Ion Shower


$ 4,900.00 


Dr. Fred Bell's Miraculous Negative Ion Shower

Dr. Fred Bell's infamous Negative Ion Shower Generator is now available at Pyradyne! Carefully hand-built over 6 weeks, every unit comes complete with Tesla inspired power supply.

The Ion Shower
Vitalizes the Entire Cell Structure of the Body

The negative ion shower detoxifies the carbon monoxide poisoning from car exhaust fumes and other man-made pollutants which make our bodies acidic and prone to disease. These include a vast array of chemicals and preservatives found in our foods such as MSG, which The Ion Shower rids from your entire system within 90 seconds! 
Usually the process of carbon monoxide detoxification takes a MINIMUM of 24 hours assuming no other toxic substances have entered the body during that time, and in our day and age, that is an almost near impossibility.
The benefit is that it is a complete body cleanse also referred to as "Aura Scrubbing". It is, in its truest nature, an intense healing device intended to cleanse and rejuvenate the entire body on all levels.

About The Ion-Shower

Due to various kinds of stress and environmental pollution, the electromagnetic field of man is mostly not in balance. Harmony is the main reason for well-being on a physical, mental and spiritual level. A nice energy revitalisation under the Ion-Shower, enhances and restores the balance on multi-levels.

The Ion-Shower consists of the Solar Orb combined with Quartz Energy, Nuclear Discs, and a very powerful Ionizer, especially designed for it. Thus a special piezo-electric field is generated which is directed downwards towards the person below. The intensity of the Ion-Shower is often amazing for sceptics, as only a few seconds are enough to sense the refreshing and energizing effect.

People using the Ion-Shower reported that only after a few minutes of standing underneath, they got a strong feeling of relaxation, and energy, which started from the head and went gradually down the whole body.

The Ion-Shower can be used in the office, meditation/prayer room or for supporting a therapy effectively.

• For full benefits, use the Ion Shower no longer than 2-3 minutes twice daily. It will fill the entire room with charged ions!
• Custom made item, units will ship out within 7-14 days.