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The Differences Between Various Metal Vibrations



Pyradyne's remarkable jewelry devices are made with metals which have different vibrations.  

Gold, Sterling Silver and Platinum are precious metals.


The purer the metal and molecular structure, the higher will be the  vibratory frequency of your Pyradyne Receptor necklace or Holographic Projector necklace.

We offer solid metals which have higher vibrations.  You may add Silver Plating, Gold Plating or Platinum Plating to certain Receptors and Projectors. The precious metal plating works in the same direction as the solid metals, but the solid metals have the strongest vibrational effect.




Corinthian Bronze Alloy—Corinthian Bronze is a mix of bronze, silver, cadmium zinc and gold. Our Bronze Receptors work very well and utilize the correct shape design, yet they include cadmium zinc in their molecular structure and only absorb a minimal amount of radiation. They can be ordered with either 24K Gold Plating or Platinum Plating. We only use Bronze in our Corinthian Bronze Receptor and our Corinthian Bronze Super Receptor jewelry.



SOLID SILVER—a precious and noble metal

The solid Sterling Silver Receptor utilizes the tetrahedral molecular structure of silver

and can absorb a lot more radiation than a Bronze Receptor.

Sterling Silver is a purer metal than Bronze, and is a stimulater with a more intense energy than Gold.  Silver utilizes the tetrahedral molecular structure.

—Silver has a higher vibratory frequency, so it absorbs the most radiation, when compared to Gold and Platinum metals used on the Receptors.

Dr. Fred Bell recommended the Sterling Silver Receptor the most.  It is slightly more intense than a solid Gold Receptor.  He was trying to help us eliminate radiation from our bodies, and the silver metal is the best at doing that. The Sterling Silver devices need to be washed daily with water to wash off the radiation that they collect (as they protect you from that radiation).



SOLID GOLD—a precious and noble metal


The gold molecule is softer and more subtle in its vibration. Gold does not have the intensity of Silver, but has more of a healing balance and a deeper power.  A solid Gold Receptor may have more energy than the Silver because of the gold octahedron molcule.  Gold adds a calming and balancing vibration, increasing circulation and relaxation.  Gold has been known to possess a warm energy that brings soothing vibrations to the body to aid in the body’s natural balancing process.

The sacred power of gold has already been established in ancient China, Persia and India. Gold is used to symbolize the purity and spiritual aspect of “The All” and “All That Is”, allowing one to be present and maintain communication with the source of all being. The Gold Capstone of Pyradyne's Bed Portamid increases the calming and tranquilizing effects when you sleep under it. Gold and Platinum are the purest metals on the planet and offer an extremely high vibratory level.



SOLID PLATINUM—a precious and noble metal  

Platinum is an extremely high-energy metal which amplifies communication. 

Solid Platinum has the highest, most intense energetic vibration, and has the most highly stimulating and amplifying frequency of all metals. Platinum has a darker metal color than Silver.

A solid Platinum Holographic Projector is one of Pyradyne’s strongest devices.  Highly directed energy opens up a quantum field for those ready to reach the very highest level of vibration. 




Step 1
—Click below to download the free chart:
This is what it looks like:


Step 2

—Print this chart in color, and place it on a table in front of you. Sit down and relax.


Step 3

—Hold a pair of copper dowsing rods straight and parallel with your thumb and index finger in both hands, with the dowsing rods over the center circle of the above chart.

—Then ask “Should I wear Silver?”  Did the rods OPEN UP (Yes) or CLOSE (No)? Then ask, “Should I wear Gold?” Ask, “Should I wear Platinum?”  Write up the answers. You can also ask, “Is Silver best for me to use?”  See if the dowsing rods open up or close. If they OPEN, it’s a Yes.  If they CLOSE, it’s a No.   Ask the same question for Gold and for Platinum.  Write down the movement of the dowsing rods—Open for Yes, Closed for No, as you focus mentally on the type of metal.





We offer the Receptor and Holographic Projector necklaces in several precious metal options—solid Sterling Silver, Gold-Plated, solid Gold, Platinum-Plated, and solid Platinum. You may use this pendulum method to determine which METAL vibration is right for you.

Step 1

You can do another test with the same Metal Dowsing Chart shown just above this test, which you just used in the previous test. 

Hold the dowsing rods straight over the center circle.  Say,  “Move Left if I need Gold.”  See WHERE the dowsing rods POINT.  Or say, “Move Right if I need Platinum.” Or say, “Stay, if I need Silver.”


If you’re unsure, try the other Kinesiology Tests by CLICKING HERE, or feel free to ask Pyradyne for help—either by emailing, talking with us on our Chat feature on the website (at right), or by calling us at (623) 295-9224.  We are glad to help you!


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