Government Truths & Cover-ups


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This download package includes cover ups and truths often hidden in plain sight, a must have for anyone who wants to learn more about the world we live in without having the information distorted:


9-11 Manipulation (VIDEO)

“A series on how the media manipulated the coverage and reporting of the tragedy of 9-11”

part 1 Runtime 9:57

part 2 Runtime  9:58

Part 3 Runtime 9:59

part 4 Runtime 9:59

1981 Sighting (VIDEO)

“description of experience in 1981"

Runtime 2:51

Alex Collier ET Hypothesis (VIDEO)

“Alex covers history, heritage, and his personal experiences with extraterrestrials, and provides insight on ways we can improve our society.”

part 1 runtime 39:47

part 2 Runtime 39:46

Part 3 Runtime 39:46

Atlantean airfield (VIDEO) (Video reminiscing on experience)

Runtime 1:19

Aurora Sighting (VIDEO) (Video reminiscing on experience)

Runtime 2:58


Beginning Of Pleiadean Connection Nestall Road (VIDEO) (Video reminiscing on experience)

Runtime 4:40


Contact With Semjase (VIDEO) (Video reminiscing on experience)

Runtime 2:15

Deep Underground bases (VIDEO)

“Exploring the truth about deep underground bases and the various black projects happening below the surface.”

runtime 8:00 

Andromedan Contact 1989 (VIDEO) (Video reminiscing on experience)

Runtime 3:50


El Moro Bay Andromedan Contact (VIDEO) (Video reminiscing on experience)

Runtime 2:31

Fake Dis-Info-UFO (VIDEO)

“An example of how dis-information is propagated about UFOs in order to keep the public from finding the truth and silence dissent.”

runtime 2:46

Haarp 1 (VIDEO)

“Haarp in action, Weather manipulation is merely one of the side effects.”

Runtime 55 seconds

Haarp 2 (VIDEO)

An Explanation of how Haarp works. Where and how it can be used.”

Runtime 7:13

Immigration 1 (VIDEO)

“Immigration by the Numbers, the problem is not the immigrants its the number coming in and how it affects the country as a whole.”

Runtime 6:46

Immigration 2 (VIDEO)

“The discussion continues and the impact long term.”

Runtime 6:53 

Planet X (VIDEO)”A series on the mysterious 10th planet.

Part 1 Runtime 8:25

Part 2 Runtime 9:36

Part 3 Runtime 6:13

Part 4 Runtime 8:26

Part 5 Runtime 4:45

Reptilian Baby (VIDEO) “A video of a live Reptilian baby moments after birth."

Runtime 3:04 


Reptilian Race (VIDEO) “A video on the background of the reptilian Race."

Runtime 6:59


Subliminal Advertising (VIDEO) “A short clip on subliminal advertisement in action."

Runtime 52 seconds

Terrorism (SLIDES)

Folder with first hand photos. SWR photo album format (hard to extract properly so pre-extracted for ease of use)

Top Secret Military Base (VIDEO) (Video reminiscing on experience)

Runtime 7:18

Virus in H1N1 Vaccine (VIDEO) “Information about this virus and where you can find additional resources."

Runtime 5:16

Conspiracy Realities From 911 to Avian Flu & Beyond (PDF + Audio)
Runtime 1:25:15 
“Seminar on the truths of our age. Covering biological, electrical, and spiritual attacks and how they are being carried out.”
Iran 2007 
“Covering the status of Iran and the suppressed truths the media is attempting to cover-up.”
Background on the war with Iran 
Runtime 7:13
Intelligence work background
Runtime 3:27
NSA Update (PDF)
Urgent Iran Update
Runtime 20:20
A1H1 New Info (PDF)
Inside Track - Chemtrails & Terror in the Age of Nuclear War (PDF)

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