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The Miniature Pyradome™

Miniature Pyradome - Pyradyne
Miniature Pyradome - Pyradyne
$ 59.00


Hand-crafted in California 


The Miniature Pyradome™ is a three-inch steel headgear pyramid that is 24 Karat gold Orgone Plated.  By creating a natural field of negative ions around you, it helps to gently detoxify and harmonize your body.  The Miniature Pyradome™ is especially recommended for those new to Pyramid technology, working to develop higher consciousness.  The endocrine glands of the body are activated through the vibration of the electrical precursing field of pyramids. This balances the precursing energy field around the endocrine glands and makes expanded consciousness possible.

Great Uses for the Mini Pyradome™ include:

  • Balancing the PH in liquids and drinks on the go
  • Sharpening razor blades
  • Rejuvenating your Nuclear Receptor
  • Traveling


PYRADYNE®'s pyramids may not only help YOU, but also may be used to preserve your nutrient-dense and precious fruits and veggies !

You can put virtually any organic material under the pyramid to increase to help the pH level (alkalinity), like water and fruit juices for example, and prolong its life.  Fruit juices are also sweeter and more full of flavor, too!  It also preserves vitamins and trace minerals longer, and re-charges PYRADYNE®'s Receptors and Holographic Projectors—both the necklaces with pendants and the Standalone Holographic Projector—which is important if you want to get the most benefits from these high-energy devices.

The pyramid does not need any electricity or plug because it is charged by universal energy, and that will last a lifetime!

Read our blog post on the Pyradome.  Clinic studies started back in 1977 on PYRADYNE®'s technologies.

Ships in 2-5 Business days.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Pyradyne products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  

Watch our PYRAMID EXPERIMENT in which we used the PYRADOME pyramid to preserve fruits (you can do the same thing with the Vitamid)







Jonathan McDaniel on Mar 01, 2016

First let me start by saying I have and use the RayDome, and the Silver PowerDome regularly prior to acquiring the Gold PowerDome. It is vastly different but equally as powerful. Its much more calming and almost theta state inducing in contrast to the Silver Dome which is stimulating and Alpha state oriented. The Silver dome being layer with gold is more detoxifying but the effects of the Gold PowerDome are unparalleled. If you have to get one to start the Silver is probably better for most, but if you work in a creative field or tend to have excess energy or attention issues the Gold Powerdome cannot be beat! While others may lean towards the silverdome for daily use I've been using the gold exclusively since its arrival and I work in technology and I have had amazing calmness and clearness of thought.

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James on Jan 29, 2016

Tried and tested after having a few doubts, the results I have experienced are really awesome. Highly recommend people try this out!

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Angela Croyton on Nov 21, 2015

This will take away any headaches or upset stomachs within about 20 minutes, so cool. I like to wear mine while reading or infront of the computer, my husband used to laugh at me but he is even considering getting one now!! Going to buy several more, these are great.


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