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The New Super Receptor

The Most Functional Jewelry In The World, Just Got More Functional...




When Megan took over Pyradyne in 2012 after her father, Dr. Fred Bell's sudden tragic passing her vision was to continue her fathers dreams and everything he worked so hard throughout his life for. Megan wanted to bring Pyradyne to more and more people across the world, without compromising any of his work. Understanding this, one of her main focuses was requests from Pyradyne customers, this being the most common request... "When and how do we change the Gemstones in the Nuclear Receptor necklace?"

Over the last year Megan has been experimenting with different techniques that would allow people to easily change their own gemstones when they are ready, without compromising the function of the Nuclear Receptor necklace or its unique design...
And so, after much time and effort Megan is proud to introduce the arrival of our NEW signature Super Receptor necklace!

"Yes it is stunning but most importantly, it's functional!" -Megan Bell

The Super Receptor will come with 7 gemstones which are selected by you from almost 20 different stone choices, complete with a simple press, twist and turn locking key. The Super Receptor will be available in the original 3 and 4 Leg Wave Receptor designs, in Gold, Silver and Platinum.




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Low rate finance options available for purchases!

We are so excited to announce we now have finance options available to all qualified US customers! Pyradyne has partnered up with Klarna USA, to bring you the Buy Now, Pay Later option for almost all purchases! 

You can now enjoy the ability to pay over 12 or 18 months on qualifying purchases, pending immediate credit approval! Financing is currently only offered to the USA at this time but we will be expanding to other countries soon and will keep you updated on our progress! 
**The Buy Now, Pay Later option will not appear at the checkout if you have any Health Supplements in your cart. Health Supplements cannot be financed.  Offer is subject to credit approval.  Click to learn more about Klarna.**

Learn more by visiting our FAQ page or by clicking here. 


If you have any questions please get in touch via our chat or fill out our Contact Page Form! 






Pyradyne Living


The truth is most of us aren't living our dreams, but most importantly we are not living to our fullest potential which we believe is the very reason we were brought into this world. Pyradyne Living with Megan Bell are FREE videos and program which helps you shift your daily habits and implement KEY components into achieving the success you deserve in your life, no matter who you are or what your 'circumstance'. 




We invite you to join us on the journey which starts with YOU on unleashing your creative power that lays latent inside of you that is just waiting to burst out! Want to know the really cool part? ITS FREE! Yes thats right, Megan Bell is COMMITTED to adding VALUE to your life and help you achieve your dreams! Send us your information by clicking HERE and join us on our journey of Raising Global Consciousness and freeing humanity from the limitations we have allowed to be placed over ourselves.


Pyradyne has partnered with non-profit organization Save The Children and donates profits every month in the hopes to make a difference and provide stability, support and shelter to children in need all across the world. 

 Select the Subscribe & Save option when choosing your Health Supplements to enroll in this program and start saving 10% on your monthly re-occurring! For more information about our Subscribe & Save Program, please visit our FAQ page or click here.