Men’s Balance Bracelet


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The Balance Bracelet

The intention behind The Balance Bracelet, is to promote a positive flow of energy and bring balance to those imbalances in our energy system. As a result of this positive flow of energy, wearers report feeling more centered or “grounded” with a greater sense of calm and well- being…along with several other positive benefits!

Regular wear of The Balance Bracelet may provide numerous health benefits:

  • Feeling energized
  • Overall sense of well-being
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved balance
  • Relieving Pain, Easing joint stiffness
  • Relieving Stress, Enhancing the immune system

How it works

  • Regaining balance – The Balance Bracelet utilize certain minerals and metals found here on earth which appear to have a very positive affect on the body.
  • The disruption of biological electrical currents can also be corrected by using metals. Metals by nature emit positive and negative (minus) charges, and it is the degree to which these charges are emitted that determines their ionization strength. Ionizing propensities differ from metal to metal. Titanium is believed to have an even higher ionizing effect than any of other metals. Thus it is believed that it is extremely effective in correcting the disruptions in a person’s biological electrical currents, thereby eliminating any unpleasant and painful symptoms. The excellent results derived from wearing a titanium bracelet are likely due to the fact that titanium emits electrical currents that are beneficial in correcting and balancing a person’s disrupted biological electrical current.
  • The selected minerals and metals in The Balance Bracelet have been documented to have various properties of energy and when they are exposed for a designated period of time to specific light, sound frequencies and more. When combined, they may serve well to harmonize and optimize our body.
  • Titanium, germanium, magnetite, black tourmaline and many other mineral elements possess special electrical characteristics that countless wearers have noticed help reorganize and stabilize the disorderly bio- electric activity in the human body. By using these products, it is believed that the electric energy of the red blood cells become normalized and electrically balanced so they no longer bundle into clusters. When red blood cells operate independently, they are much more efficient in transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body thus reducing inflammation and improving health and vitality.

Size Men’s 8″

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