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Over many years Dr. Fred Bell spoke on the radio about a lot of topics, based on his education and experience in many industries.  In these talks he discusses the products he invented and patented, such as the Nuclear Receptor, the Quantum Series Professional Receptors, the Andromedan Holographic Projector (worn as a pendant), and the Standalone Holographic Projector which is used in your environment.  He talks about what to use alone and what to use together.  He also discusses the Pyradyne Systems—other pyramid-based products he designed—and their benefits and uses—such as sleeping under or working under a pyramid.

Based on his Masters degree in Physics and degree in Naturopathic Medicine and as a practicing naturopath, in the above radio shows and videos he speaks about advanced super nutrition and the multitude of natural ways you can make your body healthier by what you put into it.  His company PYRADYNE worked with a master formulator to develop Pyradyne's Full Spectrum Vitamins and a trace minerals electrolytes product, now called Pyralyte.  He offers tips on their benefits and about other supplements, especially when taken while wearing the Nuclear Receptor parabolic pendant necklace.  Most importantly, he explains WHY we need these products to work in synergy, for an even stronger healing of the body.

During his years in the aerospace industry and working for NASA and consulting with over 3,000 organizations/companies/the government, he performed a lot of instrumentation. As he discovered some ways technologies were being mis-used, he attempted to counteract that with positive products which he designed to protect the human body and mind.

The links above lead to many talks on a variety of subjects—from nutrition and pyramid technologies, biology, quantum biology and quantum physics, to interaction with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings, spaceship technology, and the universal hologram.  He gives specifics about using his products to help you achieve a better life.

In addition to the books he wrote, these talks serve as a Knowledge Base to understand how to use Pyradyne's products, and explain the technologies behind them.  In addition to these free talks, be sure to see Seminars & Talks on this website, where you may purchase combination packs on certain topics of your interest.  These talks can help you get the most out of your PYRADYNE Nuclear Receptors and Holographic Projectors, and take you on a wonderful journey of personal improvement and life enhancement.

Another good source to use in conjunction with these talks is the new PYRADYNE® Receptor & Holographic Projector Manual & Care Guide, which goes into detail about how to use them and why the body needs them. It is available as a DIGITAL MANUAL, a PRINTED MANUAL and a TEXT-READABLE PDF your iPhone and Macintosh computer or iPad can read to you. See Books & Music to order.


 Enjoy your journey of learning!


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