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The Pyradyne® Nuclear Receptor™



 The Perfect Mix of Beauty and Function

Over decades the Pyradyne® Nuclear Receptor™ has been a great asset to—and has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide—men, women, children, famous athletes, celebrities, scientists and many others.


Andrew Sealy






The geometrically precise and splendently brilliant Pyradyne Receptor jewelry is the original 1975 patented Nuclear Receptor™, Pyradyne's signature product, invented and patented by Dr. Fred Bell.


It is The Original Wearable Technology™ that everyone can benefit from.

Based on Cassegrin Science & The Parabolic Dish. (Scroll down further for all in-depth explanations of the science of the Nuclear Receptor™).


The Nuclear Receptor™ is exquisite high-tech jewelry designed to be worn daily to help your body operate in it's natural state. Increasing vitality and well-being. It improves the measurable Megahertz vibration of your hydrogen atoms—and a lot more...


Finding the color you are weakest in is the first step to choosing your own personalized Receptor. 


The "Self Muscle Test" helps you find out in which part of the body the hydrogen atom needs repairing. The color will determine which endocrine gland or hormonal system is affected.



Brian Johnson Wearing His Nuclear Receptor™


Kyle Lardner with her Nuclear Receptor™

The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor™ is a scalar wave device that works using a patented and proprietary process which amplifies color frequency, the resonating energy of pyramids, and the life-sustaining pattern of the Fibonacci Curve.  It is exactingly calibrated and masterfully handcrafted. (Imitation products won’t work the same, do not purchase rip-off versions of this device - they are just based on guesses about how Pyradyne’s original Receptor works.)  The Receptor goes far beyond normal color therapy.








Once you start wearing the Pyradyne® Receptor with the proper color frequency for you, your body's natural electromagnetic field will shift and expand.



The Pyradyne® Receptor is an auric protector which deflects bad frequencies.

Your synapses are firing at a certain rate—that’s what produces an electromagnetic field around your body, called your “auric field”. In most people it isn't strong enough. The electromagnetic field is actually being manipulated by satellites which were launched all around Earth in 1991 on up until today. The Receptor helps produces an auric offset of those satellite frequencies to protect you. 

In the video, Published on Feb 17, 2014 just below, watch the transformation in aura colors, as first our volunteer puts on the Pyradome™ headgear pyramid, and then secondly, our volunteer puts on her Nuclear Receptor™ necklace. Both colors change to green.


How to Naturally Expand The Energy Field 


LAUREN IN TEXAS SENT IN HER KIRLIAN PHOTOS TO US TAKEN WHILE WEARING AND NOT WEARING THE RECEPTOR. Notice that the field got more powerful when she wore the Receptor (the 2nd photo at bottom of her image)!  6 out of 7 colors increased in vibration with the Receptor ON! The Receptor necklace was electrically powering up her body!!!



Dr. Fred Bell wrote in his book Death of Ignorance, page 155, Chapter 10—


Electro-photography or mapping the electrical field pattern through silver iodide crystals on a piece of exposed film is not a recent discovery. Long before the work of S.D. Kirlian in Russia in the 1920s and 1930s, scientists have studied the effects of Kirlian Photography. Michael Farraday, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison are just a few of the names that crossed through the mysteries of the human aura. In 1899-1900 Tesla photographed not only fingertip auras, but auras of the entire body."

This real Kirlian photograph of fingertips shows the electromagnetic field extending outward from the physical fingertips—the human "aura"


Dr. Fred Bell continued:

"...I have taken 1000s of aura pictures over ... five years, making careful comparisons with the results of the same individual's Barium X-rays, Iridology reports, blood tests, kinesiology, electromyograph, electro-encephlegraph and bio feedback, just to name a few and the results are the same.  THERE IS A DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN THE HUMAN AURA PHOTOGRAPH AND THE AFOREMENTIONED TESTS!  " 


Dr. Bell then continues on about HOW THE BODY PRODUCES ITS MAGNETIC AURA—a good reason to buy his book, Death of Ignorance!  It's chock full of amazing facts on the human body, mind and beyond!

But basically he said that the processes that are going on in the brain and nervous system—


"these processes generate electricity sending it in pulses at the rate of 200 miles per hour down through the spinal cord and all over the body.  There are at least 72,000 major wires conducting electricity through the body and millions of minor wires conducting smaller amounts of electricity through the body. As we have pointed out earlier, magnetism is always at right angles to electrical impulse passageways, so you can easily see now that the body is full of magnetism. Now the major electrical conduits (nadis) start in the brain and run to the base of the spine and since these nadis  are parallel to each other, they send up a process of mutual induction which amplifies the field pattern when they are in phase with each other which occurs when we are in mental harmony with the universe. The FIELD PATTERN has a definite embodiment and is called the magnetic aura. The aura has its North Pole in the third ventrical of the brain and its South Pole in the base of the spine. It is electrical, electrostatic and ionic in its content. It changes by nature of environment (of which air quality is a major factor), emotional status, and contents of foods and liquids digested. The outward radiation of the aura is powerfully affected by the thought content of the Mental body, the emotional qualities of the astral (spirit), and vital qualities of the Etherico-physical body....When healing is done, it is this body climate and aura of energies that has to be reached and reached through by the healer."






Below are illustrations from Dr. Fred Bell's book, Rays of Truth — Crystals of Light.  In the first drawing below, it states:  "The body determines your perceived consciousness."







Your Hydrogen Atoms Shift Every 24 Hours—in COLOR FREQUENCY!

The Pyradyne® Receptor re-balances your Hydrogen atoms so they are properly polarized and energized.  Below is the normal 24-hour process that the Hydrogen Atoms in your body go through:


The proton, or center of the hydrogen atom, weights 1,645 times more than its orbiting electron. Therefore, consciousness will be affected more by the heavier mass of the center [Proton] than it will be by the lesser mass of its orbiting Electron.

When you get up in the morning, you usually feel the purest you will feel that day. In the morning your Hydrogen Atoms are polarized to the Red frequency, and the focus is on getting up with energy to do something—focused on the Will. The Red end of the spectrum rainbow reaches the nucleus (the center) of the hydrogen atom—and the other end, which would be Violet, is felt strongly by the electron, the outer perimeter revolving particle with a smaller mass.

In the morning, when Red, the ray of will, energizes the hydrogen atom proton [the larger mass] the consciousness of Red (the will) animates our body. Will wakes us up from our sleep. It opens our eyes; it starts our day  on Earth.

At the end of the day, the Red color has switched over to the Electron, and the Violet energy is now focused on the Proton. Again, our thoughts change. By the evening, your Hydrogen Atoms have shifted back to Violet, and the focus is on Order, and on winding down the activities of the day and relaxing, and your "Red energy" has waned. 

Of course there are 7 basic colors in the rainbow, and each color corresponds to one of the seven levels of consciousness. So, during a 24-hour day each color touches the Proton and affects our consciousness to that level of correspondence (color). There is one exception, however—the color Green.

Green is the central frequency for Hydrogen in that it is not affected by time. Imagine the rainbow [of color frequencies] to be straight, rather than curved, and that you are looking at the end of it.  Now rotate the rainbow so it begins to spin on its axis. When this happens, the Red is on one end, and the Violet is on the other end.  Green is in the middle.  It doesn't move!  It is now the center of the hub. This is precisely how it behaves in the energy role within the hydrogen atom. It is a female energy, the color of nature, the sign of intellect in our consciousness, represented by the throat —our body's gateway between our head and our heart.






Positive Reinforcing Technologies within the Receptor

—Modern quantum physics and quantum biology 

—NASA Cassegrain technology 

—Pyramid technology and shape energy research 

—Color and filter technology 

—MASER tech (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) 

—LASER tech (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) 

—Homeopathic and Allopathic medical sciences, and Tibetan acupuncture


Why Should You Wear a Receptor?


It's long, but worth reading and TRULY LIFE-CHANGING!




The body, although chemical in nature, is also electrical.  Electricity controls each and every step of our cellular and organs growth.  A healthy individual reproduces cells at the rate of 50 million per second!  At this high reproduction rate, the entire red blood cellular system reproduces itself in 90 days.  The entire body, including all bones and brain cells, reproduces completely every seven years.  The integrity of this activity starts with the part of the cell known as the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid).   


 Guiding all of this electrical, biochemical and cellular activity is a super intelligence within the heart of the DNA itself—the Nuclear Membrane (NB), which interprets tiny command signals called Electrical Precursor Energies (EPCs). 

Nuclear Membrane (NB)


EPCs are themselves energies of consciousness that free-flow from the astral plane to the physical plane. Initially, to our waking consciousness, they are felt as basic emotions. The astral (Greek word meaning "starry") plane is often referred to by the Eastern cultures as the "emotional" plane, or center, where all emotions come from.

EPCs have energy to sustain life force—but also polarity. They can work FOR you or AGAINST you!  So as our society begins to embrace the conquest of space, tine and the stars, likewise it must begin to realize that subtle forces, such as EPCs, can no longer be regarded as subtle, but instead, should be recognized as being of the same magnitude as what we eat, drink and breathe in our bodies! 


EPCs are "Felt" by the Body

EPCs are "felt" by the body as good or bad feelings, thus giving them a polarity.  They, in turn, stimulate good our bad eicosanoids (pronounced eye-ko-sah-noids), which are the body's super hormones.  For those of you not familiar with hormones, they are the first units of biochemistry that possess total consciousness.  


There are 7 Levels of Consciousness

Within the body are SEVEN GLANDS called "endocrine glands"—one for each level of consciousness. 


Endocrine Glands


Endocrine glands are glands of the endocrine system that secret their products, HORMONES, directly into the blood rather than through a duct. The major glands of the endocrine system are:  Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, Thyroid, Thymus, Adrenal Glands, Pancreas, Ovaries/Testes. 

Connecting them to all of the other organs are 14 "energy conduits" called "meridians". The energy they conduct via the 14 meridians is called Bio Plasmic Force in Western terminology, and "Qi" or Chi (pronounced "chee") in the Eastern cultures. 


The 7 endocrine glands each correspond to one of the 7 levels of consciousness  

Surrounding each endocrine gland is a ganglia (group) of nerves originating from the parasympathetic nervous system.

This pathway, part of the 14 meridians, receives stimuli from the outside world. Some of the stimuli are received by the five senses; other stimuli are received from the surrounding environment; and some stimuli come from deep within the cosmos itself.

—Endocrine Glands
—14 Meridians (energy conduits)
—Qi (Chi) or Energy


How We Sense the World Around Us

In theory, the stimulation by one or more of the above routes triggers the release of hormones to the brain. The brain interprets these messages and via synaptic activity begins modulating switches—called Effector and Receptor sites—on and off at a rate that produces thought activity within the brain.

As these thoughts begin to match the stimuli from the endocrine centers, a wave of consciousness is felt as the awareness passes electronically via the aura throughout the entire body. In short, we become animated !  


It is within this animation process that the Pyradyne® Receptor functions.





Negative Technologies Impair the Body's Natural Processes

The Pyradyne® Receptor and Super Receptor™ are devices with positive reinforcing technologies that can, if properly utilized and understood, assist us in our efforts to once again see, hear, sense and feel the correct way to balance ourselves within this sea of energies.



Anything less and you will feel tired, repressed or "not all there".  And this, believe it or not, is directly associated with your body's relationship to the hydrogen atom.




The hydrogen atom, the basic atom of universal consciousness, vibrates on seven different levels, transforming consciousness into the cells it becomes a part of.  

Yes, you guessed correctly if you concluded that each vibrational level of the hydrogen atom corresponds to a level of consciousness!  Likewise, a sound and color correspondence exists.


7 LEVELS   •   7 COLORS   •   7 SOUNDS

In the center of the bridge of the Pyradyne® Receptor and Super Receptor™ is a colored clear stone, which is the "filter". The filter offsets the negative influence of the outside environment, allowing you to function normally and with high energy. 

Because the hydrogen atom has seven colors, and because everyone is exposed to stress, our hydrogen atoms are weakened on a "color level".  

Color therapy has been used by medical science for over 100 years to increase these weaker levels, but these Receptors go far beyond color therapy.





Before you purchase your Receptor, you need to find out which color you are weakest in right now so you can strengthen your body in that color frequency, by wearing that color of gemstone in the pendant—and begin making more new cells every second!  

"First we need to determine which color we are weakest in." 
—Dr. Fred Bell



Because your body reproduces itself every seven years, it will respond to the auric shift in a positive way.  New cells created while wearing the Receptor will be more "sensitized" to higher and more subtle energies.  In fact, your life will change the moment you put it on.  Because the body does respond, it's a good idea to retest yourself every year.  Sometimes you will respond very quickly to the Receptor's rays and will need to change to another colored gemstone. You can look at this phenomenon as a cellular bridge made up of seven links—each link a color of the rainbow.


Over time, you need to shift up to another color that you are testing weak in.  The Super Receptor is great for this because you can simply unlock the current gemstone and replace it with the color you're weak in (of the 7 colored gemstones it comes with).  Or, in your regular Receptor, you can have your jeweler remove the center gemstone and replace it with the next color gemstone you need to wear.   


The goal in wearing the Pyradyne® Nuclear Receptor™ is to strengthen your hydrogen atoms—COLOR BY COLOR—until you have strengthened ALL SEVEN COLORS OF THE MAJOR SEVEN ENDOCRINE GLANDS IN THE BODY.  When that is achieved, meaning each color/energy center is fully activated, energized and spinning properly, then THEIR FREQUENCIES COMBINE TO FORM WHITE LIGHT IN YOUR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD.


 A nice side benefit is that you wear a beautiful piece of jewelry while doing this!



Using Space-Age Technologies

Although the Receptor and Super Receptor are small in size, they are quite powerful.  Several space-age technologies are used in their construction. By the use of the parabolic curved lens, these Receptors trap stray energies like radiation, magnetism, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency), EMF (Electromagnetism), cellular, WiFi and other frequencies, electrical fields and myriad of different forces that are ever-present in our Eco-sphere of 21st Century pollutants.  

When properly worn, the Receptors hang vertically, thereby positioning several small differently-sized pyramids from an almost upside-down position at the top of the disc, to a nearly upright position at the bottom of the disc—a result of the parabolic curve across the face of the disc. The parabolic dish is designed to capture and amplify the power of gemstones, the resonating energy of pyramids, and the life-sustaining pattern of the Fibonacci Curve.



Parabolic Curve on Front Side of Receptor



As the field now enters the body, it begins to change the synaptic switching rate of the brain. The Nuclear Receptor™ is able to reach the synaptic regions in the human brain through the electromagnetic human aura.

Remember, on a very primary atomic level, we are made up of 3 gases—Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen—and one solid—Carbon.  That solid is in a pyramid shape, be it the Carbon atoms in our body or the pyramid-shaped Iron atoms located in each and every red blood cell that carries the life force. 

In nature, the Pyramid is an 8-sided octahedral structure, containing both male and female energies in perfect balance.

The Nuclear Receptor™ can help your body realign itself (as it was designed to do naturally) without the "slow down" of outside toxins and environmental pollution negativity affecting us.


The Nuclear Receptor™ makes the "link" become stronger—it re-balances energies of the body.

In the case of the frontal surface of the Receptors, we split the octahedral structure of the pyramid in half and position it so that the male (upper half) and the female (lower half) are divided.  Then, at a point in space, slightly in front of its forward surface, the two energy "halves" come together into perfect synthesis. This is known as the focal point and it is located within the center of the bridge.




As you look across the face of the Receptor, you'll see a pattern that is formed by not only the positioning, but also the size of the different pyramids. This arrangement conforms to what science calls the Fibonacci (Phi) Curve. With exacting standards, the parabolic dish is designed to capture and amplify the natural frequencies color, the resonating energy of pyramids, and the life-sustaining pattern of the Fibonacci Curve.

If you were to look at a single pyramid, such as one found in Pyradyne's Receptors or a Pyradyne® Headgear Pyramid—or even the Great Pyramid in Egypt—you would find a couple of interesting facts:

1.  If the ratio of the height of the Pyramid to its apex is compared to the radius of a circle, then divided into the distance around the Pyramid's base, the result is pi (π).

2.  If you wound a coil around the Pyramid, starting at the top and continuing to its base, the ratio of the length of the coil as it varies from turn to turn would define Phi, or the Fibonacci Series.  Named after Leonardo Bigolio Fibonacci (circa 1179), this series of numbers defines the natural order of growth from cells to the order of petals on a rose—the numbers progress 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.  

The arrangement and sizes of the pyramids on the Receptor face also are placed according to the Fibonacci Series.

Pyramids Define Basic Mathematical Theorem 




By the combined arrangements of the above-mentioned facts, all stray or spurious energies that come in contact with the Receptor face are "factored" and scaled into what is known in science as "scalar waves."


Scalar waves are, by nature, the conditioning energies behind the intelligence of DNA. Because they operate in "scale" of the nature of the form of all matter, they are timeless—but not shapeless. Being timeless, they are present on all the seven levels of consciousness, yet they individually are not conscious. It is this lack of consciousness that makes them easily programmable by consciousness and directly usable to correct out-of-phase shifts within the confines of the Hydrogen atom.  In simple terms:  the Hydrogen atom directs all energy used for motion, intelligence, feeling and expression on the physical plane.  When our individual energy is low, or our physical healing potential impaired, the Hydrogen atom is the place to "fix it."


Remember, you have to heal yourself, but devices such as the Pyradyne® Receptor and Super Receptor can put aside man-made environmental pollution and allow the body to achieve maximum healing potential.

—Dr. Fred Bell



Dr. Fred Bell said (page 123 of The Inside Track book):

“The Higgs field has the same strength in all directions.  This in scientific terms, is given the name Scalar.  

I have found in my research that the scalar wave is affected by shape energy. 

This is logical, because any time a form interrupts space and time, that interruption by form constitutes mass.  Some forms have a tendency to oscillate amongst themselves. The shape that I have been working with that has tremendous oscillation potential within is a pyramidal shape, consisting of an octahedral, or four-sided Pyramid. Place one right side up, and the other upside down, underneath, creates a perfect octahedron. This is the natural shape of hemoglobin, the red blood cell in our body.

Scalar waves can be used to correct the imbalances in the hydrogen atom.  The Receptor jewelry uses scalar waves in this process.


"Scalar waves are self-contained three-dimensional waves that spin on a fixed axis. Non-linear waves propagate throughout the body via the crystalline lattices of the elaborate collagen network.

Clerk Maxwell discovered Scalar Waves in the mid 1800s. Scalar Waves increase the energy covalent level of every single hydrogen atom in the body as verified by spectrograph. This is significant in that hydrogen bonds are what hold DNA together.  

The human body has crystalline structures in every cell wall that are capable of holding a charge. 

The shape of scalar waves is reminiscent of the multiple helical structure of DNA as it folds in on itself. 

Quantum Mechanical models describe subatomic particles that can store and carry biological information along helical macromolecules like DNA. This indicates that scalar energy is capable of imprinting itself in the DNA.

The Scalar Wave is not bound by third-dimensional laws. Scalar wave fields function in a self-referral and self-generating manner. They are unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter. Medical implications are enormous. By just reversing the damaged cells back to a previous physical state, this gives a physics mechanism for controlled cellular de-differentiation, in biology terms. 

Physicians will time-reverse diseased, damaged or aged cells back to an earlier healthy condition, including all the cellular genetics. Normal cells are just reversed to a slightly younger condition. ”


Quote above from Wikipedia at this link:
See Scalar field - Wikipedia



English: This video details the scalar field:
where σ is increasing by a value of 1 over the course of the video.
Date:  24 December 2012, 10:51:53
Source: Own work
Author: Quintus
I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Many thanks to Quintus, the author of the above animation!



The Back of the Receptor bears a pattern quite different from the face. 

Jahnin Mantram Design on Back Side of Receptor


Energy Is Further Refined Through the Back of the Receptor 


This, again, deals with polarity.  Although the scalar wave is created with the merging of the stray energies and the pyramids' effect on the parabolic dish, this energy, once inside the gemstone filter located on the apex of the bridge, becomes Bio Plasmic Life Force procuring energy, or "Qi". 

Of course, this energy has polarity. And, in order to be properly utilized, it must be presented to the body harmoniously. 


The Coriolis Effect


Did you ever pull the plug on the bathtub drain and watch the direction of the whirlpool that is formed? North of the equator it spins clockwise, and south of the equator, counterclockwise. This phenomenon is known as the Coriolis Effect.  Bio Plasmic Force enters our time, interacts with polarized fields (such as magnetic fields), and propels the electrons around the protons in the cells of our bodies—or, on a greater scale, causes the Earth to rotate on its axis. In our own body systems, the first effect is noticed via pH balance as the energy moves through the hydrogen atoms in our bodies. This, then, causes proper enzyme activity which, of course, means proper metabolism.

To solve the problem we at Pyradyne® use a stacked microwave trap, much like the ones used on high frequency radar, to prevent internal arcing. We arrange this trap in what is called a Jahnin Mantram (see above) and positioned it on the back of the Receptor. When the energy leaves the gemstone on the front and is returned to the back, it is directed to a levorotatory spin as it enters the body.

Space-Age Tech in a 1.5 Inch Disc

The Cassegrin Method


Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere


A discussion of the design of the Receptor cannot be complete without remarking on its small size for such a functional device. Pyradyne® utilized a NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) technique called the "Cassegrin Method"which allows a shortening of the entire system.

If this Cassegrin Method was not employed, it would take a parabolic dish FIFTY FEET ACROSS to accomplish what the amazing Receptor does in this space of one-and-one-half inches !


The hypothalamus, often called the emotional brain/mind, is a linkage of bodies energy centers that, when combined into your consciousness, causes a physical change in the operation of your endocrine system.  This is a very important "integration", and the Receptor can play a major role in this development.






The body is 5% MINERAL. This 5% controls the other 95% of the body.



The body then needs ENZYMES of a proper pH balance, 5.5-7.5, in order to assimilate any form of nutritional substance.



The body needs VITAMINS next.  Vitamins can be defined as the first unit of biochemistry that contains light. Of the many known types of vitamins, they all break down into one of seven categories, each corresponding to a level of consciousness.



The body next combines PROTEINS into PEPTIDES and POLYPEPTIDES, which then eventually form hormones. Hormones, of course, are the first units of biochemistry that contains consciousness.



HORMONES are the first units of biochemistry that contains consciousness.


Strangely enough, when viewed in a laboratory, all vitamins, with the exception of vitamin E, polarize light to the left, and are therefore called levorotatory.

Most substances, with the exception of vitamin E, that polarize light to the right are considered poisons.



Cyanide, curare, strychnine, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sodium nitrite, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propionic acid, calcium propionate, benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, methylparabens, propylparabens, and sodium nitrate are all poisons.

Believe it or not, with the exception of curare, everything mentioned in the above paragraph is either found in processed or store-bought foods, or is used in fertilizers that are sprayed on the vegetables and fruits, unless they are clearly marked "Organically Grown."

 [WIKIPEDIA:—According to the Pesticide Action Network North America, calcium propionate is slightly toxic.[10] Calcium propionate can be used as a fungicide on fruit.[11]}


Pyradyne's different vitamin and mineral formulas combat many of the "free radical"-forming effects of these deadly poisons that food manufacturers so carelessly use. Once the HORMONES are in place, they are orchestrated by vibration and sent directly to the blood.  It goes without question that if the BLOOD is not PURE, there will be problems transmitting the consciousness messages from the hormones to the brain once the blood has transported the hormones there.


The Receptor helps purify and balance the biochemical constituents within the blood itself.  This then allows the electrical fields of the hypothalamus to combine and produce a truly integrated, conscious effect on the body's currents—referred to here as the "emotional brain/mind". Unfortunately, the hypothalamus in most people is not functional.

This is demonstrated by SYMPTOMS OF IMBALANCE:

1. Poor Health Conditions

2. Nervousness

3. Indecision

4. Both Overweight and Underweight Conditions

5. Poor Complexion

6. Hair Loss

7. A myriad of other "symptoms"

Granted, poor nutrition, bad health habits and environmental pollution contribute to these conditions, but we are looking for an underlying factor here.


The hypothalamus is part of what is called the diencephalon of the forebrain. This part of the forebrain (frontal area) lies within the confines of the third ventricle. It includes structures known as the optic chiasma (eyes), tuber cinereum, infundibulum and mammillary bodies. As the hypothalamus extends down into the chest, it includes the thalamus gland (immune system). It continues further down into the body, reaching the adrenal cortex (solar plexus). Here it affects the pancreas and finally it terminates at the base of the spine energy center. So you can see why it is called the "emotional brain/mind."



When the body receives too many negative Electrical Precursors (stress), and if the hypothalamus is out of balance, one of the body's related locations—the adrenals—will react in a negative manner and secrete a hormone, norepinephrine, which will cause the blood vessels to constrict and raise blood pressure, which is unhealthy!

On the other hand, if the hypothalamus is balanced, its response to excess stress will be to block it, and then process it into creative energy.

When stressed, most people "react" rather than "process". 




The hypothalamus works like an aerial that picks up and receives vibration and stimuli.

When you tune a radio to listen to different stations, you can hear good music, maybe noisy static, or even distressing news or a talk radio show. However, you have control of what you'd like to listen to. 

The body, as it moves through the situations of life, acts in the same way. You can control the "effects" of the situations that are presented. That doesn't mean that you always have control of what the situation "is," but you have control over what the situation "does" to your physical health and well-being.


How Can the Receptor Strengthen the Hypothalamus? (shown above and below)

As stated before, the hypothalamus is an aerialIt is an integration of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  It starts in the third ventricle of the brain, which is the north pole of the human aura.  Also located within the third ventricle are the pineal gland (emotional and spiritual control) and the pituitary gland (the physical body control)—see above drawing. The Emotional Brain/Mind extends down to the solar plexus (seat of compassion) and terminates at the base of the spine, which is the south pole of the aura (seat of creativity and reproduction)It is electrical in physical nature, and emotional in astral nature.

Because it is a physical compliment to the entire aura system, the hypothalamus is highly susceptible to Electrical Precursing Energies (EPCs) that control all of the body's electrical, and finally, physical conditions!


Interestingly enough, THIS IS RIGHT WHERE YOU HOLD YOUR CELL PHONE NEXT TO YOUR HEAD!  A Dutch engineer at the Swedish telecom company Ericsson developed Bluetooth in 1994. Bluetooth used a frequency with a less strong signal for Near Field Communication (NFC) so it does not subject the brain to higher frequency radio signals. Swedes began using Bluetooth to keep cell phones further from the head and body to avoid strong brain and body interference during cellular phone data transmission. Use of Bluetooth devices has spread worldwide.



—ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies)

—EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies)

—Cellular frequencies from towers and devices

—WiFi devices and WiFi networks' frequencies

—Various Radio frequencies

—Satellite Transmission frequencies


For details on all frequencies, see the Frequency Chart on page 270 in the book by Dr. Fred Bell, The Inside Track (very important to know!).


The Aging Process.

Before birth our DNA has 46 base pairs per turn to direct a full complement of instructions to reproduce cells with a high vitality level.

The DNA slowly UNWINDS, and we produce fewer cells per second as we age.

By age 55, there are only 6 base pairs per turn left !!! This causes cells not to receive a full set of instructions, which allows aging.

When one lives out of harmony with natural law, creating stress, this reverses the polarity patterns within your cells, which are necessary for a long lifespan and a health immune system.

The Nuclear Receptor is not meant as a device for cheating on the aging process—rather, a device to be used with other methods such as proper eating habits, nutrition, exercise and the consumption of large amounts of water on a daily basis for your overall improvement in health.


Our bodies require foods and vitamins that have a tendency to rotate or polarize light spin to the left (levorotatory).

These characteristics are determined by the arrangement of the super forces deep within the heart of the atom, which in turn, directs by impulsion, the intelligence to the 12 billion nucleic acids within the center of all our cells—our DNA.

As we evolve and become more intelligent and aware of ourselves and our surroundings, the cells within our bodies vibrate at higher vibration rates. This allows us to become more sensitive to each other and our surroundings, and our children to progress, and our physical lifespans to get longer.


It's important, therefore, to wear the right color in the Receptor.


How Is Human Body & Energy System Affected by Outside and Inside Influences?

The human aura, which is one source of our feelings, is produced by the passage of electrical currents in a linear manner throughout our bodies. The sodium potassium pumps within our central nervous network are composed of over 72,000 nadies, which are modulated by the external and internal forces we encounter each day.


 Cells are Polarized

Our external environment is not polarized properly, which stresses out our immune system and shortens our lifespan.  Man's progress in biochemistry is moving towards real breakthroughs in longevity, but only recently have electrical potentials and polarity requirements of the cell been recognized by science as a necessary precursor for proper biochemical metabolization, which will enhance and facilitate proper nutrient uptake and assimilation.


Minerals and Consciousness

Our bodies are 5% Mineral by nature—and that 5% controls the metabolism and behavior of the remaining 95% of the body!


Human metabolism of minerals occurs at 3 basic frequencies, or octaves, and resounds or makes its effects known through 3 separate nervous systems, which behave much like a filter network.


The lowest vibration with the highest currents occurs in the region of iron, manganese, cobalt and zinc, in the aura band of 18-20 Hertz (cycles per second), operated throughout the human body via the autonomic nervous network. This makes possible a variety of functions such as heartbeat, respiratory and other unconscious functions that are vitally essential for basic metabolic processes.


The second band of minerals, such as chromium, silver, selenium, germanium and copper, work in the alpha theta band, which is from 7-18 Hertz. These reflective minerals synthesize into usefulness through the sympathetic nervous wreath, and are felt as the sensations of pain, hot, cold, good taste, bad taste and thoughts such as, "I am hungry" and "I am full."


The third band of minerals, such as gold, titanium, europium, neodymium and other rare earth minerals, commonly referred to as trace minerals, are synthesized in the beta frequency band, or below 7 Hertz. The family of contemplative minerals makes its presence through the parasympathetic nervous wreath, and are the basis for intuition and deep, harmonious sleep, called REM sleep. Take away any of these vital minerals and you automatically will have a physical behavioral problem.


Hemoglobin vs. Chlorophyll

Once the minerals are present, enzymes make possible the metabolism of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Some vitamins, of course, are enzymes. But basically what is happening is as the body systems approach the proper pH (Potential Hydrogen), the energy transfer of the solar rays from the sun, via the plant kingdom, becomes very efficient.

Chlorophyll, which is like hemoglobin, with the exception that instead of having four iron atoms in the nucleus, as hemoglobin does, it has four magnesium atoms, and transfers the green part of the light spectrum directly into our cells in the form of readily useable ATP. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) thus allows cells to form seven different capillary reservoirs called endocrine glands.

The endocrine system works by relaxation of the membrane walls, and the result is a supply of hormones eventually reaching the brain.

The brain functions as a two-fold switch, allowing the body to experience one or more of SEVEN LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


The brain—as a switch—has two types of contacts occurring at the synaptic level. 

above photo shows receptor sites with active functioning


The first switch is called the Effector, and is normally closed.  Acetylcholine, when presented to the effector's neuron sites, will cause a contraction, thus opening the paths of electrical conductivity.

On the other hand, the Receptor sites are normally open, and when hormones such as epinephrine appear, conduction and passage of electrical current down into the body begins.


All our feelings (i.e., sexual, energy, motivation, meditation, contemplation and metabolization) are triggered in this fashion as long as all of the catalyzing ingredients previously mentioned are present. Each endocrine gland can be triggered by the appropriate vibration from a mineral, gemstone, sound, planetary influence, lunar influence, electromagnetic wave or color. This then releases the physical counterpart via the endocrine system, and thus switches the brain to the appropriate octave.


The electromagnetic field around the human body—the "aura"—is a good indicator of overall body health.


The amount of radiation we are exposed to over time affects our health. Radiation can kill or harm us slowly, or all at once as it did in Japan. What is does is do free radical damage to our cells, which eventually causes fatigue and, ultimately, organ failure.

At Pyradyne we've learned many lessons about preventing free radical damage, and several of our products help prevent free radicals from occurring in our body systems.


All of our Pyradyne Formulas contain both Gotu Kola and Ginseng.

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Our Anti-Oxidant Formula contains L Cystine, an amino acid that helps prevent cellular damage resulting from daily exposure to radiation.

Our Essential Fatty Acid Formula contains Vitamin E and other oils that build the electrolytes that are so necessary for body vitality.

One of the greatest scavengers of precious brain and body electrolytes is car exhaust and the resulting carbon monoxide (CO3) buildup in our blood and brain.


Changing the Body's Electromagentic Field

Equally important, alongside consumption of these precious daily nutrients, are the Pyradyne® Receptor and Pyradyne Headgear pyramids.




As the Headgear and the Receptor are worn daily over a period of time, there is a tremendous change in the wearer's aura field.


This is because a healthy body is rebuilding cells at the rate of 50 million per second!  As you probably have deduced by now, most people do not produce cells at this rate, and are, in most cases, unhealthy.




 When the Receptor is worn on a regular basis, several things begin to happen:



The cells in the body receive a stronger complement of proper frequencies via the Hydrogen atom to the cells.


Cell groups, such as nerve cells, brain cells and organ cells, begin to vibrate on higher, more "natural" frequencies. These natural frequencies shed or discharge the lower "pockets of toxins" that lower your vitality. These pockets are called "mast cells" and harbor body toxins. 


The bodies energy systems, via the hypothalamus emotional brain/mind, come into proper phasing and synchronization, resulting in clearer thinking, better hearing and vision.


The overall auric field becomes charged in such a way that disruptions of events in time and space move away. Don't be surprised if your circle of friends begins to change. A positive electromagnetic field will cleanse the surrounding area–and that may include relationships. Don't worry, more compatible individuals always replace the ones who drain your energy. If you are surrounded by draining individuals and don't change, you will become drained!


The amount of time and the "quality" of your sleep will change. The Receptors, Super Receptors, Quantum Series Receptors and the Pyradyne Headgear—discharge long-term toxins from the brain and mast cells of the body. This opens the way for the emotional body (astral body) to properly connect to the physical. This "connection" enhances the flow of energy from the higher centers to the lower ones. A good comparison would be to try to watch a movie on TV with the brightness and sound turned all the way down. You could not see nor hear very much.  When your body discharges toxins, the light of perception and consiousness shines through from your soul directly to your personality!

Lactic Acid = Mind Drift

You use most of your energy overcoming gravity.  This means that you use your muscles to do almost everything phhysical on a daily basis. Spent muscle tissue produces lactic acid or a waste byproduct in the bloodstream. By the end of a long day, there is so much lactic acid in the bloodstream that the brain can't communicate clearly with the body. Our attention starts to drift, our interests wane and our body feels heavy. Eventually, we give up and go to bed.
Although this is a natural process, it is greatly accelerated by our polluted environment. Here is where the Receptors and Pyradyne Headgear pyramids come into play to assist the body to detoxify those unwanted agents of stress. The Pyramid Headgear and Receptor, however, work differently. Both accomplish the same end result.  But this is not the only end result of the Pyradyne Receptor or Pyramid Headgear, as each performs many OTHER individual functions.


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