6ft Bed Portamid & Gold Capstone


$ 1,999.00 


The Bed Portamid is a silver 6ft steel square pyramid, complete with 24k gold plated Capstone. Used to provide a stress, radiation and interruption free environment.

The gold Capstone increases the calming and tranquilizing effects of the Portamid. It utilizes a large amount of pure 24k gold over a solid surface area that reflects the apex energy down the base of the Portamid. This gives the Portamid an increase of about 10 times the available energy and power.

Benefits from sleeping under the Bed Portamid include:

  • Detoxification of the entire body
  • Greater relaxation and peace of mind
  • Higher energy and vitality
  • Deeper meditation
  • Restful sleep

Designed to fit a twin, queen, king and Cali king size bed, simply follow the directions and slot pieces into once another. The main frame color is grey/silver and the capstone is 24k Orgone Gold, so alignment to the north is not necessary. 

Total assembly time 15-20 minutes.

Total Weight: 75lbs - UPS DELIVERY ONLY

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Ships within 2-5 Business Days

**Bed not included. (Photograph shows a black steel Portamid, the item being shipped will be silver in color with Gold Capstone).

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