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Super Receptor - Corinthian Bronze with 24k Gold Plating

Super Receptor - Corinthian Bronze with 24k Gold Plating - Pyradyne
Super Receptor - Corinthian Bronze with 24k Gold Plating - Pyradyne
Super Receptor - Corinthian Bronze with 24k Gold Plating - Pyradyne
$ 599.00

PYRADYNE® Super Receptor Necklace - Corinthian Bronze with 24k Gold Plating

Comes with 7 Gemstones & Locking Key


The Perfect Mix of Beauty and Function™



The beautiful Pyradyne Receptor is the original 1975 patented Nuclear Receptor invented and patented by Dr. Fred Bell, a quantum physicist, rocket scientist, naturopathic doctor and nutritionist. (Dr. Fred Bell was a descendant of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone.)  It is the true Original Wearable Technology for Everyone™.

The Super Receptor is exquisite high-tech jewelry you wear to increase your energy and well-being. It improves the vibration of your hydrogen atoms and more.

It is a scalar wave device that works using a proprietary patented process that captures and amplifies the power of gemstones, the resonating energy of pyramids, and the life-sustaining pattern of the Fibonacci Curve.  It is exactingly calibrated and masterfully handcrafted. (Imitation products won’t work the same and are just based on guesses about how Pyradyne’s original Receptor works.)  The Super Receptor goes beyond normal color therapy.


The Super Receptor unleashes the stored energies of the gemstone and transmits them via scalar waves deep into the aura of the wearer, where these vital, pure and perfect increments of the life force are transformed into the cells of health and consciousness.


The PYRADYNE® Super Receptor is an amazing necklace with positive reinforcing technologies that can, if properly utilized and understood, assist you  in your efforts to once again see, hear, sense and feel the correct way to balance within this sea of energies.



Easily change Gemstones when you are ready using the Locking Key (this feature is only available on the Super Receptor). Simply place the PYRADYNE® Locking Key over the gemstone center, align each groove, press down, then TWIST LEFT TO UNLOCK the gemstone, and TWIST RIGHT TO LOCK the gemstone.  Please ensure when setting in a new stone that it sits flat and is locked in securely before wearing to avoid your gemstone falling out while in use.  It is advised that you wear the color and type of gemstone your body is testing weakest in, then graduate slowly to the next color of gemstone you are weakest in, to continue increasing your body's energy levels.



Balances and rejuvenates the body

—Enables the mind and body to function at 100% of healing capacity, amplifying its natural power and abilities

—Enables the body to PROCESS AWAY NEGATIVE ENERGIES—harmonizes away free radicals, food preservatives, pesticides, toxins, environmental pollution, toxic fossil fuel hydrocarbons (car exhaust), chemicals, steroids in food, and stress.

Protects against bad frequencies and radiation—EMF (electromagnetic) and ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation, electrical fields, electrical appliances radiation, microwave radiation, magnetism, solar and nuclear radiation, WiFi networks and devices radiation, cellular tower and cellphone radiation, radiation from satellites around earth, and other frequencies causing radiation

Detoxifies nerve cells, brain cells and organ cells

Unblocks the endocrine, hormone and chakra centers

Helps purify and balance the biochemical constituents in the blood, strengthening the emotional/brain mind

Increases brain energy —shifts it up to higher vibrational performance levels

—Sends that energy throughout the body, re-energizing the whole body!

Enhances DNA and RNA (rewinds DNA)—handles DNA life extension [“The Receptor transmits an electrical precursor in a signal that transforms, on the atomic level, DNA and all related components into harmonious vibrating cells. These, in turn, over a period of time, readjust unbalanced body conditions—thereby contributing to the RE-SPIRALING OF THE DNA, which in turn becomes a factor in biological life extension.” —Dr. Fred Bell, end of Chapter 10, The Inside Track book]

Increases mental ability, energy and physical strength, balancing your metabolism

—Helps you work with more focus, mental clarity, creativity and imagination (via proper phasing of hypothalamus)

Improves the quality of your sleep

The center gemstone you put into the Super Receptor directs the color and light frequency you need into your body, creating hydrogen atom harmonic balancing in weakened areas. The gemstone relates to your chakra energy centers, endocrine glands and hormonal system in the body.


Once you start wearing the Pyradyne Super Receptor with the proper gemstone frequency for you, your aura will shift frequency.


See Precious Metal & Bronze Vibrations to learn the effects and strengths of the different vibrations (or see below).


The Super Receptor uses SCALAR WAVES that are generated via the “tremendous oscillation potential within the pyramid shape” (p. 123, The Inside Track book)—to create energy in the body, then that energy is transformed into the human psyche, enabling the body’s healing process to speed up. Scalar waves can be used to correct the imbalances in the hydrogen atom.


English: This video details the scalar field:
where σ is increasing by a value of 1 over the course of the video.
Date:  24 December 2012, 10:51:53
Source: Own work
Author: Quintus
I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Many thanks to Quintus, the author of the above animation!


Positive Reinforcing Technologies incorporated in the Super Receptor

—Modern quantum physics and quantum biology 

—NASA Cassegrain technology 

—Ancient pyramid technology and shape energy research

—Crystal, gem and filter technology 

—MASER tech (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) 

—LASER tech (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) 

—Homeopathic and Allopathic medical sciences, Tibetan acupuncture, and Pleiadian science


See the Receptor Color Chart here (OR BELOW) to find out the different effects that all the color gemstones/frequencies can have on the body.

Each color or colors of the semi-precious or precious gemstones set into the Super Receptors corresponds to specific body functions, creating balance in weakened areas.









Corinthian Bronze 24k Gold-Plated parabolic Pyradyne Super Receptor Pendant

—27-inch 24k Gold-Plated Chain

—7 Gemstones automatically are included with the Corinthian Bronze Super Receptor. They are:  Zircon, Ruby, Pink Tourmaline, Citrine, Emerald, Blue Topaz and Amethyst. They represent 7 different colors of gemstones.

Locking Key and Leather Box

—Digital operation Manual (a FREE PDF will be emailed to you after purchase) explaining how to care for your Super Receptor and much more! This manual also explains Pyradyne’s other jewelry products in detail.

—Free Shipping to USA

—Patent and copyright protected

—All orders are custom made. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery from the date ordered. Custom Orders and discounted merchandise sales are final.

—Get the flexibility to pay over time; financing options are available see below). This is available at Checkout.


You may also order ADDITIONAL SINGLE GEMSTONES at any time for the Super Receptor by clicking here:  Super Receptor Single Gemstones




Test yourself, have a friend help you do a muscle test or other test, or be tested by a Pyradyne representative to wear a Super Receptor. This is important so you can get the benefits from the Super Receptor and its integrated technologies. You need to find out which color you are weak in, then choose that color of gemstone for your Super Receptor. The "Self Muscle Test" in the next link helps you find out in which part of the body the hydrogen atom needs repairing. The gemstone will determine which energy chakra, endocrine gland or hormonal system is affected.

Click Here to see the Tests you can do right now by yourself or with help from another person to see which color gemstone and metal is best for you to wear in the Super Receptor. 

—If you’d like help to determine the right color gemstone and metal you need now, Pyradyne can help. Chat with us on the website, send us an email to   or call us at (623) 295-9224. We're glad to help you!



The purer the metal and molecular structure, the higher will be the vibratory frequency.  You may add Silver Plating, Gold Plating or Platinum Platlng to certain Receptors.  These precious metal platings work in the same direction as the solid metals, but the solid metals have the strongest vibrational effect.

Solid Sterling Silveris a pure metal with a tetrahedral molecular structure and absorbs the most radiation, compared to the other metals.

Silver is slighly more intense than Gold.  Only the silver Receptors need to be washed daily in water to wash off the daily radiation they absorb.  Dr. Fred Bell always recommended the Silver Receptor as the best to use, for this reason.

Solid Gold—Solid gold may give you more energy because of the gold octahedron molecule. The gold molecule is softer and more subtle in its vibration than silver is.  Gold adds a calming and balancing vibration, increasing energy and relaxing you.  Gold has a high vibratory level and is one of the purest metals on the planet.

Platinum—is an extremely high-energy metal which amplifies communicaton. Solid Platinum has the most intense energetic vibration, and the most highly stimulating and amplifying frequency of all metals. A solid Platinum Holographic Projector is one of Pyradyne’s strongest devices. Platinum is darker in color than silver.

Corinthian Bronze Alloy—Corinthian Bronze is a mix of bronze, silver, cadmium zinc and gold. Our Bronze Receptors work very well and utilize the correct shape design, yet they include cadmium zinc in their molecular structure and only absorb a minimal amount of radiation. 


The Pyradyne Super Receptor is an amazing necklace device that, when properly understood and utilized, can assist you to once again see, hear, sense and feel the correct way to balance yourself within the sea of energies moving around you and through you.


“Healing is the balance of the body’s cell structure, organ structure and overall architecture on the mental, physical and spiritual levels. The Nuclear Receptor balances the physical body and a little bit of the astral body. So when you put the body into balance, it heals itself. Nothing can heal you externally; you have to heal yourself—one of the reasons we don’t make medical claims.”

— Fred Bell, Ph.D.




Jonathan on Aug 08, 2018


After looking for alternative ways to heal myself of my meniere's disease, P.O.T.Syndrome, and aneurysm, and along with my multi-year history of concussions related to sports I found Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Patrick Flanagan (who worked with Dr. Bell), and then Dr. Fred Bell along with a few others.

I bought the Pyradyne gold nuclear super-receptor first and had amazing results with a reduction in stress, lightening of head pressure and an an improved emotional outlook. I then bought the silver receptor and experienced an increase in energy, more-so with an effect on my mental functioning. I have only worn both receptors for a period of about a month but can really feel them working. I felt so good with my gold receptor that I even wore it when I slept. (however Megan doesn't recommend this because it could be damaged, become hard to fall asleep. etc.)

As stated by Dr. Bell and Megan, the gold receptor has a very calming and soothing energy, that for me, helps with trauma and stress.

I have also bought the Vitamid, Raydome and Silver Powerdome. Each has its own distinct effect but all seem to "alkalyze, and provide a negative ion effect to [my] body" as Dr. bell had stated in his BBS Radion show and in his book Rays of Truth. 

I really enjoy using pyradyne products and I don't plan on taking my receptor off anytime soon.

Hopefully I can make a few videos on youtube to explain my experiences associated with the different metals on the receptors and pyramids.




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