “electrical precursation” from the EPCs is either stressful or healing—dependeding on what polarity the EPCs have.  EPCs can be polarized FOR you OR AGAINST YOU!  They either stimulate good or bad hormones—which are the first “units” of consciousness that occur on 7 different levels.

That’s why it’s so important to balance the EPCs!   Because the body is electrical, not just chemical.  


Try to get POSITIVE EPCs, not negative EPCs!




Above 2 charts are from The Rays of Truth — Crystals of Light book by Dr. Fred Bell, pages 76-77.




Pyradyne Pyramids

The Powerdome was the first headgear pyramid made by Pyradyne.  Wearing a Pyradyne pyramid can help your body assimilate vitamins much better.  




The pyramid completely saturates the body with healthy vibratory frequencies that cause the cells to bind properly.


The brain collects toxins over the years.  When you breathe in air through your nose it goes down into your lungs, then goes from the lungs into the blood, and from the blood into the left atrium of the heart, through the carotid artery, and back up into the brain.

The Powerdome headgear pyramid detoxifies the brain—and is one of the best orgone-plated pyramids to use for this.  Pyradyne has two versions of it—the Powerdome Gold and the Powerdome Silver pyramid.  The Powerdome Silver performs the highest level of brain detoxification since silver is added, which also prevents radiation from reaching you.


A pyramid may help cleanse the blood and detoxify all body parts—especially all areas of the brain.


Some people who wear the Powerdome don’t feel the effect of the detoxification, but this is still occurring and working on them slowly and subtly. 

Other people with a weak or toxic physio-etheric body relationship “feel” the effects of the Powerdome quite quickly.  The first sensation may be a headache. This is because it detoxes the brain rather fast. 

The pyramid sets up a vibration.  Sometimes as this happens, some people get what we call a “friendly headache”—meaning it starts to rid your brain of toxins—just maybe too fast. So take off the Powerdome, drink some water, take some Vitamin C.  The headache goes away in a few minutes.  Wait an hour or two, then put the Powerdome back on and go through this process again. Keep it up until you no longer get a headache wearing it.


In short, blood cells transport consciousness to the entire body.  


The blood gets charged with oxygen and goes back to the brain and gets distributed throughout the brain.

(For more info, see page 80 in the book Rays of Truth — Crystals of Light book.)

The red blood cell is very complex and that makes it vulnerable to all sorts of smoke, gases, fumes and toxins floating in the air.  So when the blood comes from the heart, goes into the brain via the large arteries, and then goes into the very tiny capillaries in the brain, those capillaries strain or filter out all of the poisons. 




As time passes, the brain fills up with these chemicals and the aging process greatly accelerates.  The brain even starts to get affected when you're in your mid-30s.  The cerebellum is located at the base of the brain, and it is the first place that gets badly affected. The cerebellum is responsible for the intelligence of physical balance; as it gets toxic, you lose ability to balance.  If you wear a Powerdome for a year, you’ll likely to be as well-balanced again as you were as a young child.


Why would you want to detox your head?


Well, this is an area of the body that fasting won’t cleanse—unlike the liver, kidneys, blood, etc.  These orgone-plated pyramids are actually  helping to detoxifying the brain—from toxins like cigarettes, junk food and polluted air that have accumulated over years and years, making the brain sluggish, tired and mentally “fogged”.

Wearing a specifically structured pyramid will put your body into an Alpha state, if it is made from a soft and natural substance.  You cannot use plastic or aluminum as these are both toxic and produce positive ions, causing diseases such as Alzheimers. (See the 2 Charts below on EPCs that are GOOD and BAD for you.)  Aluminum in nature is organic—it can be used in Trace minerals, etc, but synthetic aluminum used in metal processing is toxic, which is used in pans and other metals.


 Harmonize Your Brain Now!  Get a Pyramid!




Take a look at the Blood Flow Chart below to see how blood moves through the body to the brain.




The large arteries in the brain are about a quarter inch wide, but the tiny capillaries are a millionth of an inch wide. The cerebellum at the base of the brain first gets filled with toxins; then if you have even more, those toxins go higher up to your mid-brain and start affecting your 7 endocrine glands' functioning and digestion, and cause allergies and mental sluggishness.  

For a more indepth look into how the blood works, read Chapter 7 in Dr. Bell’s book, Death of Ignorance—“Blood, the True Elixir of Life and Prodigy of Spirit”.


People wearing the Powerdome have started to remember things they forgot and even things from their childhood years long ago!




Chakras are the etheric counterparts of the physical endocrine system (those 7 endocrine glands) and they’re interrelated by small nerves that are very sensitive to certain electrical vibrational frequencies. 



Our bodies are electrical-chemical in nature…and when we feel energized it’s because we have a large amount of cumulative electricity in us.


When you feel tired, it’s because

the electricity in you is depleted.

The headgear pyramids may help re-charge your electricity!


Dr. Bell said, “I remember once, Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner, demonstrated this by connecting a 25 watt lightbulb to a person who lit it for over 5 minutes.”


The Powerdome may help you fight against toxins and pollution that end up in the brain. This helps balance mental and emotional attitudes—because you feel better!   The Powerdome has a tendency to balance us out electrically, biochemically and etherically—in the different centers of the body—which then causes a mellowing effect.  

The Powerdome contains titanium—an amazing metal.  We still don’t understand all that titanium does, but even when it’s used as a metal in a car engine, it never wears out.   It has its own natural elastic nature.  In the pyramid it has a healing vibration that’s second to nothing next to gold, and it amplifies the effects of gold—which itself has a molecular pyramid shape.



Pyramids emit the same energy as sunlight, because they have the vitality globule present.


Dr. Fred Bell was once involved in a test to grow plants.  They grew half the plants in a dark room with no sunlight under pyramids.  The second half of plants they grew in normal light—without pyramids.  Some test observers thought the pyramids made the plants grow bigger and stronger, but Dr. Bell thought that what the pyramids were doing was protecting the plants from harmful energies SO that they could grow naturally.






Well, the answer is simple!  Our bodies are made from 3 gases:  Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen—and also of one solid—the Carbon atom. The Carbon atom, found in the red blood cell, is in the shape of a pyramid, and this pyramid is the basic structure of the human body—sending out a frequency attracting Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen.


See the pyramid in the next drawing on the right side. 


Below Dr. Bell explains what is happening with the iron atom in the blood (from page 262 of his book Rays of Truth—Crystals of Light):


"Hemoglobin is composed of four different iron atoms. Imagine them as four pyramids with a top and a bottom, forming the full octahedron, stacked on top of each other, 1-2-3-4. Wrapped around these four octahedrons are two alpha chains and two beta chains, which empower the blood to transfer oxygen to the cells of the body, or to pick up carbon dioxide and bring it out and discharge it into the air for the plant kingdom to absorb.  


This switching action of picking up oxygen, dropping off oxygen, is called the Bohr Effect—see drawing here:   



Don't confuse this with the earlier mentioned Neils Bohr and quantum mechanics. That is entirely different. Our meditations feature some rhythms that are very similar to this primal beat. This rhythm is regulated through the pineal gland...

Iron is at the nucleus of the blood.  It's ferrous and ferric. ...Blood enters the lungs in the ferric state...and as soon as it combines with oxygen it goes into the ferrous state by leaving the oxygen behind, then returns to the lungs. So blood cells constantly switch from the ferric state, complete with carbon dioxide, back to the ferrous state, where carbon dioxide is discharged, and become active again, looking for more oxygen.


This is the vital action of the iron atom in the body, switching from ferric to ferrous in a rhythmic pattern we previously called the Bohr Effect.  


This is the mechanical purpose of blood in the body....yet blood also works at levels other than the mechanical level.  The shape of the iron atom itself, is that of a pyramid.


A pyramid has seven different levels of energy fields in it...that enter the red blood cells." 


Pyradyne's orgone-plated pyramids and also the Nuclear Receptor necklace purify the blood. They rebalance the electrical polarities and fields in the body—to balanced hydrogen atoms—just as nature maintains itself.


from out-of-balanced hydrogen atoms                                                      to balanced hydrogen atoms


And the pyramid-shaped Carbon (solid) atoms in the body are also properly polarized in these processes.  Also, the Iron atoms carry the magnetic imprint of memory to the brain.

The Nuclear Receptor necklace realigns the octahedron to balance as the male and female energies are balanced in the body.


Pyradyne's various headgear pyramids offer slightly different results.





Pyradyne makes no medical claims, all products are used at your own risk.


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