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Real World Application and Scientific Evidence of Pyramid Technology

Pyramids and their mystic power have intrigued humans for thousands of years across the globe. The energy they generate is perplexing, yet undeniable.

When it comes to cosmic powers of the world and the mathematical and scientific clues that are left behind, finding real answers can be difficult. Fortunately, there are hundreds of scientists and scholars who have dedicated their careers and years of research into studying the effects of the Pyramid phenomenon. Spanning over generations, the study of pyramids and their true potential continues as humanity searches for the power hidden within pyramids.

When an object is placed inside the pyramid, it receives information that makes it up on a stronger or amplified basis. The pyramid puts things back to the way they were suppose to be; making it in essence, perfect. The one frequency that is common with all elements is the carrier wave, the vector angle of energy formed by the carrier wave is 52.606 degrees, the specific measurements of our pyramids.

The elements used to construct the pyramid are extremely important, and when properly utilized will start to oscillate.

If the pyramid is constructed exactly right, the pyramid will be a great conductor of energy and combined with gold they do not need to be aligned to the magnetic north in order to function.

There are many uses for pyramids, from use over the head to use with plant life growth, food, beverages and even razor blades! Studies conducted show that plants grown underneath a pyramid in their early life grow twice as fast than those outside of the pyramid.

Food and liquids placed under the pyramid for as little as 2-24 hours will show a difference in the molecular structure when a spectrographic reading is performed. One very obvious study performed using brine shrimp showed that the shrimp living under the pyramid lived 6 months longer than the brine shrimp outside of the pyramid. The brine shrimp were also 2-3 times larger.

Many living organisms are attracted to the pyramids and their mystery, including animals. Pyradyne has been an innovator in pyramidal studies since the 1960s. Our founder, Dr. Fred Bell, wrote heavily about the scientific structure of the pyramid and the red blood cell in the body.

Scientific Studies and Academic Approaches


In 2018, a group of European scientists set out to conduct a research project that examines a pyramid’s ability to focus energy.



This group was inspired by the great pyramids and the mysticism of pyramid power. In their findings “‘The results obtained that housing in pyramid shape cage significantly reduced the development of cancer, significant increase in liver enzymes activity and α feto proteins” 


Spanning from 2007-2020, this group of researchers investigates pyramid use and its effect on cucumbers.  This extremely detailed study is like an extremely scientific version of our at-home tests! 



Drawn into the curiosity of the unknowns of the pyramid phenomenon, this paper explores the past of pyramids and its application to everyday life.


A 2008 study found that milk placed under a pyramid structure for 14 days showed inhibited bacteria growth when compared to the sample! 



 This study, conducted in 2016, explores pyramid structures around the globe, the ionization process, and observations of pyramid effects on living beings. 


Books and Literature On Pyramids

Published in 1976, is a detailed analysis of pyramids, including food and beverage tests and experiments with pets. This book is authored by Bill Kerrell and Kathy Goggin.



Dr. Fred, Pyradyne founder, has numerous books that help you understand pyramids, the energy they provide, and how it benefits us.

This link is the holy grail of Pyramid literature! Browse these books and choose a few that interest you. 



This newspaper article, dated July 26 1974, discusses the pyramid phenomenon. Even though the article was written nearly 50 years ago, the benefits of pyramids was known very similar as it is today! You’ll likely be surprised.



Pyradyne Pyramid Systems

Pyradyne has long been advocating for the pure natural power of orgone-plated pyramids. Not only are our beliefs backed by the works and studies of Dr. Fred Bell, but of a large sector of the scientific community.

 Click here to learn more about Pyradyne’s Pyramid systems.


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