The Pyradyne Receptor




    • Beautiful Energy Jewelry that is balancing and rejuvenating on the body
    • An anti-stress necklace which transforms disharmonious energies into positive energies
    • Helps protect the body from the harmful effects of environmental pollution, toxic foods, wifi, emf, elf, stress, and other interfering frequencies
    • Each color gemstone for The Nuclear Receptor corresponds to specific body functions, creating balance in weakened areas
    • Developed and patented by Quantum Physicist and NASA Rocket Scientist Dr. Fred Bell in 1975 


    Listen to Dr. Fred Bell, PhD, explaining the Receptor technology


    The Pyradyne Receptor is a product of technological research that began its development in the United States in the 1960’s. Developed over the last three decades, the Receptor utilizes technologies derived from shape energy research, crystal, gem and filter technology, MASER (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology, Laser (Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology, homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences and tibetan acupuncture. The Receptor package itself contains, NASA Cassegrin technology.

    Muscle testing is a very important first step toward realizing the benefit of the Nuclear Receptor and its integrated technologies. The body, although biochemical in nature, is also electrical. Electricity controls each and every step of our cellular and organismal growth.

    A healthy individual will reproduce cells at the rate of 50 million per second!


    At this high reproduction rate, the entire red blood cellular system reproduces itself within 90 days. The entire body, (including all bones and brain cells) reproduces completely every seven years. The integrity of this activity starts with the part of the cell known as the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid).


    Scalar Waves

    These waves, by nature, are the conditioning energies behind the intelligence of DNA. Because they operate in “scale” of the nature of the form of all matter, they are timeless - but not shapeless. Being timeless, they are present on all seven levels of consciousness, yet they individually are not conscious. It is this lack of consciousness that makes them easily programmable by consciousness and directly usable to correct out-of-phase shifts within the cofines of the hydrogen atom. (In simple terms - intelligence, feeling and expression are on the physical plane.) When our individual energy is low, or our physical healing potential impaired, the hydrogen atom is the place to go to “fix it”.

    Remember, you have to heal yourself. Devices such as the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor can remove the effects of man-made, environmental pollution, allowing the body to achieve maximum healing potential.


    Many of our customers write to us and report that their blood pressure has been significantly lowered after wearing the Receptor necklace.


    Below Dr. Fred Bell explains exactly why this is and what is happening to the hydrogen atom that creates a lower diastolic pressure. 


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    What People are saying about The Nuclear Receptor!


    The Pyradyne Receptor is an auric protector which deflects. In your aura frequency your synapses are firing at a certain rate, thats what produces an electromagnetic field around your body, called your auric field. In most people it isn't strong enough, the electromagnetic field is actually being manipulated by satellites which were launched in 1991 on up until today, the Receptor produces an auric offset of those satellite frequencies. 

    If you put poisons in your body from food or things that we eat which aren't good for us that have chemical preservatives in them, it creates a free radical which can lead to cancer or some other vicious disease. With the Receptor necklace on that free radical can't happen because you have an ionized cellular system in the negative ion region which produces a negative ion affect within the body.



    The hydrogen atom (the basic atom of universal consciousness) vibrates on seven different levels, transforming consciousness into the cells it becomes a part of. Yes, you guessed correctly if you concluded that each vibrational level of the hydrogen atom corresponds to a level of consciousness! Likewise, sound and color correspondence exists.

    7 Levels • 7 Colors • 7 Sounds



    Super Receptors are the same Nuclear Receptor—but come with 7 Gemstones


    Anything less can cause tiredness, and a feeling of repression. This is directly associated with your body’s relationship to the hydrogen atom. 

    When proper sound and color combine over time, gemstones are formed, usually under some sort of terrestrial pressure. That’s why gems are usually formed under heavy pressures that exist far below the Earth’s surface. In the center of the bridge of the Receptor you will see a gemstone. This offsets the negative influence of the outside environment, allowing you to function normally and with high energy. Because the hydrogen atom has seven colors, and because everyone is exposed to stress, our hydrogen atoms are weakened on a “color level”. Color therapy to strengthen weaker levels has been used by medical science for over 100 years. The Receptor effects far beyond color therapy.


      That's quite a lot for such a small, one and a half inch (4cm) disk! Muscle testing is a very important first step toward realizing the benefits of The Nuclear Receptor and its integrated technologies. Please see the ‘Kinesiology Self-Muscle Test’ Tab in the menu and follow the instructions to see which gemstone your body needs. If you are having difficulty, please contact us.


      "First we need to determine which color we are weakest in" -Dr. Fred Bell 


      How The Receptor Works

      Although The Pyradyne Receptor is small in size, it is quite powerful. Several space age technologies, as previously mentioned, are used in its construction. By using the parabolic curved lens, the Receptor traps different stray energies such as radiation, magnetism, ELF, electrical fields, and a myriad of different forces that are ever-present in our ecosphere of twenty-first century pollutants.

      When properly worn, the Receptor hangs vertically, thereby positioning several/different sized pyramids from an almost upside down position at the top of the disk, to a nearly upright position at the bottom of the disk - a result of the parabolic curve across the face of the disk.

      If you were using one of the Pyradyne Headgear Pyramids and performing a general muscle test on someone, you would probably find that when the person being tested wore a pyramid in the normal position on their head, they would test “strong”.

      The Link Becomes Stronger

      When the Receptor is worn continuously in correspondence to the color of a link, that link becomes stronger. Soon, it becomes stronger than the next weakest link, so that weak link must now be strengthened. After muscle testing determines the next progressive color, you should switch to that color stone. Strengthen the chain of colors... it is recommend to retest every six months



      If, however you were to place the Pyramid upside down, so that the point was touching their head, they would probably test weak. This is because the Pyramid’s energy, although containing the energies of the seven levels of consciousness, is polarized.

      This type of polarization of the life force energies shows male energy (+) in the normal position and female energy (-) in the inverted position. Remember on a very primary atomic level, we are three gases: 02, H2, N2 and one solid. That solid has a pyramid shape, be it the carbon atoms in our body, or the pyramid-shaped iron atoms located in every red blood cell (which carry the life force).


      Until we balance male and female energies, there will always be internal conflicts, causing world karmic (individual) and dharmic (racial) problems.



      The Pyradyne Receptor unleashes the stored energies of the gemstone and transmits them via scalar waves deep into the aura of the wearer, where these vital, pure, and perfect increments of the life force are transformed into the cells of health and consciousness.


      The body, although biochemical in its nature, is also electrical. Electricity controls each and every step of our cellular and organismal growth. A healthy individual will reproduce cells at the rate of 50 million per second. At this high reproduction rate, the entire red blood cellular system reproduces itself within 90 days. The entire body including all bones and brain cells, reproduces completely every seven years. The integrity of this activity starts with the part of the cell known as the DNA.

      Guiding all of this electrical, biochemical and cellular activity is a super intelligence within the heart of the DNA itself, called the Nuclear Membrane, which interprets tiny command signals called Electrical Precursor Energies (EPC’s).
      EPC’s are themselves energies of consciousness that free flow from the astral plane to the physical plane. Initially, to our waking consciousness, they are felt as basic emotions.


      The astral (Greek word meaning “starry”) plane is often referred to by Eastern cultures as the emotional plane, or center, where all emotions come from. EPC’s have not only energy to sustain life force, but also polarity. They can work for you, or against you. So, as our society begins to embrace conquest of space, time and stars, likewise it must begin to realize that subtle forces, such as EPC’s, can no longer be regarded as subtle, but instead, should be recognized as being of the same magnitude as what we eat, drink and breathe into our bodies.

      EPC’s are “felt” by the body as good or bad feelings, thus giving them a polarity. They, in turn stimulate good or bad eicosanoids (pronounced eye-kah-sah-noids), which are the body’s super hormones. For those of you not familiar with hormones, they are the first units of biochemistry that possess total consciousness. They are seven levels of consciousness, called:


      1. Logoic – Oneness

      2. Monadic – Duality

      3. Atmic – Intelligence

      4. Intuitive – Sensing

      5. Mental – Knowledge

      6. Astral – Emotional

      7. Physical – Existence


      Within the body are seven glands, called Endocrine glands, one for each level of consciousness. Connecting them to all of the other organs 14 “energy conduits” called Meridians. The energy they conduct via the 14 meridians is called Bio Plasmic Force in Western terminology, and “Qi” (pronounced chee) in the Eastern cultures.

      The seven endocrine glands each correspond to one of the seven levels of consciousness. Surrounding each endocrine gland is a ganglia (group) of nerves originating from the parasympathetic nervous system. This pathway, part of the 14 meridians, receives stimulus from the outside world. Some of the stimuli are received by the five senses, and the other stimuli are received from the surrounding environment, and some stimuli come from from deep within the cosmos itself.

      Sensory Organ – Stimuli
      Nose — Smell
      Eyes — Light/Vision
      Ears — Sounds
      Mouth/Enzyme — Taste
      Skin — Temperature/Sensation
      Chakras — Psychic vibrations from planets, stars & the moon
      Hypothalamus — Psychic vibrations Intuitions, Balance, Inner Vision (often called the third eye)

      In theory, the stimulation perceived by one or more of the above routes triggers the release of hormones to the brain. The brain interprets these messengers and via synaptic activity begins modulating switches, called effector and receptor sites, on and off at a rate that produces thought activity within the brain. As these thoughts begin to match the stimuli from the Chakra (endocrine) centers, a wave of consciousness is felt as the awareness passes electronically via the aura throughout the entire body. In short, we become animated. It is within this animation process that the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor functions.


      The human aura, which is one source of our feelings, is produced by the passage of electrical currents in a linear manner throughout our bodies. The sodium potassium pumps within our central nervous network are composed of over 72,000 nadies, which are modulated by the external and internal forces we encounter each and every day.
      Unfortunately, in the present age our external environment is not polarized properly. The stresses not only our longevity, but also our immune system. Man’s progress in biochemistry is moving towards real breakthroughs in longevity.
      Only recently have electrical potentials and polarity requirements of the cell been recognized by science as a necessary precursor for proper biochemical metabolization.
      This will enhance and facilitate proper nutrient uptake and assimilation. Human metabolism of minerals occurs at three basic frequencies. These frequencies work through three separate nervous systems functioning like a filter network. The lowest vibration with the highest currents occurs in the region of iron, manganese, cobalt and zinc, in the aura band of 18-20 Hertz (cycles per second). This occurs throughout the human body via the autonomic nervous system. This makes possible functions such as heartbeat, respiratory and other unconscious functions that are vitally essential for basic metabolic actions. Our Bodies are 5% Mineral by Nature...That 5% Controls the metabolism and behavior of the remaining 95%.
      The second band of minerals, such as chromium, silver, selenium, germanium and copper, work in the alphatheta band - from 7-18 Hertz. These reflective minerals synthesize the sympathetic nervous system.
      They occur as the sensations of pain, hot, cold, good taste and thoughts such as, “I am hungry,” “I am full,” etc.
      The third band of minerals, such as gold, titanium, europium, neodymium and other rare earths - commonly referred to as trace minerals are synthesized in the beta frequency band (below 7 Hertz). The family of contemplative minerals makes its presence known through the para- sympathetic nervous system. They are the basis for intuition and deep, harmonious, sleep (REM Sleep).
      Take away any of these vital minerals and you will automatically have a physical, spiritual and behavioral problem. Once the minerals are present enzymes facilitate the metabolism of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Some vitamins actually are enzymes. As body systems approach the proper pH (potential of hydrogen), the energy transfer of the sun’s rays - via the plant kingdom - becomes very efficient. Chlorophyll is like hemoglobin without four iron atoms in the nucleus. The Hemoglobin has four magnesium atoms and transfers the green part of the light spectrum directly into our cells in the form of readily usable ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This enables cells to form seven different capillary reservoirs - the endocrine glands. The endocrine system works by relaxation of the membrane walls. The supply of hormones eventually reaches the brain.


      The brain functions as a two-fold switch, allowing the body to experience one or more of seven known levels of consciousness.


      The brain can function like a switch with two types of contacts occurring at the synaptic level. The first switch is called the effector and is normally closed. Acetylcholine, when presented to the effector’s neuron sites, will cause a contraction, opening the paths of electrical conductivity. The receptor sites are normally open, and when hormones such as epinephrine appear, conduction and passage of electrical currents down into the body begins.
      Example: You are sleeping by the seashore. You wake up, take a deep breath, and feel tremendously euphoric. Why?
      Assuming that your body was in a reasonable state of health (minerals present, correct pH, enzymes, vitamins, etc.) , you would have metabolize two amino acids (lysine and arginine). This forms vasopressin and stores it in the pituitary gland. When you awakened and inhaled the negative ions produced at the seashore (Lenard effect), the vibratory rate of the ions relaxed the pituitary.
      The accumulated vasopresin arrived at the receptor sites of the brain. This switches on the brain to receive a “feeling” - in this case, euphoria - from the emotional body. This is “felt” throughout the physical body as a pleasant sensation.


      Hormones Trigger Feelings
      All of our feelings (i.e., sexual, energy, motivation, meditation, contemplation, and metabolization) are triggered in this fashion as long as all of the catalyzing ingredients previously mentioned are present. Each endocrine gland can be triggered by the appropriate vibration from a mineral, gemstone, sound, planetary influence, lunar influence, electromagnetic wave or color. This releases its physical counterpart via the endocrine system, which switches the brain to the appropriate octave
      Aura Radiation Offset
      When working with your overall vitality, the field around an individual’s aura is a good indicator of not only single organ function, but also of over-all body health.
      At the end of the World War II, we made some interesting observations of the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb explosions. This was probably the best example of how exposure to the raw form of super radiation affects human beings.
      In Japan the exposure occurred in seconds; now, it occurs gradually over a lifetime. Radiation can kill or harm slowly, or all at once as it did in Japan. When you examine the final results, you’ll find it’s the free radical damage to our cells which eventually causes organ fatigue and ultimately organ failure. In the United States, if a pregnant woman eats dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter and yogurt, the radiation from these store- bought items accumulates in her breast milk. And by the ninth month her breast milk would contain more radiation than is allowed in employees of a nuclear power plant. No wonder so many women have breast cancer today! What was interesting about Japan was that several people at Ground Zero, where the radiation was the highest, had less long-term genetic damage and poisoning than some other survivors thirty miles away - where the radiation was considerably less.
      The question is; why did some of these high-exposure victims survive? Why were they in some cases almost unscathed? The only difference between human exposure then, and now, is the amount of radiation we are exposed to over time. When scientists began their investigation, they found that the people least affected after the maximum exposure were those who had large amounts of the herbs Fo Ti, Ginseng, and Gotu Kola in their bloodstream.
      As investigation continued, it was revealed that these herbs increase the electrolytes in the human brain. When electrolytes are increased, the brain produces more electricity to send through the spinal cord. As we have said earlier, increased electricity is increased vitality, and the result is a much stronger auric field.
      We at Pyradyne have learned many lessons about preventing free radical damage, and several of our products help prevent the creation of free radicals in our bodies. Wearing a Nuclear Receptor regularly puts the following in motion:
      The cells in the body receive a stronger complement of proper frequencies via the hydrogen atom.
      Cell groups, such as nerve, brain, and organ cells, begin to vibrate at higher, more “natural” frequencies. These natural frequencies then shed or discharge lower “pockets of toxins” that cause lower vitality. These pockets are called “mast cells”, and harbor body toxins.
      The chakra system, via the hypo- thalamus emotional/brain mind, comes into proper phasing and synchronization, resulting in clearer thinking, better hearing and vision.
      All our Pyradyne Formulas contain both Gotu Kola and Ginseng. Our Anti-Oxidant formula contains L-Cysteine, an amino acid that helps prevent cellular damage resulting from daily exposure to radiation. Our Essential Fatty Acid Formula contains Vitamin E and other oils that build the electrolytes that are so necessary for body vitality. One of the greatest scavengers of precious brain and body electrolytes is auto- mobile exhaust and the resultant carbon monoxide (CO3) buildup in our blood and brain.
      Equally important, alongside consumption of these precious daily nutrients, is the Nuclear Receptor and the Pyradyne Pyramid Headgear. When the Headgear and Nuclear Receptor are worn daily over a period of time, there is a tremendous change in the wearer’s aura field. This is because a healthy body is rebuilding cells at the rate of 50 million per second. As you probably have deduced by now, most people do not reproduce cells at this rate, and are therefore, in most the auric field becomes charged in a way that helps to remove disruptive events in time and space. Don’t be surprised if your circle of friends begins to change. A positive aura will cleanse the surrounding area as well as your relationships. More compatible individuals will replace the ones who drain your energy. (If you are surrounded by draining individuals and don’t change, you will become drained) cases unhealthy.



      The back of the Receptor bears a pattern quite different from the face. This again deals with polarity. Although a scalar wave is created with the merging of the stray energies and the Pyramids’ effect on the parabolic dish, this energy, once inside the gemstone filter located on the apex of the bridge, becomes Bio Plasmic Life Force precursing energy, or “Qi”. Of course, this energy has polarity, and, in order to be properly utilized, it must be presented to the body harmoniously.

      Did you ever pull the plug on the bathtub drain and watch the direction of the whirlpool that is formed? North of the equator it spins clock- wise, and south of the equator, counterclockwise. This phenomenon is known as the Coriolis Effect.

      Bio Plasmic Force enters our time, interacts with polarized fields (such as magnetic fields), and propels the electrons around the protons into our body’s cells. On a greater scale, it causes the earth to rotate on its axis. In our body systems, the first effect is noticed via pH balance as the energy moves through the hydrogen atoms. This promotes appropriate enzyme activity which leads to proper metabolism.

      To solve the problem, we at Pyradyne use a stacked microwave trap, much like those used on high frequency radar to prevent internal arcing.
      This trap is arranged in a
      Jahnin Mantram and positioned it on the back of the Receptor according to the hemisphere where it is worn. The energy leaves the gemstone on the front and is returned to the back. Then the energy takes a levorotatory spin as it moves to the back and it has a levorotatory spin as it enters the body. South of the equator, we use the same pattern - it is rotated 180 degrees.



      The Cassegrin Method


      A discussion of the design of the Receptor cannot be complete without remarking upon its small size for such a functional device. Pyradyne utilized a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) technique called the Cassegrin Method, which allows a shortening of the focal length of the entire system.

      If this method was not employed, it would take a parabolic dish fifty feet across to accomplish what the amazing Receptor does in one and one half inches!


      The Hypothalamus and The Pyradyne Receptor


      The hypothalamus, often called the emotional brain mind, is a linkage of chakras that (when combined into your consciousness) causes a physical change in the operation of your endocrine system. This is a very important “integration”, and the Nuclear ReceptorTM can play a major role in this development.

      Here are some valuable facts:

      1. All your feelings, i.e. energy, creativity, motivation or sexuality, come from hormones.
      2. Hormones are stored in the seven different endocrine glands - one for each level of consciousness.
      3. The Chakra system, or nerve antenna system, controls the release of hormones.
      4. The world’s environment, i.e. radiation, pollution, and stress, “blocks the proper functioning the endocrine, chakra and toxic hormone centers.

      As we have said before, the body needs proper functioning of the chain precursors to the biochemical formation of hormones themselves:


      A. The body is 5% mineral. This 5% controls the other 95% of the body.

      B. The body needs enzymes in a pH balance of 5.5 - 7.5 in order to assimilate any form of nutritional substance.

      C. The body needs vitamins.
      Vitamins can be defined as the first unit of bio
      chemistry that contains light. Of course, in the many known types of vitamins, each breaks down into one of seven known categories - each corresponding to a level of consciousness.

      D. The body next combines proteins into peptides and poly-peptides, which eventually form hormones. Hormones are the first units of biochemistry
      that contain consciousness.

      Strangely enough, when viewed in a laboratory, all vitamins, with the exception of vitamin E, polarize light to the left, and are called levorotatory. Most substances, with the exception of vitamin E, which polarize to the right are considered POISONS.


      But why interfere with a natural process, doesn’t the body have everything it needs?


      The answer is not a simple one. Negative technology, created by man has polluted the environment with:

      1. Toxic fossil fuel hydrocarbons
      2. Radiation (both organically and man-made origins

      3. ELF pollution (Extremely Low Frequency radiation)

      4. Endless chemicals that have permeated our food and water supplies

      5. Steroids in our livestock

      6. And many other forms of negative energies



      Our Bodies and minds as individuals are becoming clouded, and our societies are fighting amongst themselves as they have for millennia before, but with bigger and more powerful weapons of mass destruction. Yet, more claim we are reaching a Golden Era.


      "We are, in fact, reaching a “potential” to find peace because of our relationship in space and time, but the “space” part needs much work in preparation for positive future events. We must treat our temples, our bodies, with respect. Then we can welcome the coming challenges."

      -Dr. Fred Bell


      Using Dowsing Rods, we can also show the expansion of the natural human energy field - with and without The Receptor!


      The Pyradyne Receptor is a device from positive reinforcing technologies that can, if properly utilized and understood, assist us in our efforts to once again see, hear, sense and feel the correct way to balance ourselves within this sea of energies.



      Lauren in Texas sent in her Kirlian photos to us with and without The Receptor!








      A very informative Manual on The Receptor is available for further reading and more in depth information.







      Each Pyradyne Receptor is custom made to your body and your needs!







      Watch the transformation is aura colors, as first our volunteer puts on the Pyradome headgear pyramid, and then secondly, Megan Bell puts on her Pyradyne Receptor. Both auras change to green, the color of healing energy. 



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