Essential's Pack


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The Essential's Pack


  • 1 Months Supply Full Spectrum Vitamins - 150 Vegetarian Capsules (5 per day)

The newly enhanced 3rd generation Full Spectrum formula has over 90 plant and herb ingredients, and promotes; enhanced absorption, balanced synergy, oxidative stress support, anti-inflammatory support, world renowned botanicals sourced from the best growers, enhanced DNA and RNA support and Immune system support. For optimal results, take with the PyraLyte mineral drink.

  • 1 Months Supply PyraLyte Powder Mineral Drink - 300g (2 scoops in the morning)

Pyradyne has recently transformed PyraLyte, previously know as Pyraloe, from a liquid into a powdered formula, containing no preservatives or stabilizers and is completely GMO free, as well as Vegan and Vegetarian.

**PyraLyte uses extremely rare earth minerals in its Excelorite formula, please see images for full ingredients list.

Benefits of PyraLyte include increased energy, antioxidant support for oxidative stress using vitamin E and milk thistle, supports bone health from several sources including bamboo, vitamin D3 and calcium, increased absorption, cell integrity, kidney health, brain health, and better circulation. PyraLyte also contains Chromium, to help support blood sugar, and over 78 rare earth minerals from ancient plant life, including horsetail equisidium and Excelorite plant minerals. We also have Ginseng and Fo Ti (Ho Shu Wu) that increase brain activity and reduce free radical damage from radiation, food preservatives and pesticides.

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