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Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0

Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0 - Pyradyne
Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0 - Pyradyne
Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0 - Pyradyne
Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0 - Pyradyne
Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0 - Pyradyne
Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0 - Pyradyne
Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0 - Pyradyne
Men's Balance Bracelet 2.0 - Pyradyne
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Earth Frequency Technology in the new Balance Bracelet 2.0

Both the Balance Bracelet 1.0 and now the BRAND NEW Balance Bracelet 2.0 utilize all-natural earth elements which provide various benefits. 




—Harmonizes Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) 

—Balances Body Pressure 

Supports Mental Focus/Energy

—Sleep support 

—Joint support

—Stress support 

—Inflammation support 

—Strengthens cells 

 And much more! 

 The new embedded Earth Frequency technology greatly assists the body to balance its natural energy field by aligning the human body at the exact same frequency as walking barefoot on the wet sand or grass.


  • Like the earlier version Balance Bracelet 1.0, the new Earth Frequency Technology bracelet recognizes the body is being bombarded by EMF (electromagnetic fields) which disrupt the body’s natural energy (frequency).  Both bracelets are designed and engineered to extend the body’s ability to do its job despite the disruption from EMFs.  The primary difference now is the new bracelet is embedded differently from the earlier bracelet. The new bracelet’s primary function is to help contradict the negative effects of EMF by keeping the body near its proper frequency which is identified at 7.83 Hz (the same as Earth’s Frequency).


    The Men's bracelet is 8.25" in Length X 5mm Height

    Ships in 1-3 Business days

    *Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Pyradyne products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    The clasp is shown above

    NOTE:  We caution against wearing a Balance Bracelet 2.0 if you also use a pacemaker or insulin pump, as it might cause interference.




    The new Balance Bracelet 2.0 utilizes:

    • Superior Quality 316l Stainless Steel - No electroplating
    • The Function of 4 health elements:
    1. Negative Ion (white)
    2. Magnet (silver)   
    3. Germanium (black)
    4. FAR Infrared (red)



    These 4 elements repeat around the inside of the bracelet next to the body.

    1. Magnets work by using magnetic fields, which are generated by the earth's magnetism, solar storms, power lines, electrical devices, and even by the chemical reactions of the human body (within the cells and the nervous system). Many claim that magnets have lots of benefits.



    Measuring instrument machine from the magnet surface to test the gauss

    Our bracelet result is the one on the left.

    Both magnets were 3500 gauss prior to being inserted into the bracelet. This is nowhere near as strong as the magnetic force of magnets you find in things like MRI machines. However, we caution against using them if you also use a pacemaker or insulin pump, as they might cause interference.


    2. Germanium elements may shield electromagnetic radiation, support fatigue, as well as:


    Germanium is able to maintain sufficient oxygen to maintain human health. In humans, food is resolved by oxygen, and during the process of food decomposition it demands a lot of oxygen. At the same time it also generates water and carbon dioxide. If the body system does not have enough oxygen, it is possible to cause a variety of diseases. The organic Germanium can carry hydrogen ions out of the body and it reduces the demand for oxygen  so that it will be good for health. After the Germanium activates in the body, it can be distributed evenly among organs and completely excreted in 24 hours. It’s a trace element that is not accumulated in the body—in the organs and cells of the human body system. Some Germanium is excreted by the urinary system; the other parts stay in all organs of the body as the free radicals do—and the Germanium can be combined with these free radicals to improve the immunity of the human body.


    B. Help Clean the Blood System

    By increasing the oxygen supply to blood cells in the blood, the blood viscosity is reduced, and the blood can remove all the abnormal substances that have been acidified, thus helping to clear blood.

    The blood cells are active and the hydrogen ions are increasing, and the blood and oxygen are combined to remove the hydrogen ions through Germanium to keep the blood clean and maintain a good mental state.


    3.   FAR infrared elements may Improve Circulation, the Growth of Living Cells, Metabolism and enable Joint tension relief.


    FAR infrared rays can increase the temperature of subcutaneous tissues in deep skin, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism of blood and cell tissues, increase cell activity and promote cell growth.


    Strengthens immunity

    FAR infrared can improve the phagocytosis of macrophages, regulate the immune and humoral immune function, and enhance the metabolism of the human body.


    When FAR infrared waves reach the blood vessels, they increase the “blood vessels expanding molecule”—Nitric Oxide—thus increasing nutrient-rich blood flow deep into the site of your tension, relieving it and relieving the area.





    As you can see in the microscopy test, after subject wore the Ionizer+ device for only 15 minutes, there is a big improvement in the microcirculation reading.


    4. Negative Ion elements from natural origins may increase energy, mental focus, mood, sleep support and overall alertness.


    A. Negative ions are negatively charged themselves—they combine with positively-charged ions of dust in the air so as to purify the air.


    B. Negative ions may improve lung function, promoting the body's absorption of oxygen. Some research presented was that after 30 minutes following the inhalation of  negative ions, the lungs can absorb oxygen by up to 20% better.


    C. The cells in our body use electric charge to produce energy from food nutrients. By donating electrons, negative ions can restore the voltage charge to an optimal 150 milli-volts.


    D. By donating electrons, Negative Ions can act like fuel for nerve cells, improving the brain and nerve system electricity—resulting in higher mental focus and alertness.


    As you can see in the lab brain waves test, after subjects wore the Ionizer+ device for only 1 hour, there was a big change in the brain waves—as well as noticeably more heat.



    *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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