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Dowsing Rods - Pyradyne
Dowsing Rods - Pyradyne

Dowsing Rods

$ 49.00

Two Copper Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods can be used for muscle testing, asking questions, finding missing objects, showing the human Auric energy field, and much more!

Dowsing is an unexplained process in which you use two wire sticks to find missing and hidden objects. Dowsing, also known as divining and doodlebugging, is often used to search for water or missing jewelry, but it is also often employed in other applications including ghost hunting, crop circles and fortunetelling.

The dowsing that most people are familiar with is water dowsing, or water witching or rhabdomancy, in which a person holds a Y-shaped branch (or two L-shaped wire rods) and walks around until they feel a pull on the branch, or the wire rods cross, at which point water is allegedly below. Sometimes a pendulum is used held over a map until it swings (or stops swinging) over a spot where the desired object may be found. Dowsing is said to find anything and everything, including missing persons, buried pipes, oil deposits and even archaeological ruins.

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