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Tests to Choose Gemstone and Metal For Your Nuclear Receptor™





First step? Test for your gemstone and metal.





You need to test yourself, or perform some of these tests below with another person helping you, or have a Pyradyne representative test you—before wearing a Receptor—because it’s important you start with the right color your body needs to be able to help it most where the hydrogen atom is weakest.
To help you choose the right color gemstone so you can start wearing a Receptor, you first need to find out which color of gemstone (which energy frequency) you are weakest in right now.  There are many tests to help you figure this out—on this page.




1. Self-Muscle Test

2. Two Person Hand Test

3. Two Person Muscle Test with a Pyramid


You may also Chat with us on our website if you have a question. 


First you need to Download the Pyradyne Receptor Color Chart below, which you use for reference in these tests.  Although chakra colors are dynamic, the color charts may be used as printed, day or night. Print it in color. You'll need to place the chart on a table in the tests. The 2-page PDF shows what parts of the body each color affects. You may be drawn to certain colors your body is weak in. Trust your intuition! If unsure, you can use the kinesiology tests below to find out which color gemstone is right for you right now.

This is what it looks like:


The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor, Super Receptor and Quantum Series Receptors are high-tech, functional jewelry based on technology research that began in the 1960s in the United States. The Nuclear Receptor is the original “receptor” invented and patented by Dr. Fred Bell, who was a quantum physicist. As Pyradyne’s signature product, it uses a patented and proprietary process to capture and amplify the power of gemstones, the resonating energy of pyramids, and the life-sustaining pattern of the Fibonacci curve.

Developed over decades, these Receptors utilize technology derived from shape energy research; crystal, gem and filter technology; MASER (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) technology; LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) technology; homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences; Tibetan acupuncture; and in the Receptor package itself, NASA Cassegrain technology.


Quite a lot for a 1.5-inch (4 centimeter) disc!


The goal of the Receptor is to balance and increase your body’s energy centers (endocrine gland system or chakra as some people have named them) “chi energy”, starting from the bottom and moving upward along your energy center, the major ones which center along your spinal column. This process of the energy color centers being activated, one at a time, ascending upwards, until reaching the higher frequency vibrations towards the top, is what the Receptor does. When all the endocrine glands become balanced all the way up to white at the top—white includes all the other color frequencies together—your energy level will be very high. That is the goal with this process—to gradually energize your body, step by step, until you reach full energy for your mind and body.


Because the hydrogen atom has seven colors, and because everyone is exposed to stress, our hydrogen atoms are weakened on a “color level.”   


Color therapy has been used by medical science for over 100 years to increase these weaker levels, but Pyradyne’s Receptors go beyond color therapy.


The hydrogen atom, the basic atom of universal consciousness, vibrates on seven different levels, transforming consciousness into the cells it becomes a part of. Each vibrational level of the hydrogen atom corresponds to a level of consciousness, and a sound and color correspondence exists.






In the center of the bridge of the Pyradyne Receptors and Super Receptors is a gemstone.

It offsets the negative influence of the outside environment, allowing you to function normally and with high energy.



This chart shows the various color frequencies. The higher the frequency number, the faster and more compact is the waveform.




The 7 endocrine glands of the body each correspond with one level of consciousness, and they are connected to 14 “energy conduits” or meridians, which carry the “Bio Plasmic Force” (Western term) or Qi or Chi (Eastern Term) throughout the body.  Around each endocrine gland are nerves that receive stimuli from the outside world—sometimes through the 5 senses, sometimes from the surrounding environment, and some stimuli come from deep within the cosmos.




The stimuli then trigger the release of hormones to the brain, that starts interpreting these messages and then starts turning “switches” on or off—modulating the “effector” and “receptor” sites in your brainthereby producing thought activity in the brain.



As these thoughts begin to match the stimuli from the endocrine centers, a wave of consciousness is felt as the awareness passes electronically via the aura throughout the entire body!  

In short, we become animated!  

It is within this animation process that the Pyradyne Receptor functions.


A truly healthy body only exists when you are creating 50 million new cells per second!



Anything less and you feel “tired” or "fogged" and “not all there”.  At this high reproduction rate, the entire red blood cellular system reproduces itself in 90 days. The entire body, including all bones and brain cells, reproduces completely every 7 years. And this relates directly to your hydrogen atom.

So your NUCLEAR Membrane in your DNA interprets tiny command signals (Electrical Precursor Energies or EPCs) and your brain ends up SWITCHING ON RECEPTORS to produce thoughts and activity.

[ see why it's called the "Nuclear Receptor" ?] 



The better this process works, the more energy and health you have.





Step 1

—Place the Color Chart on a table in front of you.  Sit down and relax.

—Rest the pad of your middle finger on the nail of your index (#2) finger.

—Use your right hand if you are right-handed, or left hand if left-handed.




Step 2

Gently press your middle finger pad against the nail of your index finger.  Observe the way this feels.  Now, when you test yourself on each color, by visualizing in your mind the written color in the first column of the Chart, you’ll notice that your response is either strong pressure or weak pressure.  Strong pressure means “Yes, this color is appropriate for me,” while weak pressure means “No, I don’t need this color.”

Step 3

Place the tip of your other index finger on the first color on the chart, Red.  Notice your response.  Is it weak? Strong? Remember, a strong response indicates that YES, you do need this color.  A weak response lets you know this color is not for you.  Give your body time, but generally, the difference in pressure is most noticeable immediately. 

Repeat this procedure for each color, noting (write down) which color is a “Yes” and a “No” for you.  You might discover more than one “Yes” color, and that’s okay.  Test yourself again on the colors to which you experienced a strong response.  Notice the different intensities of your responses; some colors will cause a stronger “Yes”, while others may be a weaker “Yes”.


Supposed you tested “Yes” for both Red and Blue.  Read the informataion on the chart for each color and you will notice that Red is very energizing, while Blue has a more calming effect.  If you are already a high-energy person, or omaybe even anxious, you may select the deep Blue gemstone and its calming qualities.  Or, you can ask your body!  Use the same finger technique.  As your body, “Is Blue more beneficial than Red for me at this time?” and notice your response.  Again, Strong means “Yes” and Weak indicates “No”.  


What if my test was inconclusive? 

You did not do it “wrong”! Sometimes the body is reluctant to reveal information.  Trust yourself.  Repeat the message to your body that a strong response to a color means you need that frequency, whereas a weak response means your body doesn’t need that frequency.  Maybe you are confused because there are different levels of response, or different intensities.  Tell yourself that your responses will be much clearer this time—then test yourself for each color again. You will be surprised at how much clearer your answers will be.


You can also do the other tests below to see your color results.  Try Test #2.





Step 1

—Put the Color Chart on a table in front of you.  Sit down and relax.

—Have the person testing you sit down opposite you.

—With your left hand place your first finger and the top color WHITE on the chart, and with your right hand make a circle using your thumb and middle finger pad.  [This is if you are right-handed; do it opposite if you are left-handed.]


Step 2

—The person sitting opposite is going to gently place both hands over your right hand, then pull your thumb and middle finger apart—you will then resist.

If your fingers easily come apart, your body is not reacting. If you reach a color where your fingers become tightly shut, your body is giving you a a response, indicating that you are reacting to an area of your body where you need strengthening.  Focus only on one color, and work your way through the color chart.  Write down which colors you are Weak in or Strong in, as you go.

If you’re unsure of any results, retest.  You may find you are weak in more than one color.  This is very common. Retest your “reacting” colors until youfind the weakest one.

You can do this same test to test which Metal to choose for your Receptor.   Instead of putting your hand on the color chart, just THINK AND SAY “Sterling Silver”, “Gold” or “Platinum” as you test.  Write down which metal you are Weak or Strong in.






 Step 1

Stand comfortably and hold your right arm straight out and make a fist with fingers facing towards the ground [use left arm if you are left-handed].

Have another person push down on your hand.  Notice the normal force required for them to move your arm down.



Step 2

Place the pyramid apex (top point) UP, on your head. Have your friend try to push your hand down again. Notice how much MORE FORCE it takes to move it down when the pyramid is placed ON your head.

Step 3

Now test how strong you are in one color.  Place the Color Chart on a table near your hand that is NOT being pushed down.  Put that hand’s index finger on the color you are testing.

Step 4

Now, THINK OR SAY OUT LOUD the color you want to test. With your right arm straight out (fist facing ground—don’t tuck thumb inside)—have the other person press down on your hand.  Was it EASY to press down, or HARD to press down?  Write down Weak in that color if it was EASY to press down—next to that color on the chart (or write “Strong” if it was HARD to press down).  Test all the other colors on the chart. 

Step 5

For comparison, have your companion hold the pyramid apex (top point) pointing down over your head—AT THE SAME TIME AS he/she pushes down on your arm with their other hand.  This last muscle test will be by far the weakest.  Test each color with the pyramid upside-down.  See if you get the same responses.




If you’re unsure, feel free to ask Pyradyne for help.






Pyradyne's remarkable jewelry devices are made with metals which have different vibrations.  

Gold, Sterling Silver and Platinum are precious metals.


The purer the metal and molecular structure,

the higher a measurable frequency

of your Pyradyne Receptor necklace or Holographic Projector necklace can be recorded.


We offer solid metals which have higher vibrations.  You may add Silver Plating, Gold Plating or Platinum Plating to certain Receptors and Projectors. The precious metal plating works in the same direction as the solid metals, but the solid and purer metals have the best effect in the Receptor.



Although our Bronze Receptors work very well and utilize the correct shape design, they use cadmium zinc in their molecular structure and only absorb a minimal amount of radiation.  They can be ordered with either 24K Gold Plating or Platinum Plating.


SOLID SILVER—a precious and noble metal

The solid Sterling Silver Receptor utilizes the tetrahedral molecular structure of silver and can absorb a lot more radiation than a Bronze Receptor.

Sterling Silver is a purer metal than Bronze, and is a stimulater with a more intense energy.

Dr. Fred Bell recommended the Sterling Silver Receptor the most.  It is slightly more intense than a solid Gold Receptor.  He was trying to help us eliminate radiation from our bodies, and the silver metal is the best at doing that. The Sterling Silver devices need to be washed daily with water to wash off any radiation that accumulated.


SOLID GOLD—a precious and noble metal

The gold molecule is softer and more subtle in its measured vibration. Gold does not have the intensity of silver, but has more of a balance and a deeper feel.  Gold has the octahedron molcule.  Gold has been recorded to increase circulation and relax you.  Gold has been known to possess a warm energy that brings soothing vibrations to the body to aid in the body’s natural balancing process.

The sacred power of gold was already established in ancient China, Persia and India.  Gold has also been thought to increase the natural ability of gemstones when they are set in the Receptor.  


SOLID PLATINUM—a precious and noble metal  

Platinum is an extremely high-energy metal and measures the highest in megahertz. Platinum is thought to amplify communication. Solid Platinum has the most intense energetic vibration, and the most highly stimulating and amplifying frequency of all metals.

Platinum has a darker appearance in its metal color than Silver.





If you have a question about what is the best gemstone or metal for your Receptor or Holographic Projector, always feel free to contact us.  We’re here to help you achieve a more happy, healthy and harmonious life. 

Contact us by clicking CHAT on our website 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri (MST -7 hours), or email us at, or Call us at  (623) 295-9224.  




Because your body reproduces itself every seven years, it will respond to the energy shift in a positive way.  New cells created while wearing the Receptor will be more “sensitized” to higher and more subtle energies.  




When the Receptor is worn continually in correspondence to one color of the spectrum, the body becomes stronger in relation to that color (that “link”).

Soon it becomes stronger than the next weakest color, so then that color must be strengthened in the body.  So then, after determining (through the Self-Muscle Test #1 above), the next progressive color you need to get stronger in, you should switch to that color gemstone.  You may find that you vacillate between two or even three colors during the first four years of wearing the Receptor.  

Purchasing a Super Receptor gives you the ability to change out the different colored gemstones yourself, as you progress from one to the other color.  This is done using the Locking Key.  If you buy the Sterling Silver or Gold Receptor (which comes with 1 gemstone), you can change out the gemstone if you have your local jeweler perform this simple task—or Pyradyne can do this for you.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself changing gemstones.  Different colors are needed at different times, and you need to continually strengthen the chain of colors moving upward along the spinal column.  



There are 16 audio clips at this link:

This will give you more ideas about how to choose the right gemstone for you.




English: This video details the scalar field:
where σ is increasing by a value of 1 over the course of the video.
Date:  24 December 2012, 10:51:53
Source: Own work
Author: Quintus
I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


Many thanks to Quintus, the author of the above animation!


The above animation shows how scalar waves MOVE.  These waves help to harmonize your body against the dangerous frequencies all around you—from radio, cellular towers and phones, WiFi signals in the air and from your devices, electrical appliances, and other sources.  The result is to increase your energy and level of consciousness. 




“The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor transmits an electrical precursor in a signal that transforms, on the atomic level, DNA and all related components into harmonious vibrating cells. These, in turn, over a period of time readjust imbalanced body conditions, therefore contributing to the re-spiraling of the DNA, which in turn becomes a factor in biological life extension.”  

- Dr. Fred Bell 


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