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Death of Ignorance - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell

Death of Ignorance - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell - Pyradyne
Death of Ignorance - paperback by Dr. Fred Bell - Pyradyne
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Death of Ignorance - paperback book by Dr. Fred Bell

New Age Science and an introduction to metaphysics; how it affects our daily lives and those we interact with

The very first book Dr. Bell wrote, Republished in 2009

  • Cosmo Genesis: how man's mind and body interact with the living spirit in us
  • Electricity: how direct and alternating currents are created; how they perform body functions
  • Pyramid and shape energy: how it affects our bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Pollution:  the effect on you and your family; how to protect yourself and make a difference

"For those searching for identity. Death of Ignorance, a new book by Fred Bell, Ph.D., unfolds man's spacial relationship from primal energy, to the stars and planets, to his personal pathway, to immortality.  Death of Ignorance is the most fascinating illuminating reading I've discovered in 20 years!  In language which is scientifically invulnerable, vividly descriptive (with lots of illustrations), Dr. Bell has succeeded in synthesizing knowledge of the ancients in all of the disciplines with space-age technology, with common sense and unmatched brilliance of understanding.

For professionals and laymen alike, Death of Ignorance brings info focus science, physics, and metaphysics in a gripping style and lucidity.  It's a book which appeals to youth—and to minds of all ages which have retained the curiosity and daring of youth.  It's an adventure into T-I-M-E—past, present and future; it's the type of unique insight which has shaped man's destiny."

—Betty Lee Moralies, Ph.D. - Knighted by the Queen Mother of England, Former President of Cancer Control Society - Los Angeles, CA 1979

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"My twin sister and I live in the Ocala National Forest in central Florida, we observe chemtrails in the sky daily. I have an eight-foot portamid pyramid over my bed, and a five foot one over the table I sit at in my workshop. I purchased them over eight years ago, along with a super receptor, two head gear pyramids and read Dr. Bell’s books, “Death of Ignorance”, and “Rays of Truth”. I can’t imagine my life without these wonderful healing and detoxifying tools. Our friends and family love coming to visit us, they can feel the peaceful relaxing atmosphere created by the pyramids. Wherever I go I am seeing stressed out people, overly irritated drivers, totally unaware of the chem trail additives they are breathing in. This is just not the way the world is supposed to be. Sometimes I get comments about my pyramid sun hat I wear over my head gear pyramid, which gives me an opportunity to explain how it works and talk about Dr. Bell’s books. Dear family of Dr. Fred Bell, I want you to know how very courageous you are to carry on your father’s mission to put the truth out to a world that’s gotta get right. Or we may not be here much longer, at least, not as humans with human emotion."  - Betty Harbison, USA




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